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A comfortable and appealing work space is one of the key factors of an employee's success and productiveness. That’s why our office is so bright, well-designed and spacious!

Recently we took a peek at the working process and prepared a short video for you. Are you ready for the mini-excursion😉?

P.S. Just look how diligently our developers are working!
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Why does EU fine Google for $2.7 billion?

Search algorithms of Google make the world a better place and get improved all the time. It helped to democratize information making its scarcity obsolete.

Despite the positive impact, there is a darker side of the company, and it’s been under an investigation by antitrust EU commission.

The Commission has decided to fine Google for 2.7 billion. So, what did they do?
When a person wants to buy something in an online store, the search results show what Google-related stores have to offer in a first place. Thus, it reduces chances of other companies to close sales.

The amount of fine isn’t of a big deal for the company, but if the algorithms will remain, they will have to amend 5% of median annual income.
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Are you afraid to make mistakes in your written English? With Grammarly, you no longer have to.

Written communication is essential in today's world. Even phones are no longer used to make only calls. Yet, we have limited time for interaction with our connections daily. Texting and emailing is a routine that can make or break relationship. Content in form of text creates a web of meanings for each website to become a unique platform for a specific audience. Simply speaking, words on a screen are crucial in our lives.

There are thousands of languages, but English has grown to be of the first global lingua franca. Above all, a whole bunch newcomers is always there to use it without a proper handle.
Every now and then, miscommunication happens and it can have enormous consequences.

So, what can we do about it?

In the middle of these turmoils and clashes of cultures stands an island with a lighthouse on it.
The lighthouse is called Grammarly and it guides lost sailors in the sea of words to the shores of understanding.

Grammarly is an AI-powered startup with its roots in Ukraine. It checks your English writing on multiple levels just like a professional editor in publishing house.

It works as a freemium model with core features available for everyone. The premium version gives you a powerful tool that makes an editor unnecessary.

It's a win-win strategy because everybody benefits from it. A mundane user gets more readable texts without most of the biggest mistakes. Professionals can improve their writing dramatically by using paid version. From free users, the company gets a steady stream of language data to feed it into AI and to improve core features incrementally.

After 8 years of growth, the company showed itself for investments and got 110 million dollars from five investors. This achievement will give a company power to grow stronger and maybe to include more languages in future.

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With this app you will find only the most suitable employees. A success story of HireWire.

How much does it take to hire a perfect match for your company?

At times, it’s a painful and long path with many efforts and occasional wins.

But, what if you could transform your job-seeking or hiring experience into a friendly social media-like interface? What if you could swipe through candidates in seconds and evaluate them in minutes?

Here is how the CEO of HireWire Chau Nguyen describes their product:

“HireWire is an on-demand hiring marketplace where job seekers and employer can connect in real time.”

“Okay” - you say, “but how does it actually work?”

Let’s take an employer perspective: you want to understand whether a person is able to represent your brand. But how can one evaluate this by reading hundreds of résumés or even by making a phone call? There’s a lot of time wasting in this process.

So, the company came up with a solution. Every job-seeker must answer in short video four basic questions every employer asks.

These four questions are:
Can you tell us about yourself and your previous job history?
What qualities do you have to be good at that role?
How do you see customer service?
Why should I hire you?

Imagine, you can see a person’s outlook, manners and, of course, get answers in minutes for decision-making. As simple as that.

What is the recipe for success of HireWire? First, they’ve found a real problem that inflicts pain for people. Then, they take a close examination of that problem and come up with an innovative solution. The trick is to know the devil in the details.

Only real entrepreneurs see opportunities in problems. The bigger the problem, the greater the opportunity might be.

The startup is scaling only in the Atlanta now, but after the local tests guys want to grow global and disrupt the workforce market for good. And they have almost $ 4 million of seed investments to fuel their growth.
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The challenges of future technologies you can’t escape.

We live in times of rapid changes.
It seems like the world is speeding up and it takes more effort to understand what’s going on.

If you experience vertigo, it means that you look down from a cliff of an exponential* curve. Don’t look down. Futurist Alvin Toffler calls it the Future Shock, a shock caused by levels of novelty.

And a number of technologies going exponential is stunning.
It means that everybody will experience major changes in his work, life, and business.

In this series of publications, we will explore some of them and show you the possibilities that lie ahead in the future.

So, let’s overview some general aspects of these technologies leading the way.

The 20-th century was impressive by myriads of new things that shaped humanity. The first big thing was radio, then television, then computers came to our houses. In the 90-s, the Internet was born and fast-forwarding to smartphones that became portable centers of our digital universes.

Everybody’s waiting for a new big thing now, but don’t waste your time. There won’t be any.

Instead, we are flooded with hundreds of innovations and each one is huge.

We will look at them in details later, but let’s name them:
Machine Learning
All humanity connected to high-speed Internet
Wearable sensors and interfaces
Sustainable Energy
Biotechnologies to increase our lifespan and physical and mental capacities
Blockchain will change the finance and all systems of value exchange.

There is one thing that relates to all these incredible technologies is the disruption.

Disruption is a game-changing aspect of each successful technology. It makes the older methods obsolete or even useless. It reshapes the market and leads it in a new direction.

In the next part we will discover in what artificial intelligence is heading and what markets will it touch.

