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Congrats to the Drive team on launching a beautiful new app.

Not surprisingly I'm a big fan of the cards and the navigation drawer!
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It's by far much much smoother and more responsive than the older version. Amazing job to the Drive Team. 
Ah man... when will this stop?? I haven't seen about 25% f the #io2013  videos I bookmarked... And the updates, new features and all just keep coming.... 

How can we normal people keep up with this speed??

Now look into gmail team and stare at them please
Wish iGoogle wasn't being shut down. I think the cards feature would work well with it. But cards is the future.    
Please stop it. Data density please.
+Seth Merritt If Duarte ruins compact display density on Gmail, I'm out of here. Can barely use half of Google's sites now due to this UI.
the new drive app is enchanting, simple, and amazing :)
I'm going to have to check it out! Love Google Drive so so much. :D
You know what would be cool? A Linux port...
This is such a great update!! This one is really worth it! It has most of the things i was wishing... moving thru photos, preview photos, download, and the design is really beautiful. Very google! Things i still want: Tags (to find folders easier), Password, Possibility to sync or upload folders from smartphone. Possibility to download a whole folder. Powerpoint creation and modification And a way to sync subfolders in the windows client!
I really like the new look of all google apps. I hope all developers will follow the new design. waiting of course for new gmail, maps and calendar. +Matias Duarte sorry if I missed something from Ι/Ο, but are you still use "holo"  as a name for this design or something else I missed. An android user, not a dev!! 
I love the new layout and feel, but is there a fix coming soon for the broken scanning function on the SGS3?  All we get is a squished image crammed to the right of the screen.  It's been reported in a couple of places on the Drive blog/groups forum, and one comment saying "we're working on it"...  hoping it's not going to take long... :-(
Digging the new Drive app. Smoother and cleaner, it simply delivers. Kudos +Google 
This is lovely... Would have been a nice touch to make the widget look like the Google now and keep ones. :)
I'm glad google cloud print was added to +Google Drive !  I look forward to the day when I can print from my +Gmail and system UI with Google Cloud Print!  Keep up the good work.
Sean Su
It's good but we still need more automation and Mail Merge in Drive to take it seriously in many office places.
+Matias Duarte I know you're not the lead on these projects, but could you perhaps pass this on to those who are? 1) The stock email app could really use an update to bring it in line with newer apps like Gmail and Drive. 2) In the new Play Store, it would be nice to get rid of all those See More buttons and allow side to side scrolling of things like recommended and promoted items. I keep trying to scroll them.
The app still doesn't allow me to select multiple items at once and move them to a folder. It is a very basic feature. Please include it +Google Drive 
Sean Su
Shaju, that it does. Use the shift key.
+Sean Su I don't want to speak on behalf of +shaju mohammed but I am confident that he is referring to the Android version, in which it still is a single-file option (unless you have a tablet keyboard.)
+Sean Su +Mike Hussion, Jr. Yes, I was talking about the android version. Sadly I don't have a keyboard for my nexus 7 :-( I am trying to use it as my primary computer. 
Great app 👏👏👍👍👍👍👍😄
Drive is great but need a little more speed and more cloud storege.Are you planing something to compete with the new flickr? No new gmail desing? 
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