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The Swedish government has been handing over the @sweden Twitter account to a different citizen each week, and this week’s owner is steering the car right off a social media cliff.
The Swedish government hands over the @sweden Twitter account to different citizens each week. Today, the account went awry.
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Wow, It seems like the Swedish educational system dropped the ball on this chick (or dropped her on her head).  The saddest part is that some poor Swedish 6-year-old, has this idiot for a mother.  Poor child doesn't stand a chance.
To let the people share one twitteracount is in itself a good idea, but you should be careful, it can turn out to be a powerful "weapon".
I can see how this started off as a fun and creative way to use twitter. Really too bad it was used so poorly. 
Who cares? This is great fun for everyone! Lighten up. It's just words.
At least she said penises, and not our noses.  
Perhaps her intention is to break the prejudice that all Swedish must be nice people...
i think this was intended to be a statement against antisemitism, unfortunately it went wrong. but i really can't see why this should be such a scandal.
It reads like most streams of twitter posts to me.
Ill considered, misinformed, sociologically confused, garbage.
Amazing experiment!
This person can not be serious. wow..
Obama 2012 campaign hands twitter account over to Rush Limbaugh 
I would think a review of someone's personal account before letting them run awry, would be a great idea!
The add-on tweets from the day before are truly enlightening. One hopes, for the sake of Sweden, that this woman is not representative.
The experiment would be a lot less interesting if they screened for crazy first.  Bet this citizen got a lot more people talking than any of the others.  OMG, she's in marketing!  Do you think that's real urine in the strawberries?
She's not ignorant, but has a twisted sense of humor. Certain people focus way too much on seeing it as offensive....
Yes +Chris Messina It has been crazy in my twitter-feed at least. A bit exhaggerated for things a moron and a person with a major lack of judgement is saying. More remarkable that an authoroty let loose this on twitter, if you ask me. In the name of "all PR being good PR" it is maybe right. ;) 
Maybe she wouldn't get the squirts if she had something other than strawberries with every meal. Who's bright idea was it to give this idiot the reins of the nations account?
she is ignorant, not only jews have a difference down there, and what about women? Dumb citizens.
lulz woops.

So far as I can tell, it's not really terribly racist...just surprisingly ignorant.  The difference being the former is offensive, while her comments are just uncomfortable. 
I smell viral marketing...look at her other posts, it's calculated weirdness.
I'm a swede. I don't see what the fuzz is about, she makes you talk about Sweden, so she gets the job done!
I'm surprised the government of Sweden thought this wouldn't happen.
Well...what part of 'experiment' didn't the gov't understand.  There are always unforseen circumstances in 'experiments'...serves them right.
I think much of her humour is being mangled in translation, but I don't see the problem. People can only have views other people are comfortable with? Yawn.
Matt C
+Benjamin Allen Prolly not so good when they're representing their entire country!
+Matt C But they're not, surely the whole concept is that Sweden is a country of individuals?
Matt C
+Jonas Hördegård I see your point, but I'd rather people not get the impression my country was full of people who can't look up 'persecution of jews' on the internet and learn about it.
even the best plans will never survive contact with humans.
That "I'm Bossy" video is hilarious and awesome at the same time. 
Strange people are going to be strange.  So what?
Matt C
+Benjamin Allen I understand what you're saying, but damn. I can't stand stupid americans representing the US abroad, individuals or no. I could understand if she was 15 or something. It's stupid to judge an entire country on the words or actions of one person, but it certainly doesn't help anything outside of Sweden.
People getting upset over these tweets need to be current with international news and less uptight.
Wow! The all over thought process working it's way to text is just bizarre, but, fascinating to follow! Unrestrained thought could be dangerous! :)
Master Troll, She has already won!  Brilliant.
Crazy girl, sure to be an internet hit.
I wonder if anyone will admit to this being their idea.
HAHAHAHAHA Oh that is great!!  
I'm Swedish and I think this is absolutely hilarious. People who get their panties in a bunch over this seriously need to go get a sense of humour.
Pfft, here in the U.S. she'd just be considered unpleasantly eccentric. In any event, this just reinforces the truism: Never hand someone a gun unless you know which way they will shoot it.
LOL I think we just found the new Sarah Silverman
Why oh why can't the U.S. do this experiment?! Oh the hilarity that would create....
Chill out people, this Sonja sure made some random and ignorant comments, but they were probably more interesting and entertaining than anything else that has been posted on that account before. People take these social networks way too seriously. Go Sweden! :)
Well, +Chris Messina +Daniel Erkstam I would say that here in Sweden the jury is still out on whether this is just crazy humor or something gone really bad. My Twitter feed picks ups both sides of that. Either way it's obviously not something that is appreciated abroad ;) 
writes down on notepad:

Sweden, where to go to hook up with neurotic chicks. 
That's a new global standard for talentless attention whore. Enjoy you're life as a public bad example Sonja Abrahamsson.
Mindless nonsense or satirical genius?  I can't tell.  It's Starship Troopers all over again...
This women has got be be the craziest lady on the web. What!? Scary stuff. And that YouTube video is simply retarded. 
... the bloody sky is the freaking limit I'm  ashamed to say... 'Bizzazar' (SIC) has become obosolete... God Help Us, Please..
Wow. Good thing they didn't hand the account to some ugly American.
Strange lady BUT now she is going to get so many followers
Well... She is unique isn't she!
Not a troll, just real. And that was is the point of the project.
Both her and @sweden are gonna get an amazing amount of publicity and follows from this story. Win-win for both of them.
Josh W
she made laugh
Jamaican pete that,s dread man !!!
JP Lang
Wow. Pencil her in the column for "Not another turn."
I dont think she should even be allowed to tweet on her own account 

