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Looks like Wired is a fan of the Nexus 4 as well!

"It’s a truly exemplary piece of hardware that showcases the best of what Google can offer in a smartphone..."
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Can you please tell us about the Nexus 4 pricing outside of the US. 
I'm definitely getting one as soon as it comes to Europe. Where do you find the inspiration for hard- and/or software design?
Thanks so much Matias for this handset. You and the team are doing incredible work, keep it up, im looking forward top the future devices. (Especially if they include a 3G Nexus 10, then I would get one instantly)
Doing well! Btw congratulations for the shirt during the verge interview 10/10. Any chance your going to do on the verge due to new phones is etc?
Play store to more markets.This kind of device will excel where mobile devices are not subsidized.
Glass has the tendency to.... Break?!

Scott M
You guys earned it :) Can't wait to get one.
+Dimitry DIM Vleugel I read that LG is selling it outside of the US for a much higher price, and since Google doesn't directly sell devices here, in India, yet it's a bit of a buzz kill
Looks like LG isn't a fan of the Nexus 4...
In Europe it's trying to sell it at 599€ :'( 
+Gaurav Chandiramani I did read the rumours to, and we also do not have the Google Play Hardware store in Holland. We can go to Germany or France. But I hope they will sell it for a reasonable price.
Exciting tines, for both specs and price.
Every one must up their game in order to keep up with google.
Dear Santa, how have you been?...
+Matias Duarte  We already know that it's great, we want to know why we(without devices on play store) must pay it so much more!
So far I think only +The Verge have given the Nexus 4 a harsher review, but since we all know they love Apple I won't listen to them. LTE is not a big deal for me anyway.
+Matias Duarte "It’s a truly exemplary piece of hardware that showcases the best of what Google can offer in a smartphone..." prove it by keeping the same price everywere like with nexus 7!
M Hatti
+Matias Duarte I hope you guys have enough in stock, this one sounds like it will be selling like hot cakes.
+Matias Duarte Nexus 4 is an amazing smartphone, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 too. But It is not right to let LG imposes a double price for the Nexus 4 in those countries where there is no Google Play Devices. Please, hurry to launch Google Play Devices in Italy and in other countries because we all want the same treatment. Thank you for reading my comment +Matias Duarte 
+Matias Duarte I can't wait for this device, I will be ordering it the day it's released.  This is also the first time it will be offered on the Play Store in Canada.  Do you happen to know how long it would take approx to ship to Canada?  Hope it doesn't get stuck in customs.
+Matias Duarte Of course, and why wouldn't Wired be a fan?  It's a great device at a crazy price.  Keep up the great work!
I think most of us are +Matias Duarte Sign me up as a beta products tester in the UK and I will test every +Nexus product you can send me. I promise I'll like all of them and post my findings here on Google+ for you. 
This is probably one of the best built android phones.
i've watched the nexus4 reviews.... as i thought the same crystal problem than iphone4 and 4s had: the die of this phone is the crash! vey nice... al what you want, but a simple crash down to make this crystal fall away. A good phone with a huge problem.
Can't wait for this device but I heard the screen bit washed out I hope this is not true
+Matias Duarte it would be kind from you or Google to get an answer about the Nexus 4 pricing in Europe and change the strategy. Or you're going to get spam of this forever (the LG facebook page is an example). Thanks!
+Matias Duarte could you please direct me to where I can ask questions about enabling device purchases from the Play Store for countries that currently don't have them?  I really want to purchase this phone as soon as it arrives!  Thanks in advance.
Well, gotta sell my galaxy s2 & get me this one!
Now we need Google to start their own cell phone network! Can you imagine! Damn you verizon! What am I supposed to do without a nexus4? +Matias Duarte save us from these damn carriers! I'd sign a life contract today! #googlewireless 
I bet they are already working on it!
I wish that Google would use some of their muscles to allow the Nexus to be updated the same way the iPhone is as well as have an LTE phone for the Nexus 4.  I'd love to be able to buy this Nexus but T-Mobile and AT&T have horrible cell phone reception in my part of the country.  The only real option is to have Verizon.
I wish that it came with 32gb internal storage, 16gb is just too little for me ( not much of a cloud user ... unless you're willing to pay my data plan ).
Absence of removable battery and external sd card makes this phone slightly less than perfect for me. Nevertheless, I am going to buy it.
Dave C
There are no perfect phones because pleasing everyone means it's too expensive for anyone.

