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Here's a new Android convert who's wondering if we need an evangelist. I dunno I think he does a pretty good job himself!

What do you guys think?
It was just meant to be a quick experiment. I started using a Nexus 4. I was going to go right back to my iPhone after a week. I was designing more and more Android interfaces at Twitter and reali...
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Apple for tablets and computers, Android for phones(right now)!
One of the better dig downs I've seen, if not the best.
No wonder he switched. The whole design team did an amazing job over the last year or so, making android really fun to use. 
"There's also Google Hangouts but I don't think it's quite there yet."

I find that very surprising.
Android shouldn't need an evangelist or for that matter multi billion dollar marketing campaigns. The technology, phones and devices should speak for themselves.

If they do not speak to someone an yourself why. If that sounds like a market you want to win and can do so without being at the expense of your base then go for it. 
Between user backlash and the split of 5 and 1 star reviews of the Android app, I don't +Cole Mickens . Lots were either disappointed or worse.
I get the frustration at XMPP, I guess I don't get it otherwise. I use it all of the time on all of my devices, it's by  far the best put together messaging platform. Or, it will be once they hurry up and get Voice in there. :(
+Cole Mickens with SMS, voice and a decent online/offline filter (and iOS support) Google hangouts would have been unstoppable. I wonder why google released it so early. Was hype too high ? Was it to bump io 2013 line up ? I wish I know. But I hate when Google falls flat with half baked execution (nexus q, buzz) or ideas (wave).
Randy K
+Pranjal Desai By not having upside down usb ports on the Nexus 7, OTG support on the next Nexus phone, and of course by bringing Miracast receiving capabilities to ChromeCast.
+Pranjal Desai Hopefully by taking advantage of the Motorola patents they got when buying the company.

I would love to see #webtop bought back to life.
It would be awesome if they got #ChromeOS running on Webtop so when you connect you're phone to a TV/Monitor via HDMI it launches the OS.
Yes, he did +Matias Duarte . I read this article earlier today and was amazed how this guy described all the things he loved about Android coming from an iPhone. This type of articles should be made everywhere so people can realize how great Android has developed to be and it is going to get even better later on with upcoming releases, I guess.
I think it was logical and pretty well thought out. My favorite part was how he didn't seem particularly biased. He accepted the ups and downs of both systems. Quite a rare thing these days. If I weren't already a convert I'd probably bite.
I love android but the team responsible for maps on android really need to wake up. Product went from top notch to bottom scraps. The removal of latitude was also a bad move imo. Today you can't even click on your friends in g+ latitude replacement and see when they were online, navigate to them and there is zero integration to maps from it. The implementation just sucks compared to what we used to see from Google.

The new maps also broke compatability with whatsapp where you can't click on latitude and longitude links anymore.

And hangouts brought a much needed refresh to gtalk but it also removed functionality. But things should hopefully be up hills from here on. I just hope Google would work on their core apps a bit more before releasing it into the wild. Especially when you are killing off old features and are replacing them with worse ones. 
Interesting post, on reading does make me realise I'm not as tied to the Apple ecosystem as I thought I was.

I tried Android for a few days but ended up going back due to the phone rather than the OS (nexus 4).

I'm at the point that as soon as an Android phone comes out I'm happy about I'd switch.

+Matias Duarte one thing to consider for me is how good the Google Music experience is, I haven't got a native app yet on iOS I imagine this already rocks on Android given it's built in?
I don't want to break the burst and be evil (and I totally love and use android actually), but his experience on a GPE is really far from what Real World Android ® is for most of us (Sony with no more official updates past 4.1.2, locked bootloader and bugged as hell rom, I'm totally watching you), and that is one point in which Apple wins most of the time : (
Tim Box
It's fine but to him it's a new revelation the stuff he is going on about is old. 
Yes, better. And more beautiful after 4.0. Thank you for Holo, its so amazing!
great article and all very true
I consider myself a natural born critic, and since Jelly Bean was released I've been recommending Android smartphones over the competition to all my friends, especially "Google Experience" devices without overloaded skins.

Before that I used Nexus devices alternatively with iPhone and always recommended iPhone to my friends.

Matias you've done a great job!
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