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Mathew Lowry

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8 things that don't work in my new Dell venue 11

I really wanted this machine to work, but when the keyboard loses its connection to the tablet every few minutes, the screen flips upside down whenever you detach it from the keyboard,  and you can't enter anything into online forms, it's time to send it back...
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OMG! Utter fail.....
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Mathew Lowry

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So +Corinne Wenner you asked for an opinion... mine is that disabling comments isn't helpful when you want people to share their opinion!

For what it's worth, the Council are not 'appointed'...
EU political power distribution   

The following is from

Whats your opinion on this? 
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Mathew Lowry

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This is the sort of thing that gives one hope for the EU online public sphere.

On the one hand you have a bunch of people (votewatch) not just collecting and presenting data, but also sharing it. Allowing other people (like my colleague Chandler) to add value to it in 1000 different ways.
A good example of an ecosystem in emergence.

With   #EP2014    #EU  (European Parliament elections) coming up, I broke down the most famous European Parliament vote -  #acta     political group and member state  and committee.  The data set was taken from and made in #tableau 
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Mathew Lowry

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A quick intro, following this Community's excellent Posting Rules.

I think I've been a content strategist since before the term was invented. I have been building database-driven websites since 1995, and built the European Commission's first Web2.0 online community in 2002. The first time I actually innovated in the field, however, was probably a few months earlier, when I developed a 'theme/policy/activity/newsroom' information architecture to help the Commission present its work without forcing people to understand the EU's labyrinthine organisational structure.

I'm still consulting to the EU Institutions, but they're still absorbing the implications of social media and online communities (see this morning's too-sardonic post:, so my exploratory content strategy work is in a side project, where I'm trying to create a machine-assisted, multilingual longform content curation engine through combining human curation with machine translation, automatic semantic analysis, faceted & federated search, and social media.

All good G+ posts include a photo or a video, so my latest screencast on this is below. More about me:

Good, #introductions over! I look forward to learning with members of this Community, particularly anyone interested in machine-assisted curation.
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Hey Michael, many thanks for your thoughts.

You're absolutely right about transparency and bias. In fact, one of the reasons I'll be looking for private sector sponsors, rather than seeking a grant from the EU Institutions (as everyone here in the Brussels Bubble suggests) is that I don't want even the perception of bias in curating European online conversations.

Actual bias in Hashtag Europe will be low, and any bias will be transparent, for two reasons. To begin with, the initial tagging and mapping to topics will be done by machines. It is possible for a volunteer editor to edit the tags and highlight a post (pushing it to the Home Page and then out the door via enewsletters and Twitter), but in doing so their name is attached to it - if you look closely at the wireframes, you'll see that the occasional post is accompanied by texts such as "Validated by Editor_Name" and "Highlighted by Editor_Name", with the name of the editor linking to their Public Profile on the site.

This not only provides transparency - it also rewards the Editor, as you point out :)  We also hope to mine external data (comment streams, social media) to display what posts are being shared and commented on, to better help people find where the conversations are in the fields of interest to them. This is objective data, so no bias there.

As for "You could even show how much promoted content was accessed" ... ohh yes! We'll be getting a tonne of data from the site: what people are posting about and in what languages, what people are searching for, what links they followed, etc etc etc. This would be ripe for analysis - my first post, from the data from the existing site we're trying to reboot, is the tip of the iceberg:

If you know anyone who'd be interested in reading my specs and submitting a ballpark figure, please let me know and/or send them the link to my post:
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Mathew Lowry

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Mathew Lowry

commented on a channel on YouTube.
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So, not available in Belgium. Why? Looking at similar remarks from other commenters, perhaps it would be better to ask what countries IS this channel avaiable in? And why is it not possible to charge outside those countries?

Very poor show to not provide this info in the About tab. One can only assume it's done by Americans, who don't seem to realise that there ARE other countries on the map...
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Mathew Lowry

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Sigh. Tough times again as dad of a gifted patissier...

Merry Christmas everyone! 
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Wow! Nice
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Mathew Lowry

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+Kristof Van Tomme you still into Dita?
"DITA InPrint™", an interesting new option for easily customizable print-oriented output from DITA:

Not sure when there will be an actual product page but the event announcement has a fair amount of info.

Indirectly via +Rahel Anne Bailie and +Michael Priestley ( 
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I still am, but more from a best practices point of view that I can apply to documentation work for the moment. 

tx for the link!
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Request for Proposals: Hashtag Europe
This video is for developers interested in combining advanced-but-available tech to create a machine-assisted multilingual longform content #curation engine.

Know any cutting-edge developers experienced in #semantic analysis, machine translation, faceted & federated search or content curation in general? Then get this video in front of them. And please give it some air via your networks.
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Hi +Michel schorochoff , nice hearing from you! Feel free to put this presentation in front of any developers you might know! ;D
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Communications consultancy (mainly online, generally about EU)
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    Online communications consultant, 2012 - present
  • GOPA-Cartermill
    Communications consultancy (mainly online, generally about EU), 2012
  • Blogactiv, GOPA-Cartermill
  • European Commission
  • Quadtel, DDB Digital
  • European Service Network
Basic Information
Online comms since 1995, Web2 since 2002. Aussie in Brussels, Father of 2. Big heart, big(ger?) mouth.
I figure out communication strategies, generally for EU programmes and policies and generally focused online, although I've dabbled in start-ups and prefer integrated comms.


Bragging rights
20+ years in Belgium and still sane. I think.
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