Many thanks for shunning the dictatorial US carriers, offering a terrific device at an astounding price and with the most advanced mobile operating system on the planet.
Just sold my Galaxy Nexus, going to get a Nexus 4 shortly :o)
Beautiful & beastly phone indeed but that glass backing is a huge problem for me. 
I wanted it until I saw a review where it dropped from a kitchen counter on the floor and cracked the back glass panel. The glass panel was a very bad move in my opinion.
The lack of LTE concerns me. I always use cases, so physical appearance is very low on my requirements.
The glass back is stupid. But the front has to be glass, so cracks are going to be a problem, anyway, until someone solves that problem.
+Wayne May That's true. Back glass was dumb but I'm going to put a case anyway.
+David Perez you shouldn't have to hide the first elegant looking nexus phone in a case :-( 
+Wayne May I know. It's definitely going to be sad but I'll be sadder if it breaks or something. Damn Google; didn't they learn anything from the stupid iPhone 4?
Mr LaU
The best looking phone out there. Own a nexus s and I can't wait to get my hand on this baby....
Great device at a great price. I this is going to change the way carriers deal with their customers. I was considering canceling my contract with VZW to buy this, but the glass back is a big turnoff for me because I do not use cases with my devices. 
I never thought I'd be purchasing anything made by LG. Well played Google. Well Played.
Can't wait until the LTE version comes out in Q1 of next year!! 
I would have bought the N4 at day one, if it was priced at $349 here in Italy as well. Unfortunately, we still cannot buy hardware directly from the Play Store, and LG has unofficially announced that the non-play-store purchase will be at a much higher cost, reportedly €549-599. This is unbelievable, and if true, will prevent me from buying the much wanted Nexus 4. Google, please do something about it ...
I really want a #nexus4 but I wish I didnt have a glass back.  Im going  to be too paranoid of dropping it. 
+Amedeo Russo if you really want it just write to me a personal post and I will send you one from Germany as soon as possible. Could help you out...
The unlocked price is forgiving for those locked in a contract. :)
+Michael Panzer thanks a lot mate, really appreciate ;) We'll seehow this things turn out as soon as LG makes the official statement about the N4's price here in Italy. It may be matter of a couple of days, now ..
Would like to try before I buy but its not clear where that would be in the UK 
+David Perez I saw The Verge's review as being spot on, saying that the device and 4.2 are both stellar, with the single lacking point being the lack of LTE. HSPA quality in the US just isn't what it could be and the impact will definitely be felt in comparison to LTE...don't forget, Josh Topolsky uses a GNex as his primary phone, so I don't this his review was Apple/iOS biased...he straight out states that Android is the superior mobile platform.
Just got the iPhone, but I low key want this phone!
Diego D
Why, oh, why LG ? Ok, since it's a Nexus, we won't be stuck with OS update frequency like the other LG phones (read : REALLY slow), and the Nexus 4 seems like an amazing phone (Wired's positive review is well deverved), one I could spend my money on, if only the PlayStore was open in my country. But this pricing issue makes my purchase much less likely. And all this glass makes me think : "I'll never buy a 600 euros phone that can break so easily". Not a fail, but close ....
No LTE or credit card slot is not a bad call, IMHO.
Oh Matias you're such a hipster.
I love my nexus s but if I had the money to get a new phone, the nexus 4 would be my first choice.
I would buy it, but the storage is ridiculously low. Give me 32GB and you can have my money. 
+David Perez someone should come up with a 1mm clear plastic coat that sticks to nx4 back and protects from scratches / cracks
Another "What's Hot" post about Android on Google+? 
the article does focus its attention on the lack of LTE, but just because it doesn't have it, doesn't make it a non-exemplary piece of hardware. Since LTE has a 'small footprint' and isn't even used in many of the target countries, leaving it out and pricing it to aggressively compete with the iPhone is a pretty good idea to me.

It's about the market, not about you individually. If you absolutely need LTE, get a compatible phone, but just because this phone doesn't have what YOU want, doesn't make it a terrible phone.
Great Phone but i like my Galaxy Nexus!
i dont rly care about LTE my carrier wont have it for another year or so anyway
Who isn't in live with that beauty?!? Lol amazing
Just ordered one (and the wireless charging station)  - can't wait!
It has wireless charging? 
Can't wait to buy it, I hope I can get the first batch...
+Thomas Christensen The concept of a wireless charging station is so cool. Can't wait to try it out when I get the Lumia 920. 
+Victor Campos I agree, and the Nexus 4 has wireless display also - let's hope the future cars will charge our phones wirelessly and use their console display to remote control the phones media playback and navigation - this will happen, it's only a matter of time...
Kenny O
Please send me one before the anticipation grows with every review. Keep up the incredible work +Matias Duarte 
This looks cool, but the lack of LTE and an ok camera probably put this out of the running for me. I'll at least check it out though.
One more time... Nexus devices aren't avaliable at brazilian Play Store.
Wow! Lots of Europeans missing out on the excellent pricing in the US. Maybe I should order a bunch and sell them to you all for a $50 premium. Plus shipping, of course. :D
Will wait for the next Samsung galaxy s4 next year 
The lack of a fifty inch screen is also a big '-'.
I would be a fan if I could have it on Verizon....which by the way they are down today....not a good day for vzw
i think this is the right time to move from ios to android( i still have iphone3gs) but im worried about the price here in Portugal...lets see :( maybe i can get one from uk
Nav Gi
I am hard core Google and android fan. I have so many first of Google. Gmail, books, maps, scholar, Picasa, android phone etc. Oh, I forget to mention that I even used buzz, wave, orkut etc which many people can't even recall those products /services. :-) 
+Cory Bernardo How do you mean updated the same way iPhone is?  Nexus devices are updated more often than iPhones.
Everything that gets to my country is priced double or triple the original price than us. If you could get nexus 4 in mexico for less than 6000 pesos(499$) that would be great.
Is there going to be a 32gig and maxx version? If not I will stick with my gnex. 
So you plug the micro USB and micro HDMI cables into the same slot??
This phone is great value, but I wish there was a 32GB version for those who want it.
i recommend you to watch the nexus 4 reviews: the back side glass is broken on the verge unit, so this glass it's easily broken :(
(@@)noj caj j the?
It seems like they would have learned about using back glass on a phone by watching the iPhone 4. That has been an ongoing mess. It looks sharp, but it's a problem. I have a complaints... I call Verizon's which is my phone carrier. They "said" I can't have Nexus 4.....WTH. It can't use as a mobile device....Need some advice please....
+Athea Kong The Nexus 4 runs on an HSPA+ network. Verizon network is CDMA. They won't work together.
I think the consensus is that the nexus 4 would be perfect if it had LTE and more storage... A replaceable battery would be a nice touch too.
Perfection would cost you a lot more than $299, and other less-than-perfect phones go for double that off-contract.
Spare HTC Desire Sold £80 Spare Nokia E71 sold £55 HTC sensation sold £190 gives me £279+ sat in the bank . 13/11/12 can't come soon enough. 
I love my Nexus 7. I think my next phone will be a Nexus one. Pure Android at its best.

