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Mateusz Herych
Android Tech Lead at IG, GDG Kraków co-organizer and Google Developer Expert for Android.
Android Tech Lead at IG, GDG Kraków co-organizer and Google Developer Expert for Android.

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DevFest 2017!


Jakie mamy plany odnośnie DevFesta w 2017?
Nie mogłem być w tym roku w Warszawie, aczkolwiek słyszałem z różnych źródeł, że było znakomicie. Dobra robota. :)

Zastanawiam się jednak, czy Warszawa nie chciałaby zostać odciążona w roku przyszłym. Kraków deklaruje pełną gotowość do zorganizowania DF17 na jesieni.

Dajcie znać.

Wesołych Świąt!

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Świetna inicjatywa.
Rusza program dla dziewczyn, które chcą nauczyć się kodować.

Co 2-4 tygodnie będą pojawiać się nowe zadania, wraz z materiałami do nauki. Oczywiście będą też nagrody!

Przekażcie dalej, do nauczycieli, szkół i dziewczyn - od podstawówki do końca liceum:)

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I believe we do have one story to share. Don't we, +Lidia Hocke.
This is your time, post about your GDG story. Use #GDGstories so we can find you! #GDG 

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Let me share some random musings about Marshmallow's new features - Doze and App Standby. Troublemakers at first sight appear to be one of the most crucial features of newest Android release, making our platform even better. Don't ignore them when migrating your app to M.

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My next post in the migrating-your-app-to-marshmallow series.

Doze is one of the most important things to check to make sure that your app meets Marshmallow's standards. Both Doze and App Standby can look like troublemakers at a first sight but it's a great platform improvement after all. Android won't tolerate poorly written, battery-draining apps anymore.

(Hugs to +Lidia Hocke for making sure my teriblle English didn't go public)

#android   #gde   #marshmallow   #blogpost  

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Search can become a crucial feature If your app keeps large amounts of offline content. If it sounds like your case, consider using SQLite's FTS extension.

Check my post to see how we use it at:

#gde    #android   #blogpost  

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My coverage and opinions about Android's new app permissions.

#android #gde #blogpost

While #AndroidM's backup feature is a wonderful addition to a platform, it may be a good idea to exclude your database from the backup list.

If your application syncs locally created data to a server you probably mark it locally using some sort of "updated_flag" column. It may end up with data duplicates if some other device receive the exact same state of the database. (if you backup and some data is not synced yet).

Also - take care about your SharedPreferences. It may happen that your newest version of the app will receive some older preferences set.

#gde   #android   #io15  


If there would be a single thing you should care after #io15  as an Android dev is the new #AndroidM  permissions system.

Although legacy apps (previously installed on a device) get all the requested permissions by default, user still has an option to disable any of them.

That means your app has to deal with it. Otherwise you can expect tons of SecurityExceptions in your {name of crashlogs collecting system of your choice}.

Ah! Make sure to watch tomorrows "Android M Permissions" session to know what are the best practices!
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