*Exponential growth is opposite to linear growth when we see incremental changes. It’s like the story of computer chips. Their computational power doubles every year and a half according to Moore’s law.
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The story of how Blind company dramatically lost their $ 1 mln. contract and reconciled after.

Chris Do is an incredible leader of the #Blind company and a host of theFutur YouTube channel. He’s building an innovative team of creatives that change the landscapes of digital business.

#TheFutur channel is a bold stream of real business life with an unending number of lessons to learn from.

In this show, their team analyzes a loss of a million dollar deal. They show how the successful business learns from failures and mistakes after which it becomes stronger.

Nassim Taleb calls this Antifragility. - pt. 2 - pt. 3
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IT-development is impossible without meetings because there are a lot of decisions concerning different subjects that should be made collectively.

In the next three articles, referring to our experience, we will describe the most important meetings during IT-project development that should be set into the plan and, at that, will help to keep the development process under control. The given information will be useful both for IT-apps buyers and development companies.
So, let’s get started…

Kick-off meeting

The very first meeting after taking by a customer and IT-company the decision to work together. There can be a few of such meetings because the amount of information to discuss is big enough.
At these meetings, the presence of all stakeholders is crucial: client, management and development teams.

Here is the minimal list of questions that should be answered during these meetings:
- Who is going to take part in developments and what roles will everybody have?
- What are main goals of the project and desired results at its end
- What are the requirements of the project and is it possible to realize it at all?
- Questions concerning every requirement
- What functionality must be included into IT-product and what stages should it be divided into?
As a result, the participants make an approximate realization plan for the whole project. The customer should obtain an imagination of how much time the development will take. In turn, the management and development teams will already have the initial task list they can start to work on.

Planning meeting

If at the kick-off meetings(s) stakeholders take a look at the whole project then at planning meetings these stages are broken down into more specific iterations. Each of them is going to define the separate functional block of the project and time frames for its implementation.

The most important questions are:
- What are the aims and deadlines for every iteration?
- What tasks and in what sequence must be implemented till the iterations end?
- Determine the date, when the functionality included in this iteration can be demonstrated to customers before movement to the next development stage

At the end of the planning meetings, each team member must know, what tasks should be implemented, in what way and be confident of meeting the deadlines. The client will be aware of what results to wait for at the iteration end and when he should come to demo meeting.
The kick-off meetings are set in series at the projects beginning while the planning ones are made before the beginning of each iteration.

In the next article, we are going to describe another two meetings necessary within an IT-company.

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FORMULA: IDEA + IT-development… or 21 century startups

Good business ideas - they are everywhere and sometimes just drawing attention to some detail that can improve people’s life, one can turn it into the successful project that brings millions.

For example, as Stas Matvienko and Anna Polishchuk has done it in Allset startup established in September 2015.

The idea was to develop the mobile application for table reservations and lunch pre-orders in catering establishments.

It is intended to serve busy people working in business centers which prefer having dinner in cafe and restaurants rather than in their offices

In this way, the visitors no longer need to call a waiter to dictate him their wishes and after that wait him to bring a bill or change. All the order and calculation procedure are set inside the app.

The Allset is absolutely free for users and as payment, it takes 10% per order from an establishment.

As for establishments owners, the main value of this application for them is that it can help them to increase service speed and collect useful analytics of regular customer preferences. This way they will be able to motivate customers to spend more money on an order.

The basis for this application was early developed Advice Wallet (for orders payment) and Settle (for pre-orders placements). Having tested these startups business models in Ukraine the founders decided to design absolutely new one combining their best features and launch it on USA market.

Now the application runs in San-Francisco, Palo-Alto, and Manhattan. Founders are planning to expand further to Chicago and Los-Angeles. The number of orders made in Allset is already is high as more than 9000 per month and the number of restaurants connected to the app is more than 200.

A short time later the startup attracted the attention of investors and in the middle of September 2016 encouraged $2.35 million investment from the venture industry giant - Andreessen Horowitz Fund. Also, the Metamorphic Ventures, FJ Labs, and previous investors joined the syndicate. The total amount of encouraged into the project investment is already more than $3.35 million. The founders are going to spend them for geographical expansion in the US.

And just like that, the formula IDEA + IT-developments worked and brought their owners three million investment.

P.S. If you also have a great idea that breaks out to be implemented - then we will be glad to provide the fast and qualitative development for you + a lot of nice bonuses.

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Not everybody knows, but today's date is considered to be the Birthday of spam - the headache of the owners of electronic mailboxes. On this day in 1978, the first spam message was sent to 400 recipients by DEC company, non-existent now, which thus decided to market its new mini-computers. The announcement was sent over the Arpanet network, which was the forerunner of the modern Internet.

And although spam - obsessive advertising sent to subscribers without their permission, appeared almost forty years ago, but only in the 1990s, during the era of mass Internet distribution, the world learned the true scale of the "natural disaster" into which spam turned. This name was given to "electronic garbage" in 1993 by the system administrator Usenet Joel Fehr.

The name "SPAM" (SPiced hAM) is a brand of canned meat - spicy sausage ground meat from pork. After the Second World War, at a time when the card system operated on the British Isles, SPAM was one of the few meat products that were on sale. In 1970, a comedy appeared on British TV screens, in which a café was displayed, where all the dishes were prepared from SPAM, which was heavily imposed on customers. So these canned goods became a symbol of annoying advertising. According to statistics, up to 85% of all electronic messages sent on the Internet are spam, unnecessary information.
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