Does anyone know where or not Samsung is still working on a Galaxy Nexus successor with a specs bump? 
It's just like the iPhone 4S. Why not just get the 4s?
So the Nexus 4 has worse battery life, according to Wired, than the HTC One X, even though it has a bigger battery and a supposedly more efficient processor?

Engadget called the battery life of the Nexus 4 "pathetic." Others are also reporting this problem.

And both Engadget and Slashgear found benchmark tests showing the phone perform more on a par with last generation processors (despite the Optimus G, the basis for the Nexus 4, performing really well, as expected).

So Google has taken a cutting edge processor and new larger battery and managed to make them perform like the previous generation of phones. Great engineering.

I really want to like this phone, but it's more and more sounding like it's falling well short of the flagship mark in several categories. (There's also the lame storage limits and the dumb idea of a glass back--despite Wired saying the dropped the phone with no problems, at Verge they accidentally knocked it off a table and already managed to crack the glass back). Except for the Nexus One, Google seems to just keep missing the mark each time.
Please, for the next Nexus phone, be revolutionary. It's the best looking Nexus phone by far, but that's not saying too much.
I will stick with my Galaxy Note 2. Well that is when Verizon decides to get off their ass and ship them to their customers. Damn arrogant Verizon! 
I LOVE THESE Nexus devices +Matias Duarte Pls open the us store to international users to purchase devices its too hard to get the nexus devices from online retailers and if we do they set a high price point defeating the whole reason of the nexus program to provide us these devices at a great cost plz guys consider my request on the 13th 
Now, I just have to figure out how to leave Verizon for T-Mo!
Sir +Matias Duarte, I've had problems with LG smartphones with internal memory. Mine broke down ("internal-memory-not-working" issue) how sure are you guys that this phone will not experience this issue? 
I am definitely getting this phone. I haven't been this excited about a phone ever. 
+Matias Duarte Nexus 4 is such an amazing phone. I hope you guys don't just limit it to a few countries. I have been personally enjoying all nexus devices for long but back home in India people ask me if I can get it for them. I think its time Google considers those markets as well. Google is a much bigger brand than fruit company there...
No memory card slot
No 32 or 64gb available
Huh...... I'm getting one?
Before I you fan boys jump me just stating fact not a apple fan just a tech fan

Too bad is not 4G
Most of the above comments are examples of idiocy and/or whining. Awesome job with the device Matias and Co. Can't wait to get my hands on one!
+Matias Duarte would you say that the Galaxy Nexus was a mistake on so many levels? First, you guys got in bed with +Verizon Wireless, which lead to a butchered release, Google Wallet being blocked, and delays in updates. Then you smeared the Nexus name with the inconvenient "Galaxy Nexus" moniker from +Samsung Mobile USA. You also admitted terrible battery life and the phone has been plagued with signal problems a few months after launch. 

Don't get me wrong. I have the phone, and I love it. It was just quite alarming to see you guys immediately pull the phone off the Play Store when the heir-apparent is still two weeks away. 

I hope this still means that you are supporting the Galaxy Nexus. The more days pass by, the more and more apparent it is that you certainly hate carriers meddling with your devices. And the Galaxy Nexus was a prime example of a casualty in that war. 

