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Been Having a hard time finding relevant Ember.js walkthroughs since the last major update. Here's a good one I found today!

What's wrong with asking a political party to disclose their donor list? Corporations still don't have the means to check a box themselves in a polling booth, so why can't we voters know what kind of businesses support candidates? Their money is obviously being spent to push their agendas, as a voter I would like to know which corporations to vote for.:

Is there a hat a guy can wear that doesn't make him look like a douchebag or a doofus or a baseball fan?

Who's doing the movies in the park schedule? Worst list of movies. Ever.:

I'd really love it if Utah, California and Massachusetts would stop calling me constantly. I'm not donating to any campaign already. If someone doesn't answer their phone EVERY TIME you call, they don't want to talk to you!

Any of you illustrators out there available to make a t-shirt design for Fake Limbs? We got ideas, but no skills!
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