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Good morrow!
Good morrow!

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Hi +Google :)

Wishlist time:
Android TV Dark Theme and Night mode
New "Pixel"? Player (support for 4K)
Google cast support from browser to Android TV (like Chromecast)

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Google, are you getting in on this too for Fi? :)

Does anyone have issues "constantly" with Google voice search on Android TV (latest 6.0.2)?
I am enrolled with the beta Google Search and now the Player won't listen with the remote on the main search.
Before I only had issues where voice search did not work in YouTube.
***Voice search works fine with the Android remote app.
Has anyone needed to replace their physical remote?

Lol, should have my SIM card tomorrow and tried to flash the Fi build phone works fine but surprised the build didn't change (using AT&T) - guess I'll try again after putting in the new SIM.

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Anyone think Google will "join" up with T-Mobile on "advanced SMS" pretty quickly?  
Also, hopefully they are key players in eSIM tech as well.  I expect it for 2016's Nexus lineup.

Will Google send my SIM card early if requested?
I already have a Nexus 6.
I'd like to get going ASAP instead of having to wait longer :)

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Haha winner

Hi, is there a possibility to add a dark theme to the web version of feedly (like the one on Android)?  Reading with such a bright white background isn't good for me :)

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