Finally, I applaud your move on the Nexus 4. I wonder why every single tech media outlet pans the decision on leaving out LTE, when a few months ago, their biggest concern were timely updates. I think this is the case of a lesser of two evils, and I think you picked the right one. In six months, when Android fragmentation is slowly getting taken care of, when the Nexus 4 receives updates a week after Key Lime Pie is announced, then people will understand you. And let's keep our fingers crossed that consumers will finally see what the NEXUS brand is really all about: timely updates and the best that Android has to offer.
+Keke Davis Everyone has different needs for a phone..You like your phone with little storage and shitty 3G. Fine..I don't.
+F. Diaz True. But people constantly whining on Matias' posts do nothing to help. Stop complaining, there's bound to be a new device with all your wants soon.
+Matias Duarte is it true that the glass panel at the rear tends to break easily considering it is also a gorilla glass? During the +The Verge review it was accidentally cracked but i hope it's not a common issue fom this product and i'm considering to get one eventhough there is no 100% play store feature here in my country.
+Keke Davis you are not seriously want to lock in 2 years contract with a phone that's 3G! That's like having a super powerful sport car driving on local limit speed street.
I really wish I could afford one... Only got 3 months left on my VZW contract so I can afford one then... It looks like another stellar device. I am loving my Nexus 7
I don't care about LTE just give it a 32gb or much better 64gb then you can take my money Google!!!!
Sticking with HSPA+ rather than LTE was a smart decision. The LTE Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was slow to get updates due to that carrier's proprietary LTE firmware.  The LTE GNex on Verizon got late updates from Verizon, while HSPA+ versions on T-Mobile and AT&T got immediate updates from Google. The Nexus devices typically remove carrier bloatware, deliver a pure android experience, and get software updates quickly from Google without carrier interference. VZW and it's LTE network interfered with updates on the GNex, Sprint's LTE network is barely existent, and both AT&T and T-Mobile have solid nationwide HSPA+ networks with speeds comparable to LTE,  Take my money now, Google.
8gb is a DINOSAUR make 32gb the new standard and 64gb as an upgrade.
Iphones dont operate on Sim cards. they run on internal 
Can we please get a Nexus Maxx version with an extended battery!
These smart phones just keeps getting better and better.
Overall disappointing when One X has been on the market since May and has a better camera, better screen, LTE. Nexus 4 is quad core S4 but that's about it. 
I'll be getting this but the article does make a good point. Why a bad speaker?

I can live without a removable battery and expandable memory; but the speaker does make a difference. My wife's GSII has a way better speaker; but that shouldn't make a device cost $300 more.

For future devices please consider putting a 32/64GB memory card in them because it really doesn't cost that much more in my humble opinion.

Great work none-the-less +Google Give Apple a run for the hills.
As soon as I can one I will before January finished. Gotta out up with the rest of the money. 
Ryan R.
My question to Mr.+Matias Duarte , When will this be available in Singapore? I hope it is soon please. :D
+Matias Duarte why don't you try putting all the best component in the next nexus device.... Imagine 64gb internal storage, expandable SD card, gorilla glass, LTE, the best camera, the best resolution, NFC, able to read external HDD (all formats), quad core and price is a thousand bucks... I'll probably be the best selling nexus ever....

..... time for me to wake up!!!!
Ryan R.
+Mike Toleds ,that will not be good for their Android partners. Nexus is meant to be a reference design and not necessarily to be the best there is.:)
I really want one! But 599€ are way too much :( Cmon LG.. that's really sad 
I think the Nexus 4 has surpassed the iPhone in both hardware and software design.
Ryan R.
+Mike Toleds , hehehe, that's what I thought, I was just blur blur that time I replied:)
I wish people would stop using the photos showing its glittery back that is actually quite hard to pick out for real. It makes it look cheap and tacky when it's not
+Matias Duarte just sold my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and my nexus s and will be replacing it with the nexus 4 and nexus 7 hurry up im tech free

Mike A
Best only until an LTE/ Google/quad core becomes available!
I want the nexus 4 because im so happy with the nexus 7.

But they say the price is going to be double of that in America. Why cant we order it trough google play here in The Netherlands?????
+Matias Duarte ,.. why no CDMA? Why no LTE? Many loyal Nexus owners will likely have to decline this new product if we lose network bandwidth and are forced to switch carriers... any plans to address this?
Hope you can address the sound issue through a software update.... 
Gsm is just so much easier to work with. The radios in the Nexus 4 support more than 200 carriers around the world, and this is from each device. A CDMA device needs to be tailored to each carrier. Verizon fucked up the Galaxy Nexus, they delayed the updates and of course even added some of their bloatware. I'm glad they decided to make the Nexus a gsm only device. 
Looks like Google failed to learn the lessons of iphone 4. Glass backs look pretty but break too easily. 
The phone itself is phenomenal, but no LTE or CDMA sounds like a dealbreaker.

