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The future of Android is really exciting... I really hope KLP will be a further big step forward!
+Matias Duarte you guys have been really tearing it up post ICS. Clearly that has a lot to do with your vision for the OS. Keep up the great work. I'm really excited to see what you guys have in store for klp and chrome os. Maybe justify the pixel's price point? 
Paul W.
But Google Now is a battery drain, which puts it firmly in pipe dream category for now. Anything at MWC for us to actually get excited about? 
It depends how you use your phone but I have found Google now to use quite a small percentage of battery. If you turn off WiFi and data and only have them on when you need them then battery use is minimal.
+Paul W been using google Now on my GS3 for about 2 months now. Didn't do anything to my phone's battery life. My battery still lasts 16 hours on normal use. 
Now doesn't affect my battery still getting great battery life on my nexus 4
+Paul W can't disagree with you more. My gnex, n4 and n7 all have perfectly fine battery life respective to each device. None of their battery lives are appreciably affected by now
+Matias Duarte I think Google Now is an incredible addition to Android and hope it really improves with time. I have noticed though that some features do not work, at least not for me. For instance. Tracking cards for packages never pull up even when receiving replacement N4's from Google Play. And voice commands do not work at all for Google Talk, which is weird because its tied into the OS. I really hope issues like this are ironed out with KLP. Voice command should, in my opinion, never require touching if possible. If I open Google Now and ask to compose a message I should have the option to send the message verbally as well.....but again, I love where Android is as to where it was and I eagerly await KLP.. please keep up the amazing work!!
Lot of potential, can't wait to experience the advanced reality in Google Now... +Matias Duarte  I have two questions, 1) Is there any special code behind your dress language?? 2) why's that sticker on Apple Logo??(It's your turn to change the world).. lol
Paul W.
Sorry guys, I'm calling BS. Google Now and Google location services are notorious battery drainers. The facts and figures don't lie. Check your favourite #BetterBatteryStats thread. 
+Paul W There are so many factors that go into battery life.... Unless tests are being conducted in a controlled environment, I don't put any weight on any of them. What I DO know, as I'm sure most would agree, is that neither of the apps you point out have had any noticeable effect on any of my devices' battery life. I take them off the charger in the morning, and they go back on the charger at night. If battery life has been impacted, the impact has been (for all practical purposes) irrelevant. 
I can somewhat relate to +Paul W . I haven't been overly impressed with the battery performance if my Nexus 4 but in a perfect world I think we just need to hang tight for a bit longer. Battery performance does need to catch up with the phone technology but all in all after the 4.2.2 update I've gained an extra 2 hours of life with an extra 45min of screen time.... #project roadrunner
Don't use Google Now much. But to get more use of G-Now how about taking advantage of Android's new widget lock screen feature. And as soon as your device is turned on, G-Now cards pop up with the ability to scroll through multiple cards. One card would have the time, weather & battery usage. Another will have notifications. You can then have cards tie in to apps like, latest feeds from Google+ Circles, Google+ What's Hot, YouTube Subscription, Google Current, Gmail & ect. And also to non-Google apps when you open G-Now to them. Let people choose what apps they like to connect to and the order they show up. And G-Now will have more of a visible use.           
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