Notice is hereby given that the first governing meeting of
Northern Suburbs Eurogamers/MeepleCon/Melbourne Meeples
will be held on 20th July 2014
at Alphabet City, 100 High Street, Northcote
commencing at 2pm.

The Agenda is available below (the standing orders are available here ).

You do need to be a Voting Member in order to vote however. 

Becoming a Member
You can become a Voting Member by paying the annual membership.

Annual membership is $45, which includes:
- Membership Card.
- Free entry into NSEG game days ($69 value)
- 2 day  pass to MeepleCon, Melbourne’s premier gaming convention ($15-20 value).
- Ongoing support of your favourite gaming club, giving it the ability to expand your gaming library.
- Voting rights.. decide how the club is run and what games we buy.
- Special Member benefits 

To enquire about membership, ask us at one of our Regular Meetings, email meeplecon (at) or start a hangout with me. 

Why we're looking to Incorporate
Incorporating the group gives the group many advantages that being a non-incorporated group does., it:
1. gives members of the group more transparency and oversight on how the group is run and how the monies that the group collect are spent
2. enables the group to have a bank account and officially own the games it purchases, which stay with the club until it stops existing
3. allows the group to receive not for profit treatment when it comes to venue hire (especially for Meeplecon)
4. gives the group continuity... the group doesn't rely on one or two people to keep it going, instead it can choose the most eager people to run the group on a yearly basis by way of elections
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