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Any band want to take 10 years between records and then return and go straight to number 1? Anyone? Anyone at all? No? Ok, we'll do it.

NORTH is officially number one in the US and Australia! Thank YOU to all the fans who went out and picked up the record.
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Rae O.
on it. When you coming to South Florida? Have seen you twice in #Reno.
Wasn't Exile on Mainstream like five years ago? Or am I missing something?

Otherwise, grats on the awesome new album :)
Congrats guys. Good to see you back with a vengeance.
Yeah, it's 5 years between the last and current albums but no matter. Matchbox Twenty is an awesome band. I'm gratefull they are still going strong.
Lyn W
There was never any doubt, surely..... congrats guys, well deserved
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