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I note with some satisfaction that Hollande has won in France. Despite earlier proclamations that there's a swing to the right, we now have a new red flag flying in the EU. Hopefully there will be more.
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A majority has not voted or it voted against Sarkozy and not for Hollande but we know that it is often the case worldwide. In this particular case everyone will agree that Hollande is giving a much more sympathetic face to his country than his predecessor.

Anyway the national political establishments have increasingly fewer cards to play on the global finance and commodities markets. They are strong with words, we know that already :-)
I think you are underselling the European economies. They are still huge and dynamic. The rise of China won't change that but it will create new opportunities.
+John Hardy When I look out of my window right now I see the spring with a blue sky above it and I am thus inclined to be optimistic as well. It certainly feels better.
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