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Our mission is to educate people about math on the easiest way. Free math for all!
Our mission is to educate people about math on the easiest way. Free math for all!

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We want to present you new lessons: Rational expressions: Simplifying rational expressions - ; Addition and subtraction of rational expressions – ; Graphing rational functions – ; Partial fraction expansion – ; Solving equations – ; Multiplying and dividing – In meantime a lot of changes are still preparing so keep updated.

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Haven't heard from us for a long time? We aren't dead, just doing big background changes on our website... You will see everything as time goes by, but for now we will publish each time a group of lessons that will look like a roadmap that you can click on. For now, we have publish a group of lessons - Polynomials. This group contain lessons:
This is only one thing that is animated, but expect more to come. We will do our best to make math more interesting and amusing at the same time for every mathemaniac. :) 

Converting decimals in fractions or percents, percents to decimals or fractions, fractions in decimals or fractions is rather simple method.
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Do you know what is a circle? How to find an area and length of a circle? How to define central and inscribed angles of a circle? What is a definition of Thales theorem and Reverse Thales theorem? Learn it with ease and practice with worksheets

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Achtung, achtung! :) There are few refreshments:
New updated slider with the latest lessons is placed at the top of a website. It will contain 7 latest lessons. It will replace the old fashioned way of presenting new lessons. Hope you like it.
A new lesson about Radical equations has been published -
Expect many more to come.
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The inequalities that come in form: ax^2 + bx + c > 0 and ax^2 + bx + c < 0 are known as quadratic inequalities. To draw a graph of this type of inequalities is rather bit different than graph of equations.

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The famous mathematician from the 18th century solved the enigma of crossing all bridges of Konigsberg in one route. Today, we known that as Euler path.

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One of the most important basics in theory of number is the definition of divisibility and remainder theorem.

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This is a first step in solving more serious math problems (advanced algebra). Do you understand how to solve ? If you have problems with it, try to repeat previous lesson -

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The simplest method of finding all prime numbers are known as Sieve of Eratosthenes
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