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Draw, write, read, write, draw!
Draw, write, read, write, draw!

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Hey there! Welcome to my G+ home :)  
If you are looking for information on my books, you can find that here: 
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So * of course * Puddleglum was based on a real person, I should have known! (C S Lewis's gardener, if you're curious)

I think I might start referring to the local dune moles as shai-hulud. They are enormous. I saw one the other day - usually you only see the mountains of sand they push up. This one was almost as long as my forearm. A sturdy lady.

She (I'm pretty sure she was a she) was out on the side of the road, gathering bunches of grass and taking them underground.When she'd plucked up enough grass, instead of turning around, she simply reversed direction and walked backwards. I guess that's how she moves underground? Can't really turn around in a tunnel, and her eyes aren't that useful anyway.

Pippin just stared and stared. She knew we were there but clearly didn't give a damn. Once she'd gathered enough grass, she reversed in one last time, and then kicked up the earth and sealed in the hole.

I think I'll stick to container gardening. Nothing else will survive the moles!

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Project Change Concrete Backyard Into Garden has begun. We got three big pots today. The big brown one is going to be the home for a tree (still figuring out what kind) and one of the smaller ones will get a Dune Berry bush, I think.

Iron Man was just outside the gate of the place we got these from: Cape Pot and Fountain Factory in Strand. About a third of the price of anywhere else I've found.

Now for the soil and the plants :)
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Spotted in the wild - a copy of Crooks & Straigths at Fish Hoek Library :)
So if you want to read the print edition for free, and you can get to Fish Hoek...


I have found a way to eliminate all the sensible, responsible characters leaving only the impulsive ones to carry on with the story...
* rubs hands and cackles *

#amwriting #BabylonEyeTrilogy

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Grumpy little bat eating a banana. 

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Six New Guinea singing dogs in chorus. Near the end of the recording, they really get going and you can hear how it's not just normal dogs howling. They are extremely rare.

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The vlei this morning. Pippin likes it much more than the beach. Moles to dig up, more dogs to hump, and you can drink the water too.
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A YA science fiction series by Lisa Janice Cohen :) The characters really grow and mature. I think this is my favourite book in the series so far. Review:

Link to the book:
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