This is Cricket, an albino Western Screech Owl...

The Western screech owl (Megascops kennicottii) is a small owl native to North and Central America, closely related to the European scops owl and the North American eastern screech owl. Its #habitat includes temperate forests, subtropical and tropical montane forests, shrubland, desert, rural fields and even suburban parks and gardens. The scientific name commemorates the American naturalist Robert Kennicott.

They have a round head with ear tufts, yellow eyes and a yellowish bill. Their appearance is quite similar to whiskered and eastern screech owls, so it's best to identify them by their calls. The primary call is an accelerating series of short whistles at an increasing tempo or a short then long trill falling slightly at end. Other calls: barking and chuckling, similar to eastern. They also make a high pitched screech. They were previously considered to be the same species as the eastern screech owl.

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