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Mat Morrison

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Mat Morrison

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Here's something I made. 

Lots of people are just getting to grips with Twitter Analytics for the first time, but many advertisers have had access for many months.

Here I share one thing that we've all learned (you've got to filter your replies out of the analysis set) and demonstrate a few useful Excel techniques.

It's my first attempt at making a screencast, and I learned a lot while doing it. But I'd be very grateful for any feedback.
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Nice Mat!
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Mat Morrison

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Today I left Starcom MediaVest Group where I spent the past 4 years learning from and being challenged by some of the smartest people with whom I've had the pleasure of working.

Thank you all of you. It's been a great journey.
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Best wishes Mat - enjoy your break in the meantime. Am doing some interesting work at the moment re demand-gen / content-led marketing. Certainly very relevant in context of overall marketing / ad spend and also time/money spent investing in content production. In case of interest, come for a coffee as and when you have suitable leisure time.
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Mat Morrison

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Does anyone have a multiple linear regression for dummies link?

I think I've understood how it works... but would like to be sure. 
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Mat Morrison

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I've got a business book idea: for a year, I will try to make all my business and life decisions based on the last infographic I saw.
I've seen this going around a bit today. It's pretty meaningless, I fear. There's no data attribution, but I strongly suspect that some of the data comes from this research paper which I'd
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Have you seen the latest? "For Optimal Efficiency Share All of Your Money with Chad Wittman"
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Mat Morrison

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I've been looking for this chart since Christmas. I was trying to make a point about teenagers' social networks being more homogenous than older users: I posited that their friends would tend to live locally, attend the same or similar schools, and be more or less the same age.

The point I was hoping to make was that there was less pressure on them to use Facebook rather than other social apps. That when they left home, went away to university, got a job etc. (note that I was making several unjustified sociodemographic assumptions) they'd find themselves using Facebook.

I'm not so sure about this now, although I'm firmly of the opinion that Facebook is here to stay.

But it's reassuring to see tat the hypothesis about ages was correct.

Chart from this fascinating article:
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Mat Morrison

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I've been using Facebook's Graph API to pull data since for always. I've trifled with FQL here and there. I've just realised that I've got my priorities exactly wrong. It's all about FQL. 
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Thanks Mat.
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Mat Morrison

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I'm going to be in Dublin from 4-6 November for the Summit. Anyone want to catch up?
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Mat Morrison

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I wrote this article for +Stephen Waddington's blog. Some really nice insights fall out of the data. I've only got 5 people's twitter data in the analysis though; I'd love to have more. If you're willing to share, I'm willing to put the hours in...
Mat Morrison interprets data from Twitter Analytics to understand the potential reach and engagement of the platform.
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Noreen -- "not popular" is kind of the norm. Need more people like yrs. I'll ping you an email.
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Mat Morrison

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You're lucky you got a word in edgeways Mat. When you did, it was great! Thanks so much for being a great guest.  
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Mat Morrison

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By me, on LinkedIn.
Pew Research Center has just released research into traffic to 26 of the most popular news sites. The results aren't startling. Here's what I see: people who choose to read the newspaper spend longer
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Mat Morrison

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Can anyone help? Having a little trouble with my scraper...
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I did. I was completely unaware of the benefits of headless browsers. Now I have new shit with which to experiment.
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Social Misanthrope and amateur data sleuth.
I've been working in digital marketing of one sort or another for the best part of two decades. You'd think I'd have picked something up. And yet... my mind remains as refreshingly untouched by knowledge as it did when I began.
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Mo & the team are great news. A few months ago they helped me reboot my fitness programme after a long period of inactivity -- and the results have been outstanding. The classes are very small (and the people just the right degree of friendly), the sessions are varied and challenging -- it's a great way for me to get going in the mornings. Can't recommend highly enough - come and have a go.
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