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Mat Brown
Just this guy, you know?
Just this guy, you know?

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RoboKant sounds surprisingly like actual Kant.

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Back to be accops of our rien.


Replacing +Laszlo Xalieri with a neural network isn't going too well.

He's still better, but the network comes up with some lovely "words"

Read better short stories at:

If anyone else has a corpus of text you fancy running a neural net on, let me know. Works best with about a megabyte of plain text. I'm currently feeding it Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (I wanted to give it Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, but it's a bit short)

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I have been playing with neural networks and I accidentally made a political manifesto.

#election2017 #ELECTRICION2017 #voterobot

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"if you believe Lynch is going to give us a conventional, commercially viable Lynch Lite alternative at this stage of his long, strange career, you must have missed his campaign to get an Oscar nomination for Laura Dern’s Inland Empire performance. He sat in a chair at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and LaBrea next to a live cow."

I mean the guy makes several solid points, all of which frankly make me even more excited for more Twin Peaks.

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"Looking at the UK chart history, you may be surprised to learn that there is actually not a single year since its release in which 'Mr Brightside' has not been in the Top 100."

OOOOKKKKK backs away slowly

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His music is meh but damn this kid can make a video. With just a phone too.

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The Indy is a bit shouty these days but still.

Because remember that conservatism is all about individual freedom and keeping the government out of people's lives as much as possible. Like making sure nurses don't get paid enough to be able to eat so they try harder, or taking away the free school meals which are in some cases the best thing a child will eat all day (so they try harder, presumably), reducing taxes on the wealthy so they'll feel more inclined to create jobs for the poors and so on.

Except when they don't feel like doing that and want to patrol everything you write, read and look at, of course. When you look at China and think "yeah, not bad but I think we can do better" then something is really really wrong.

If I know anyone who is planning on voting for these fucking pond scum* next month can you please consider taking a nice long stroll off a short pier please? Thanks. It's for everyone's good.

* with apologies to actual pond scum. You're cool, I know.

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Several hours of rendering later, I can say for sure that I am shit at colour grading.

Now my video looks like a terrible Instagram filter.

That grass is supposed to be green!

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"Light of Blast" will be the colour of my next decorating project.
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