You can't want more.. Top notch hardware, a matured and buttery smooth OS. That's it. The killer of all so called smartphones.. 
+weihan chu It is NOT glass, it's Gorilla Glass 2. It's not like the iPhone's. It will not break that easily. Take a look at The Verge's video about N4 and N10, Matias D talks about the glass back and the resistance of it.
So, you are selling the N4 for 350$ only in the Google PlayStore? Why dont you allow more countries to buy from PlayStore Devices!? Im from Venezuela, and i cant access to "Devices" on the PlayStore. Come on guys, this is not fair!
HSPA+ 42mbps same as LTE connection...really?
Awesome smartphone. I hope to buy one in Spain the next 13th and that there's enought stock 'cause everybody in the forum in which I participate have gone crazy with the phone and now we gathered together nearly a thousand to buy a Nexus 4
A no-brainer at this price-point, really. But please tell me that the Nexus 4 will not clock in below the international One X in terms of battery life as Anand's benchmarks indicate. That would be shocking and difficult o grasp considering how well the Optimus G does in this department .
Its a shame it only has 16GB, 32GB would be the sweet spot.
The way you constantly spit the faces of international buyers is awful Google. You only offer devices in your Play Store like in 6 countries, same with Music and Videos, if you want to compete with Apple you need a pair of pants and a broader distribution channel, I can go online and buy a Macbook Air (or iPhone or iPod...) for roughly the same price as I would in the US here in Mexico, I can also buy music, videos, and whatever I want from them. Your partner in the other hand, LG, is announcing prices of around twice as much as your price, which is beyond absurd, and an insult to anyone living outside those 6 countries.

I'll buy the Nexus 4 anyway, but to do so, I'll have to pay shipping twice (shipping to the US + Shipping to Mexico), and taxes twice (American Taxes + Mexican Taxes). Way to artificially increase your price for 90% of the world's population.
+Matias Duarte How can you be so perfectionist with every little detail that you put in your work and also seem to like monstrous phones which are painfully difficult to operate in terms of size? I mean what is the reason behind these huge phones? 
Patent issues(just pass a smile) or something important that everybody should know that you must explain....

How can you design and like something in the territory of 5 inches which is terrible on usability use case?

I think the max size should be 4.0 -4.3 but narrow as iPhone at least it should be operable one handed.

I am puzzled.
+Greg Keyes I sold it on DBA (a Danish site part of eBay) for ~$290 - a decent price for a device almost one year old (got it Dec 2011)...
+Matias Duarte just one question, why are all the high end android phones (including nexus 4 of course) as big as kayak paddle?   
hello I have two question to ask. 1. could you tell me the PRQ playstore google is still not available in Belgium? 2. what is the price of nexus 4 store here in Belgium, Italy, Austria, etc., knowing that we will not qualify for the prize magnificent playstore. 3, you find the ability to correct or lg the client, android fan, to sell the Nexus 4 high price of 599 €? I think it is also a lack of respect for the values ​​that are the google technology accessible to all, because buying a nexus 4 a € 300 is one thing, but paying double is something else ! I really hope to receive a response from you, not so much for me, but for every fan frustrate this ability unfair lg .... thank you again. ps: Happy Birthday to android ;-)

I am very angry with the Nexus 4 price. This is so unlucky that you will get nexus for 299$ only if you have Google Play store. What about others ? India, Italy are big countries. If you allow LG to set so high prices then this is partiality. You should either launch Play store or make LG to decrease your prices totally. LG is selling for the double price. I also loved the older Samsung Galaxy Nexus BUT that also had same story. That also didn't launch in India. Please launch Play Store in India because everybody knows that there are high amount of developers urging for Nexus devices at better prices but they are getting nothing. If you want Nexus devices to reach more people the I would just say that you are surely failing. If LG had even increased just 100$ price in India and that we all could have bearded but almost double price is too high. Please do something. I want to be a young android developer at the age of 14 but if the things go like this then surely I would have to change my choice from my loving Android ecosystem to something else.
You europeans know you can order the device from everywhere inside the EU without having to pay extra taxes, right?

+Matias Duarte question. Anything stopping me from ordering 8 to 10 Nexus 4's the day it comes out, for a small business?
can someone from the android please speak to the battery issues that having been coming up with the benchmarks?  Is it just a matter of it being early software and that battery will improve with an update?  It has the same battery as the LG Opt. G and get less so I'm assuming it's a software issue. 
Ming Er

Way to copy the iPhone's sealed glass case without the engineering to back up the battery life.  I often have to carry--and use--six spares to get my Galaxy Nexus LTE through the day.

My friend on the Galaxy S3 has to replace his extended spare battery at least once a day.

After being afflicted with the terrible battery life and radio of the GN LTE, I'm going to be a lot more skeptical of the next Nexus phone.  The sealed battery makes the margin for error, much much less.  Even at the terrific price point, the phone has to be usable day to day.

Reading these blog posts from +Matias Duarte, I feel like I am listening to Steve Ballmer.  They are nothing but one-sided PR.  I don't hear anything being sensitive to the concerns of Android or Nexus devotees.  I have owned three Android phones, looking forward to my fourth.  Google is not making it easy by allowing design to triumph engineering.  Sorry, you are not where Apple is yet with their singular focus.  Until you get there, please do not seal our batteries.
Ming Er
+Fred Gissubel even if it is software, the preview battery life reflects how sensitive the phone is to software engineering.  if they couldn't delivery good battery life in a preview, who is to say that they won't break battery life in a future update even if the 11/13 OTA fixes it?

