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We are deeply saddened, and dissatisfied that Niantic's error essentially made the score for Szczecin unresolvable. We believe this situation is unacceptable and Niantic must take measures to ensure this will never occur again. We have been approached by Niantic with a solution - calling it a draw, and creating a bonus point awarded for scoring a "hero" proxy site.

After discussions between the Enlightened and Resistance PoCs, we believe that Schrodinger's Target in Phase 2 and the Hero Sites / Bonus Point suggestion are both extremely inconsistent with the anomaly rules as defined by Niantic. We feel that the lack of the most basic checks by Niantic, followed by the knee-jerk reactions that resulted in this situation, are both completely unacceptable.

As such both the Enlightened and Resistance PoCs have reached an agreement: We will not be playing Niantic's game and we are refusing to select any bonus site(s). We may not be entirely satisfied by calling it a draw and splitting the point in half, but we do agree that this is the fairest outcome for both factions. Any other decision would only further invalidate the participation and hard work of every agent involved with Szczecin from both factions, which otherwise made for an extremely close outcome.

+Dawid Jabluszewski
+Łukasz Balski
+Marta M
+Mateusz Tusiński
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