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"You'll save time by combining the soda orders with the Mentos orders" they said. "You'll be done so much faster." they said.
So, what has this to do with the latest Android / Chrome OS rumors :-P
Maybe the maker runs Android. :p
It means two os come together like chrome os and android which equal 1 os :)
CBS is so dodgy. First the CNET editorial control and censoring, now this. So bad & so sad. #shameonCBS
Great commercial, but I'm astonished that they'd even try to air this. The ad uses Coke and Pepsi's logos rather gratuitously.
The ad wasn't pulled do to anything wrong with it, but rather because CBS doesn't want it to rub the brands the wrong way. Coke and Pepsi are vital to CBS making money, and as we all know by now, CBS cares nothing but the bottom line.
haha i won't be watching no superbowl, but i'm liking the adverts coming out, do they only make decent adverts for superbowl?
+Scotty Olsen CBS approved a revised version of the commercial that doesn't infringe Pepsi and Coke's trademarks. Comparative advertising is one thing, but displaying a competitor's branding more prominently than your own just looks like an attempt to piggyback on their goodwill.
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