The radio and battery life sucked on the GN LTE from day one and it has never gotten better after all the updates.
Andy LL
always a big fan of nexus ~!
Only if LG will sell in other countries Nexus 4 for $ 600 he would not be as attractive!
Good afternoon. Wanted to know why Google does not sell their devices through the Internet in Latvia? I think that many would like to buy a Nexus 4 for the price of $ 300.
Durate, Please shed light on the price of the UNLOCKED Nexus 4. Is it $299 or $600? Also, when will the Nexus series release in India.
                   I hope you read this long post. It is not a rant, mearly a suggestion for the Nexus 10. Regardless of wether you red this post, I LOVE THE NEXUS 10. IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST. I recently read your comments about the strange notification bar on the Nexus 10 and the lack of microsd cards. I don't care about the lack of micro sd cards as 32gb of storage is more than enough for everyone. However, I have a request about the Nexus 10. Why does the phone-like layout appear on a 10 Inch Tablet like apple's ipad (just to be clear, I HATE Apple)?? Apple already kills the tablet UI. I agree with the consistency of phone and a tablet but A tablet needs to feel special and not like an over sized phone (like Apple) . Why waste all the extra size (like Apple) ? A person can easily multi task with his left hand, go back to the home screen, go back, and use his right hand to see all his notifications, manage his settings etc. Also, the discomfort of having to stretch your fingers is also a pain. For example: When you  are in a game. the notification bar disappears. It doesn't make all that sense to me. There is so much of space on a 10 inch screen, every thing can be fit into one, single bar. Gingerbread, for example, was not optimized for a tab. However, honeycomb was optimized for a great tablet experience. The "craziness" and "futurism" as people called it, was greatly toned down. What was left of it was a great, simple, easy-to-use tablet UI that was greatly loved by all people, including me. The same tradition was continued with Android 4.1. But, the mistake that was applied in <v3.1 versions of android is seemingly made here. Though this is not complained by much people, it is known. Since Android is all about flexibility, why don't the users decide? I mean, keep an option for that in the settings menu. Settings--> Display. I'l stop here ( IF you have read my post, weather  you have agreed or disagreed you can contact me at In case you are wondering, I am an Indian :). Thank's for reading my post.
I was sold on the Nexus 10 until I read that there was no micro-SD expansion slot, and it's $100 more for the 32GB model over the 16GB? Pfft! Since SD cards are so cheap, a tablet with an expansion slot basically has unlimited capacity. No walled-in "cloud storage" that requires you to be near wifi all the time. Google lost my $ when they didn't give me the option. Only way to maybe win me back is provide some type of card reader adapter that allows me to use my SD cards!
 When will Google and Someone Nexus up for something like the NOTE :D I will for sure be first in line :D
+Matias Duarte Can only echo the above posters.
It should be available in EVERY Play Store to buy instead to be forced to use proxys and or ripped off by Ebay sellers or even worse, phone retailers.
Here´s a great idea, put up popup shops in countries where you can´t buy it from Play store or at least have a shop in let´s say Googles office in Stockholm ;)

Keep up the great work with Android, I love it and so does the rest of the world according to the numbers pouring in!  
Good day Matias,
We would like you to know that we love your products especially the NEXUS 7.
Can u ask ASUS to sell the NEXUS 7 8GB for $99 or $149 this coming thanksgiving or before the christmas time?
If ever it will happen, there will be millions of kids and even old people who likes the Nexus will be so happy  this coming holiday season.
We are pleading to your great heart to make it happen.
GOD bless you & more power to GOOGLE...
Hoping to get like 12+ hrs of moderate to heavy use.
Any idea the exact time on November 13th that the Nexus 4 will be available on the Play Store?  12am Pacific Time, Eastern, Central?  Just want to log on and order as soon as it becomes available.  Thanks.
Excellent product, those Nexus 10 but the sd card statement is not very convincing for the fans. Of all the comments I've read so far, everybody thinks this is some sort of an "Apple-move" to make sure users upgrade their tablets more often. I haven't seen a single one stating: "Oh yeah, those SD cards are soooo complicated, how do they really work? Clueless" Please reconsider to support SD-card, that is one of the main reasons users shop for a specific phone or tablet, believe me.
Hey Matias, get your guys at google to at least add some form of order for those Nexus4's and 10's that are selling out internationally.(and Im guessing the US is going to be the same shortly)
If you don't have enough supply to meet the demand I can see you're going to have more upset than happy people where you could have a line of orders waiting for production/shipment.
Seriously google, you guys suck, I had all 3 items in my cart and your system froze :"oops we have a problem please try again later", well done, this blows
I'm SUCCESSFUL... GOT 2!!! with bumper case...
Don't tell them they are sucks because they are NOT the problems, its US who are ordering THE SAME TIME..
GOOGLE, there is NO reason that a device should sell out in every country that its released in within 30 min (Australia, UK) or 7 min (USA).  That was very poor planning and leaves a poor taste in my mouth and the mouth of others over the lack of preparation of the launch and the awful user experiance of the play store.
I was lucky enough to order a 16GB version of the Nexus 4.  Heard that it was going to go on sale at 11:00am CST.  Checked out the Play Store at 10:30 and it was already on sale.  It literally sold out in 5mins.  I was one of the lucky ones, but I feel for the people that didn't get one, they sold out MUCH faster than expected.
So angry. Why does Google keep screwing up product launches. I waited all morning to order, refreshing over and over, and I got error after error. And now it's sold out. ARRGRGGRG!!!!!
GOT 2 16gb version... with bumper cases on 10:25am Central time (TEXAS)
Ditto, very disappointing with how this all went down.
At this point at the very least, put a friggin order button so we can get an order in on what we want.
Now we got scr#wed out of items that we got in the cart due to google not been capable of handling the traffic, and we now have to sit and wonder when they will have more stock to repeat this mess again?

