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Hello to all

New face in my collection...

Mr.Jones.Watches_Flower (double-face)

* this time .. a flower to all women, including mothers and grandmothers :D
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wow! what a watch. ajoy has a similar one. thank you
simpler huh ^^ xd, nice job on the cherry and plumb i beleive were the names of em. good one massimo love jones.
+Massimo Parisi since i share alot private especially reshares the search wont find it since its on my channel. ;) Not that many Mr. Jones left that i havent made but usually i put my twist into them or design my own around them like the monkeymental which was my design so its cool to have them as the original aswell.
ajoy knows, I'm a huge fan of his work and I like when you guys make different versions. we learn more
no need to be sorry bro do what you do ;) even if i made it before I encourge to do it i usually look at it as practice for myself if i make a model thats been done already, and practice cant hurt anyone ;)
Ni Ka
Thank you!
Awsome ..really like these got all that Mr +ajoy das has done brill 😁😁
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