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I am Western Australian ENL and it is hard to support this decision.

Throw this in with the rampant spoofing happening in the Australian outback, it makes it kind of hard to take the big fielding game seriously anymore.
+Niantic are you trying to ruin Ingress? We have suffered a major strategic portal removal in WA, Australia. The portal Aboriginal Scarred Tree that meets all the requirements of an Ingress portal was removed today 14/12/2016. Its previous location was:


The portal is an Aboriginal artefact on display in a mining camp, accessible to many agents. It is not dangerous and still exists, as confirmed very recently.

We know that portals reported in Pogo get unjustly removed from Ingress automatically. Not sure if that is the case here, but this is simply unacceptable to this community who has built much around your game. Please reinstate this portal ASAP.

UPDATE: Learned from this great community there is a proper place for these things:

UPDATE 2: Pogo spots still exist apparently. Not pogo. Sorry Nintendo gods!!

+Ingress +NIA Ops

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Hmmmm...... Interesting! What does all this mean?
Since the Enlightened in New Orleans recovered a briefcase after securing yet another North American victory, other fellow agents have been asking what is in the briefcase. We opened it to discover a few treats inside: books, puzzles, along with the key for the puzzles.
The pictures below show someone standing before a monstrous thing. What could this be? Who is that standing there? These are important questions.
Also on the back of puzzles, there were QR codes. We still as of yet haven't figured out what they are for and we are not sure who it is who asked us to do so-but we are watching...
#ingress #vianoir #vianoirseoul #seoul
+H. Richard Loeb
+Edgar Allan Wright
+flint dille
+Haerang Dong
+Operation Essex
+Project Isthmus​

I can't even explain what the fuck just happened. Incredible. Congratulations to everyone.

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The only bit missing here is the bit about not using spoofer actions to your advantage. While sometimes unavoidable due to an agents lack of awareness of certain playing conditions, when you know, you just don't.

Taking advantage of spoofed actions is supporting spoof.
We are all aware of how big the spoofer issue is in +Ingress around the world, and how big the challenge is to stop them.

I would like to applaud on the work they've done to date, but with the release and massive success of Pokémon Go, Ingress has stepped much further into the limelight, which has attracted (and still is attracting) an increasing number of spoofers.

In my strong opinion, however, +Niantic's stance on not reinstating the hard work of legit agents is destroying the game.

I'm sure I'm not the only agent who thinks this. I've noticed in my region (Australia/Oceania) that this stance has resulted in several hardcore agents retiring/quitting and the area slowly turning one-sided. The cost of doing large scale operations in Australia can be highly expensive and time consuming. For example, a trip to Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) can cost $500+ dollars in fuel alone from the nearest major city and take about 17 hours of driving.

+Niantic’s current stance, while positive, still isn't effective. The spoofers are able to jump in, do the damage (which may cost legit agents thousands of dollars), then get banned… Is this fair? No, the damage is done and it doesn't really matter if the account is banned. The other side can then jump in and take advantage of the situation.

In current times, the +Ingress community has been able to provide sufficient evidence of obvious spoofing to +Niantic, which I'm sure has been highly useful in their investigations. This community feedback is based on a large community's collective knowledge and research and can make a strong case against suspicious accounts. If Niantic was to facilitate a procedure of receiving this information from the ingress community and using it as required, these spoofers could be dealt with in the speed required.

One example of a failed response can be seen in the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia. We have had an account in there for well over a week now slowly taking out every portal (most of which are 800+ days old). The first two takedowns from this account happened within 75 minutes at night between two portals that would take a highly-experienced hiker over five hours to trek during daylight hours and optimal conditions. This action is clear proof that this account is a GPS spoofer and the community reported this swiftly. However, no action has been taken by Niantic, and this spoofer still wanders around the Blue Mountains taking out difficult-to-reach portals within a few hours, portals which will take days to recover. This report has also generated XFAC interest and support as is evident in the comments, where both RES and ENL start talking about spoofers hitting guardians. The report:

With the introduction of Special Fielding Operations and the Via Lux Adventurer/Odyssey Badges, Niantic has shown that they want to get these elements of the game back into play. However these will not be effective if the spoofing isn't stopped, especially the SFOs. The SFOs will be highly subjected to spoofing, not only during the operation, but the months before hand. Highly strategic links can be spoofed up months in advance and will affect the outcome on the SFO, which in turn will affect the outcome of an anomaly. If anomalies become more subjected to spoofers, agents will stop coming and the true essence of the game will be lost. I ask to remove SFOs (despite how fun they are) from anomalies until the spoofer issue is dealt with.