Come on Google, this is insane, let us order what we want and you can ship them as you get them....ala Nexus 7 please
I wouldn't be so quick to pin the blame on Google here. Keep in mind that people were refreshing the page ad nauseam once it was listed as Sold Out in order to sneak their orders through. Next time something says Sold Out, believe it and don't try to trick the system.
+Kyle Aaron You're nuts.  The system just flat out didn't work for most people.  Then people are finding out that they're getting a back ordered email when others who ordered after them have received their phones.  They screwed up royally.  The number one requirement of an e0commerce system is inventory management, if you don't have that right you're doing it wrong.  I could understand a distributed system perhaps letting one or two go, but this went on for hours.
I hear that the N4 may actually be supported by AOSP now, is this true?  If so that is fantastic news.  Thanks Google.
Dear +Matias Duarte . I am sure you are aware of Nexus 4 launch screwup. Google ignored most of the orders placed within the first few minutes of the order page going live. Instead, you chose to ship those orders with multiple phones in the order (scalpers on eBay and Craigslist). Google is yet to respond about this problem. Most of us spent the entire night waiting for the sale to go live and when we ordered it, we just get no shipping communication or not even backordered emails. I am hoping Google cleans this cluster... of a job. 

A lover of technology 
+Matias Duarte Did Play store CSR contact you about my Nexus 4 that is lost in limbo after placing it 3 minutes after US launch? I asked them to call you and have you send me your Nexus 4 and your charging orb to compensate me for all the frustrations they've been putting me through. ;p 

Anyway, all of us over at XDA are going crazy. The thread has over 14000 post's and almost 1,000,000 views. This is not fair to loyal Google customers who buy every nexus device.
Very very poor handling. You would think a company of Google's size would not screw up something as basic as selling an item online. If you guys aren't good at it as you have proven time after time after time....hire someone/people that knows what they are doing. What a mess!!!!
Google learned nothing about retail since the Nexus One launch.

Logistics 101 D-
shame that no one can buy the thing ! LOL I think its no doubt to encourage those that have the money to buy it more expensive from the carriers first then it will be sold at a cheaper price to the masses but there needs to be a better purchasing experience . . . take a cue from Apple and Amazon they know how to sell a product Adam Slobodian is right . .  .you need to "buy a company who can"
We are still waiting for official communication from Google about the caothic release of the Nexus 4.
Hundreds of people want to buy this phone but as they don't have any information about when you'll start selling it again they are buying other android phones or iOS and WP8 phones.
The huge lack of communication i really dissapointing .

The release of the Nexus 4 has been and still is a big fail even if you should them in 30 minutes. There are tons of users who are mad at Google and you won't change their opinion easily...
As Kent Reynolds said you should ask Amazon and Apple to teach you about how to sell a product and how to inform potential customers.
yeah its the best phone money can't buy LOL
Did you and Google have any plans to make a game center?
Did Google have any plan to improve the way that the best smartphones recive the newest update for example for gs3 htc one x ect. Because always is a problem between manufacturer and carrier and that sucks I have at&t gs3 and I dont have jelly bean 
Please sell more nexus 4...soooo many people want it. and they cannot get it so far.
Hi matias. 8 gb is enough? How much storage is apart from android?. 
I would be a fan too if I could get it. I stayed up all night refreshing the order page last week.  Got in right away and placed my order just to have it automatically canceled because I accidentally put a P.O. box instead of a street address.  Tried for hours afterward to order again but the play store kept removing it from my basket and wouldnt let me complete the order.  Been waiting a week now checking the play store dozens of times a day, waking up early trying to not miss the next order.  Tried to get help from customer service but they have no idea whats going on.  All you get is scripted answers or form letters.  Worst buying experience ever.  Can anyone give a reliable date when we can order again? and I hate that these ebay people were able to order so many then double the price.  Set limits or something.  Thanks for your time
@celeb hancock - they should have a pre order system this is appalling service from a company this large as well surely if they release the thing they should have enough stock unless what they want to do is create a "sold out in 30 mins" headline 
I dont even work in retail but they could have hired me to do this launch and it would have gone way smoother.  Hey google message me before your next launch so you dont mess up so big again
the cynic in me tells me they engineered this (pardon the pun) for  a "sold out in 30 mins" headline . . . 
Is there ever going to be a 32GB Nexus 4?
Google Play Devices in ALL Countries of the World, please :-)
General 4.2 question: Why is the hour and date bolded?
Hola Matías, cuando veremos los productos Google en Chile? saludos y felicitaciones por tu trabajo!
+Matias Duarte have you seen Samsung's Dual-View mode for tablets on the Galaxy Note 10.1? This multi-tasking mode would be amazing for Android tablets. It would make them a whole lot more useful, especially considering most Android apps aren't optimized for tablets, and this would make those apps look a lot better next to each other in parallel.

