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Matias, i Love you!!!!! And thanks! Since 4.2.2 the battery life is bigger !! But google now is not really available in Spain!!! What a pity!
First things first +Matias Duarte , I hope you have spanked that "designer" who made the quick settings long press toggles...
I think 4.2 is step back of Android consistency. This second pull down bar with switches that no switches, but some of them switches by one tap and others by long tap. And this long press on the camera with radial menu when you don't see what is under your thumb. I thought Matias Duarte trying to remove long press from Android but it's not happened. And this lock screen... I hope 5 will be more consistent.
I really think the future will be the features trickling in to 4.2.2 with an optional interface like Glass. Google Now on Google Glass will be like Obi-Wan when Darth Vader struck him down: more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Sorry for the nerd reference; it's been a long day.
Matías, soy chileno y acabo de comprar un Google Nexus 10. Me podrías decir algún mail o forma de contacto para preguntarte un par de cosas. Saludos!
Matias, i find the long press to turn the toggles on/off (in the notification area), counterintuitive.
Wow, sounds like it's going to become a really great OS for home automation ;)
Nice shirt, I don't think she will mind a poke, we will leave the poke on the other site.
Is this is a hint of a new UI coming to android? Last year Motorola acquired Viewdle, a leading imaging & gesture recognition company. Here is a video showing their technology (Google technology now). Viewdle See the World Through Computer Vision

Hola Matias quisiera más publicaciones en español para los latinos que no hablamos inglés gracias ya que soi dan de androide 
The video, was very limited in info. However, i have faith in the brilliant ppl at Google!!
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