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Po Box 19184 Code 05001 J.K.I.A.
Twitter: @bishopjoea
Tel: +254 738 819 122, +254 722 772 841, +254 713 903 135.

Dear President.

Greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our hope.
Bishop Abraham Jonathan together with my Board of Deacons Royal-Kings International Ministries while in prayer and fasting for forty days, God spoke to me to write to you.

He told us build him a sanctuary complete along with a cooling system along Ngong Rd where the high and mighty in the society live.

He told me to teach his people the uncompromising gospel truth of Jesus Christ in Africa:

God told me my son, Arise the time for harvest in Africa is ripe in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan among others.

Africa must receive uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ, bcz many are getting lost without knowing the love of God, thus the daily fighting's killings and genocide witnessed in these countries recently.

God told me 99% of our clergymen due to poverty, strife and greed to enrich themselves with material wealth have compromised their faith in God devaluing their church stand in Christ by receiving blood money bribe from politicians to hide and twist the bare truth, speaking lies to win false favor from the politicians and the government of the day thus promoting impunity in broad daylight.

God Almighty:
By the leading of the Holy Spirit, God Almighty commanded me, Bishop Abraham Jonathan and my entire board to begin this Royal-Kings International Ministries end time ministry whose mandate is:

1: Truth:
Speaking and teaching the biblical truths all the time both in and out of the church, in the print and electronic media, organizing crusades to preach sanity with equality among the East African society.

2: Impunity:
As a church of Jesus Christ we are 100% up fighting impunity and corruption in the top levels of governments restoring the truth and clarity commanding the mandate and leadership of the country to be bestowed among the people themselves thus restoring the rule of law.

3: Crime:
We the church are 99% fearlessly fighting crime in all the political circles without wavering or being compromised because we've said no to the political handouts in Jesus Name.

4: Genocide:
We are spending 100% of our time and resources to fight crime, poverty, lack of education, child abuse, genocide and promiscuous life.

We are daily teaching people about the biblical truths about yhe respect of human life thus restoring sanity among both old and young, politians and the elite together with the poor equally.

5: Credible:
The destiny for Royal-Kings International Ministries is to build a credible amazing nations among the East African society with your support so that the future of our children will be secure.

6: Be Counted:
It's my sincere hope that you'll stand with us and be counted part of the wise generation building that which counts forever to eternity before God from to day.

7: Ministry:
Royal-Kings International Ministries is requesting your financial support to accomplish the following to day:

a) Build a Christian Group:
God Almighty told me, Abraham my son, send out a write up to my people requesting those willing to partner or stand up with our Royal-Kings International Ministries to be counted for redemption in Africa.

Establish by acquiring 1,200 acres of land along Mombasa Road @ US 115,300 an acre where we intend to build:

1: Home:
Build a Children's Home for 2,800 Orphans and Street children, where you'll feed, educate, clothe and take care of them.

2: Schools:
Build Primary and Secondary Schools where children together with normal learning will be taught christian values together with morals to avoid future genocide explosion witnessed both in Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Kenya and Congo recently.

3: University:
Build a University College for our children where normal learning together with truth and morality will be taught.

4: Hospital:
Build a 24 Hour Medical Hospital facility where Christian Doctors, Nurses and other para-medical staff on call will administer medication to patients preaching and counseling them with the love of Jesus Christ.

5: College:
Establish a Bible College where those willing to be equipped for the ministry work will be taught and offered a 4 year degree programme.

6: Rehabilitation:
We will build a Rehabilitation center where those recovering from drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and theft will be treated, counselled and trained on different courses to enable them stop the former and face the future with dignity like the other ordinary people.

Your contribution:
God Almighty commanded me to send forth a financial contributions request to 600 people to financially support this worthy course by contributing between US 5,800 dollars or more according to everyone ones ability.

You can kindly send by bank-wire or call me in person to come for your financial contributions US 5,800 Dollars or more whatever your heart desires to give to our ministry now:

Account Names:
Royal-Kings International Ministries / Bishop Abraham Jonathan Musomba Mbithi.
Bank: Ecobank Limited.
A/C No: 001 3205 0078 51801.
Swift Code: ECOCKENA.
Bank Code: 11043.
Fedha Towers Branch.

God Almighty told me you're counted for the kingdom, thus contribute to this ministry for the glory of God the Father.

God Almighty told me, divide the contributions in three categories namely:

Category 1:
US 5,800-28,000 Dollars.
The first 300 contributors of US 4,800 up to US 28,800 Dollars will receive a Lifetime Godly Gift prayed for, shipped and delivered to them via DHL in ten days from the receipt of their financial contribution into our bank.

Category 2:
US 28,000-109,000 Dollars.
The first 200 people contributing US 28,000 Dollars up to US 109,000 Dollars will receive a golden engraved Lion with their names, addresses and positions engraved permanently at the lion's stand.

Category 3:
US 180,000-480,000 Dollars.
The first 100 people contributing between
US 180,000 and up to US 480,000 Dollars will receive :-

i) Golden Elephant with it's Tusk raised symbolizing power, self dependant and dominance in the Fundraising Kingdom.

ii) We will request their names to be published in the Guinness book worldwide.

iii) We will publish their names in our church bulletin and pray for them every week for 3 months asking God of to bless them and expand their borders.

All those who will have contributed to this worthy course will have their names written in the church bulletin.

Then invite them to be prayed for upon the ground breaking ceremony for making funding for our ministry successful.

Kindly plan to partake this blessing to day.


Bishop Abraham Jonathan Musomba Mbithi.
For & On behalf of the Board.
Royal-Kings International Ministries.
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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Just made Lion, macports, and samba my bitch. Successfully streaming content from my iMac to my LG Blu Ray player again. Thank goodness.
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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Working and then heading home to good ole red lion :)
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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i know very little about 3d rendering; is this difficult to do?
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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Someone accidentally. Traffic. 
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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Breakfast by my lonesome
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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I can't wait to take a vacation sometime. Although, this trip to Vancouver will be close to being a real vacation...I cannot wait.
Mathieu J. Champagne's profile photoAndrew Shisler's profile photo
right on.. that sounds like a fun trip. Sept. 8-10 im going to Seattle for work. It will be my first time on the west coast.
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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Beginning the long process of trying to install samba 3 on Lion via Macports...
Blair Bendler's profile photoMathieu J. Champagne's profile photo
Yeah so far I'm already having problems trying to get this shit to work. Damn smart people and their vague write-ups. 
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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Mathieu J. Champagne

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I just updated my iMac at home to Lion...all from my iPhone while at work.
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Mathieu J. Champagne

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Days like this make me appreciate working inside in the air conditioning, sitting in front of a computer, doing things I am good at / like to do.
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