Consider the Twitter app, which TheVerge keeps reminding us about. In landscape on a 10" it probably looks very crappy. It would look a lot better if it only occupies 1/2 or 1/4 of your screen, while you do something else.

This needs to happen in the next version of Android. I think it would be a major benefit for Android tablets, and Android tablets need to rise in popularity as fast as possible right now, especially after the Windows 8 launch. Even if Google thinks Windows 8 will fail (which I do, too), that's no reason to take this risk (which you've already took for the past 2 years).

Anyways, please, please, PLEASE bring Dual-View to stock Android 5.0.

[GALAXY Note 10.1] Introducing Premium Suite for GALAXY Note 10.1

I'd also like to mention I hate the Windows-like multi-window multi-tasking from the beginning of the video. Google should NOT do that. It will just waste a TON of CPU and RAM resources, eat battery life, and will not do anything to make it that much more useful. Plus, it will look very messy on a tablet.

The Dual-View is a much cleaner multi-tasking mode, and it's all you need on a tablet, especially since you can resize the apps. +Matias Duarte you need to make this happen!
Where is the Nexus?? it still gives server errors and empties my cart!
tab over to the proceed button and hold down enter until it lets you pay.
still the same thing :( probably an internet issue from my end if everyone is having no trouble getting theirs
Still a MESS! 2 weeks later......Nothing learned. When is google going to release a statement on this fiasco???
you can still order.  Your wait will be longer though.
Yes but have you heard the horror stories of what people had to do to get one? I ordered 2 weeks ago and mine is just coming in tomorrow. It should not be this painful to give a company your money 
Ilia R
+Matias Duarte the Nexus 4 is easily the best Android phone I've ever used.. Too bad the launch wasn't the greatest.
This msg is addressed to anyone who doesn't live in us of a, forgot google they obvious dont want our money, BB10 is out soon & i can guarantee they'll be happy to take our pounds, euros, yuan, yen etc the os will be alot worse than jelly bean but at least you'll have a new shiny phone, who's with me? 
lol I just tapped on the "build info" in settings )
+Matias Duarte +Hugo Barra Nexus 4 arrived for me yesterday. This device is replacing a Nexus S. The phone is excellent. Much much nicer than described in any of the dozens of reviews I have seen. The new Chrome browser also is a tenfold improvement in terms of performance over the Nexus S. Really looking forward to the wireless charging orb that you have teased. 
compared to a 3 year old phone of course its gonna rock
yes 32gb min but of course they want us to run out of space so that we can use their cloud services .  .
yes you are spot on Abdul .. . . its a no win situation for us cant see a solution other than to just store your favourite stuff only for when you are on the move and then stream when in wifi zones 
a 32 gb model will follow 6 months  later just like with the N7 
Sorry to hear buddy but happy birthday when it comes up! typical google great phone but with a massive drawback. . . its still worth buying though it canes any phone twice its price 
+Matias Duarte I hope you intend to make the next Nexus with bolder colors. I really dislike the fact that the "riskiest" color Android manufacturers are using is...white. How about blue (real blue, not that grey-blue Samsung used in GS3), red, yellow, orange, purple?! I think this will quickly turn into a trend in the mobile world, because people love colors, and in fact you can see this is a trend from the cases people use for their iPhones. It's spreading. People don't want just black phones anymore. You might also want to consider making the next version of Android support different color themes to match the phone's body. This is something the Android community has asked for a long time.

So I hope the next Nexus will have multiple beautiful colors, and this should give you enough incentive to do that:
Love this phone but it's been an entire month and still the play store is constantly out of stock...

what on earth is going on?!?!
I suspect the carriers and other shops want to get get a chance to make some money on it first so that is why they dont want to much stock cheaply sold 
This is a really great phone, but please come back to Amoled screen for the next one... :-)
shame about the battery life bug when on 3G   . . . needs a software update 
Love my N4 - seriously needs a fix for wifi (there are 3 of us at work that can't connect to work wifi, and one of them can't connect at home - no other phone/device has this issue), and its uncanny ability to drain my battery at an alarming clip is a point of concern.
the contrast ratio is poor compared to the SAMOLED on my GS2 it feels like  a step down not a step up should have stuck with samsung . . . shame as the phone is otherwise brilliant
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