In my strong opinion, banning isn't enough to stop (or even to slow down) the influx of spoofers. If +Niantic’s stance was changed to include reinstating the conditions before the spoofing, the spoofers’ efforts would have zero effect and spoofing will have little-to-no benefit in these kinds of games.

I understand this will be a challenge to implement, but I'm sure that it would be a major step in the right direction.

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Turns out +Barney Bear​ gatecrashed my wedding yesterday....
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today... +Barney Bear​ was lucky enough to witness the wedding ceremony between +Mat F.​ and his beautiful bride!

+Barney Bear​ also helped with the creation of a heart over the wedding venue. Good job Barney!
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It was amazing to feel the love yesterday on what was a very special day. Truely appreciate it everyone.

Also I'm sorry for my blocking links!!!! 
​Agents in Australia made a field art celebrating wedding of two ENL agents @renegades and @queenrenegades!
190+ portals were affected by the operation (flips, destroys, captures) as it's very dense area in the middle of Perth, WA, Australia.

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Awesome story from +Shar Tegral. It's amazing how much this 'geek infested capture the flag' game can really help people.
Yesterday at Portland's Ingress Anomaly event I got in a good 17KM of walking. Well, some of it running as well which is a new accomplishment for me.

Since my brain injury my equilibrium has not been up to the task of allowing me to run. Early on, I might run a few feet at best. Heck even walking was at times a challenge. However if one does not challenge oneself things do not improve. I can now safely trot 1KM at a time. Next event, maybe 2 KM.

Most of this has truly been motivated by Ingress. One of my proudest badges/medals is my Trekker badge which is getting close to maximum. Walking around playing Ingress, now running, I have achieved 2,037 KM.

Granted this new limitation of my brain has been a huge personal annoyance nagging at the back of my mind. Here I am a Veteran who used to run 10 Miles upon command, as a civilian could bicycle my local region 50 - 75 miles per week, who suddenly can't safely walk or run.

This is why yesterday was a huge personal accomplishment of mine however focusing on that alone washes out the huge community accomplishment of the Ingress Community, Enlightened and Resistance.

While many I interacted with had no idea of my recent brain injury they immediately knew I was a combat veteran. The feeling of gratitude I encountered from the whole community is even now a touch overwhelming. This Veteran feels overwhelmed by thanks given to me. So much so I am crying even now at the feelings the memory brings me.

Because of them, I visited Portland Maine for free. Whenever I stepped to a cashier to pay for coffee, or soda, or a meal, it was paid for by another person from this community. At no point did I feel any negativity of any kind even when I made mistakes in speech or Ingress activity.

Yesterday's level of social interaction was almost overwhelming for me given my handicap/limitations. However the support washing through me, from them, allowed me to not only walk/run 17KM but to stay alert and functional for a record breaking 10 hours.

While this may seem like nothing more than a geek infested virtual capture the flag activity, Ingress has been a phenomenal recovery tool for this brain injury survivor.

So, thank you Niantic, thank you Resistance, and thank you Enlightened.

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Barney Bear is on the fast track to getting us banned from the pub.....

#durnk #barneybear

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This is awesome.

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Really regret not going to Tokyo now. Would have loved to have seen Matahari come alive on this globe. I am sure +Haerang Dong​ will get some video however! 

Agents attending the #AegisNova Tokyo Mission Day can visit the Miraikan Museum to see the following Agent missions projected on the GeoCosmos globe. Be sure to take photos and videos of your favorite mission being projected and share them with us on social media.

The Geo Cosmos globe in the Miraikan will be project Ingress operations on the 45th minute of every hour (time subject to change).
The following is the schedule of missions:
10:45 Ode2Joy 5/19/2014, Op.Buddah 2/28/2015, Op. Midgard 9/11/2015
11:45 Op. Green Marble 6/15/2014
12:45 Op. Summer Breeze 6/25/2015
13:45 Op. Eureka 6/12/2014, Op. Matahari 8/9/2014
14:45 Op. Unight16 2/2015
15:45 Op. Eureka, Op. Matahari
16:45 Op. Green Marble 6/15/2014
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