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There's going to be an eclipse tonight / tomorrow morning. Here is an article on it, as well as links to more information. This is the last lunar eclipse until 2014.
Facebook event for the total lunar eclipse.
LRO Observes Final Lunar Eclipse of the Year
Slooh live camera. No matter where you are, watch the eclipse.
Event Map, see and communicate with people all over the place, watching the eclipse. Super cool stuff.

#astronomy #eclipse
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Mat Lee
That's tonight, and yes, we will be. Schedule slightly changed, Sundays, and a random day during the week. But this random day just so happens to be today.
well hey don't make it easy or simple.
I mean don't have the URL on your About page ... then any old low-life would just wander in

I love it when someone jerks me around by my new dog collar
Mat Lee
We have to have some barrier to entry. Try the live shows page or the google page for +The Jamhole
what's this "if I wanna watch later" shiet?
What, you sayin' I don't have a f'n life?!

stay chill

p.s. love the teacher-like "when it starts" explanation ... nooooo, I wanna watch before it starts. /*snort*/
Mat Lee
hahaha not at all, i mean it's not starting till later, and if you would like to watch it... when it starts: as in later, that's the link.
Oh I see ... so it's by invitation only, like you're sneaking me in back-stage, doing me a big favor, like if it wasn't for your treatment then huh huh huh

fuh shurr ...

What threw me: last time I checked in you ended it nice and on-time i.e. 10PM ET which heh is right after supper here.
Diff problem.

prat huh huh

BTW on a typical night catting around I get 9 out of 10 crackers laughing with me. The 10th one? Last week buddy lashed out and busted my ear-drum. What can I say: I don't move as fast as I used to. HeyHo
But my point is: even if you please 95% of folk ... the one who feels left out is gonna lash out. Can't get 100%. It don't happen.
Solution? Fly the banner that means the most to you; gotta make it worth while. hooa

I.don't.know ...
... 21:50 MT ... maybe too early, maybe too late.

Lord but I abhor passive aggressive incompetence

Just had a coupla crack-head neighbors over. One of them is selling beats. Quite a talent, though there's no way to talk to him about mixes and stuff ... in his own world ... life so many stoners I know.

Listening to Hans Zimmers "Black Hawk Down". I think I'll burn a CD so I can play it on my stereo; this is great set of PC speakers, but main thing is 60RMS/channel, 4 good spkrs each side, dual woofers, so ...
... it's elemental sorta music.

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