Really BAD idea sweden 
Please look up in comments. I can't stress this enough, but she is an average citizen speaking about the recent Hungary issue where a politician is being given a DNA test to prove whether he is Roma or Jew because in that country there are racial purity laws for administrative office seats.
LMFAO @ the Swedish government for ever thinking this was a good idea. I'd love to see the U.S. do this...or maybe I wouldn't! lol
As a Swede, I think this is great. Yeah, we're made up of individuals, ignorant and not, just like every other country. Whoda thunk it?
seems innocent enough. maybe somebody shoulda taken the time to enlighten sonja rather than criticize. when someone comes seeking enlightenment, i guess twitter just isnt the best place to start looking.
Makes me glad I'm only 1/2 Swedish.
Meh. She's a schlock "artist" pushing buttons for the sake of it. Look at the "I'm bossy" lip synced vid. It's far too well edited to be the product of someone as professedly stupid as she claims to be. She thinks she's someone commenting on society by managing to post sarcastic racist/sociopathic crap on behalf of Sweden for a week, but in reality she's simply lucky to have gotten this forum, because she's unlikely to get one again.

Also (although this should proabably be mentioned first), Abrahamsson, her surname, is the Swedish variant of "Abraham":

Pisstake? Um, yes. (including the pissed-on strawberries)
Ben P
let me add to the controversy... was Hitler circumcised?
I'm not seeing how this is worth mentioning. Have you guys not seen all the other crap on twitter? It was kind of refreshing to read a feed that wasn't senseless documentation of an average American bitching about how hard it is to spend too much on things that nobody really needs. How many celebrity tweets are complaints about how long it takes for their entitled asses to get Starbucks? Man, this extra hundred bucks I'm spending on a data plan was so worth it! Now I can lol about nothing while I'm driving and plow into playground. So long as Justin Bieber knows that I share his pain, it's all good.
Alan: You know, guys, I moved here and I thought, Great! I'm outta the big city and I'm finally in a place where everybody isn't gonna be crawling up everybody's asshole every day! A place where maybe my biggest nightmare is gonna be getting some goddamn cat out of a tree! But forget that! EVERYBODY IS INSANE, EVERYWHERE!
Extremely weird; maybe something's getting lost in translation to English...
Good grief, seems normal enough to me.
That bit is obsessed with AIDS and Jews.... lmao
I think USA should pass around a Twitter account to the citizens or occupants also. What a brilliant idea.
Sometimes I just look at my children and think about the time when they had my vagina round their neck. hahahaha i cudnt stop laughing at this one she tweeted lols,,ooh my god she is a retard in a funny way
<sarcasm>Glad to see that racism is alive and well outside of the American south.</sarcasm>
Lol wow, that was definitely deliberate, nobody can be that deluded.
I have to disagree with +Vernon Tennant, I think that a disturbingly large percentage of people are that deluded.
That was really funny.  But for the record let me also state that I am anti-Nazi.
Sonja's Good Morning Tweet:
"Good morning tweetnam! Why don't you say exactly what you think my opinions are, and I tell you true or false, while I go on with my tweetin"
I don't get the hubbub about the lady. What is funny, however, is how many people can't get enough of proclaiming their awesomeness in comparison to total strangers on the internet, as if a Twitter stream or a video clip is wholly representative of a life.

Yeah. We are so evolved.
+Andy Buchan Are you sure you have the right meaning for "transparent"? You may have confused it with "politically correct".

Also, I like how my country can't possibly be a good country after this persons tweets.

You mean there's people with strange views in other countries with millions of people in them? Wow, I would have never imagined that.
+Stefan Thyberg The flagrant oddities of your legal process being used to disguise a transparent attempt to ship Assange to Gitmo or some other US torture chamber is of more concern to most of us...
Hahah, funny shit! @ least some people have no fear of being themselves. Good stuff
I am a racist and I will defend it to my death. I am Irish and my people were nearly wiped out through systematic starvation. I want to protect my race, my culture, my history and let no one stop me from doing it.
Th sexy ones r always mad. Dnt tink she really said anyting that wrong, very close, but really jus strange. If it had been a bloke saying these tings, id have slated him. Pretty girl & i find myself making excuses 4 her. I know, i am shallow & a bit sad. Couldnt help laughing at th way Hitler pops up at th end of her dance. Hilarious, oh & did I say, very hot.
Who wouldnt say a load of offencive shit given th same opportunity? Isnt she maybe jus funny?
It worked. Now I want to go visit Sweden.
When did web traffic and the pursuit of fame become more important than maintaining integrity and moral character?  Give an individual a soap box and a place to speak, its a protected right in the US.  But this Swede crossed the line just to get her 15 min of fame.  Not worth my time.
+Chris Messina Don't know if this was a big deal. Haven't followed Swedish news (nor read the comments in this thread), but you should check with +Joakim Jardenberg, who ran the @Sweden account for a week early on.
There is a lot of talk about it ”at home” but I fail to see what all the fuzz is about. Sonja, like every other @sweden represents none but her self. She is one of nine million swedes, not a representative for all of us.
But still, I should say that I fully support the Curators of Sweden-initiative, it's one of the best country promotions I've ever seen. And when the shit hits the fan, like now, it also proves that we are what we say: a country that stands by #fxinternet, in all shapes, ways and forms. 
That was stupidly predictable.
The mass population are infected with idiots.
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