I'm tempted to create an initiative focused on improving the state of Linux on the desktop. The goal would be to fix common annoyances that we encounter on our daily usage of Linux. It would be distro agnostic and and project agnostic and would feature some sort of meta-bugtracker linking to other projects.

It would also feature a consumer oriented aspect with a highly curated list of app, scripts and themes proposing only the very best of what the Linux world has to offer.

It's sort of a response to all those Linux distros that are a small variation on a much more widely available one. It also a response to those daily frustrations I encounter on Linux with things that should "just work" and yet, still don't after all these years. I don't want to build big new software, I don't want to build the perfect distro, I just want to bring a better experience with what we already have, whether you're running Ubuntu, Solus, Arch or Fedora. In some way, it's like +Lutris but applied to the Linux desktop.

With a new job and several other projects I have to maintain, this is not an adventure I want to start alone and if the project fails to gain traction, I'll just continue writing small scripts on my own to fix issues (everything I write is available on github). I secretly hope that +Ikey Doherty and +Martin Wimpress will find this project interesting since I'm looking for people who thrive on providing a great user experience. That said, anyone willing to learn a lot about Linux is more than welcome!

If no one comes up with a better name, I'd like to go with Shellac (From Wikipedia: "It is the central element of the traditional "French polish" method of finishing furniture and fine violas, guitars and pianos.").

Just throwing this out there, interested in receiving opinions, thoughts and all sorts of "What are you on about, Strider?" comments.
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