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Anyone tried selling stuff on the real $ Diablo 3 auction house yet? Any luck?
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I am curious about this as well.
I have not yet. I just started selling gear for gold and seem to have figured out the amount folks will consistently spend figured out for L37 Nightmar gear: ~$36500 so far.
I was thinking of trying it out tonight tho. Need an authenticator or PayPal account.
I've browsed the auction house, it lets you select a paypal account or add currency to your account. Most of the stuff they sell on there was like under $10, a lot were in the 3 to 5 range. Thing is I haven't hit 60 yet, I'm at like 46 or 48, so I havent even encountered the kind of gear theyre selling there.
there's a guy in my thread where i shared this who bought something off it I think
Got some feedback where I shared your post
I'd love to sell something but I dunno about buying anything lol
I have sold several things. Don't bother unless you find something EXTREMELY valuable. Like worth 5+ million gold. They take a $1.50 fee (or 1.25) out of every sale so the low end stuff doesn't net you anything worthwhile. I have about $5 in "real money" and I've spent $4 already (haven't paid in, I just keep selling small things). I believe you also get charged more when you try to cash out. Just stick to the gold auction house.

FYI: I have a level 60 of every class except Witch Doctor who I got bored with at 58. I have put some time in!
Same for me +Adam Germain, I'm in inferno with all classes except for WD. I actually started of with wd but got bored at lvl 30-something. Gave it a go few days ago and got to lvl 40+ but it's still boring :/

Never bought/sold anything on RMAH, and I usually just buy-out the stuff I need if I can afford it.

Have won few really nice legendary items for few k gold when I put the only bid a minute or two before the auction ended. But it takes too much time to browse those items. Search in AH could be improved a lot to say the least...
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