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Masterful Lover is all about giving women incredible pleasure. A Masterful Lover derives no greater pleasure than pleasing his woman. A Masterful Lover adores everything that defines his woman as woman. Masterful Lover is a journey; there is no destination.

Everything is in the context of the utmost respect for women. It is with respect for women that the Masterful Lover gives her what she needs. What she needs is not always what she says she wants. Look at what women respond to. Truth is found in reality.

“For it is when you surrender to the vulnerabilities of passion that you are fulfilled the most.”

Masterful Lover is not about what you want to hear, it is about what you need to hear.

Masterful Lover was founded by David Shade. David has been sharing his secrets for giving women incredible pleasure with men and couples worldwide for 19 years.

Known as The Renegade Sex Expert, David had the courage to go outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom and social programming to expose the Dark Edgy Truths about Female Sexuality.

David is all about results, and the most important result is women having powerful orgasms. It should be no surprise to anyone that David’s biggest fans are women. The most common feedback from women is “Finally someone understands me and my sexuality”.

The best selling author of The Secrets of Female Sexuality (the 8th best selling book of all books at Amazon on October 7, 2009) David is a regular featured speaker at conferences worldwide, has been on Playboy Radio, and featured in Men’s Health and OUI magazines.

David’s “Free Sex Tips e-Newsletter” is read by tens of thousands of men and couples worldwide.

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