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Gmail is back up now, but here's what happened when it was down.

Thanks for your help before, everyone!
Gmail experienced an outage that affected 2% of its 350 million users, and the resulting cacophony on Twitter read like the end of the world.
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Hmm seems like Yahoo and Yelp! are having issues now..
Didn't notice. I must have been in the lucky 98%.
Ya I didn't get affected at all but my feeds BLEW up on me
Funny tweets. I'm laughing out loud in McDonalds. Ahh dependance, what would we do without our technology and instant gratification? Of course i get it though. Ever have your computer crash and couldn't even get on the interweb to download the driver that you know would fix your problem? It's enough to make you want to punch yourself in the face.
This is what happens when you let #nom trend. Stop it now before we lose Youtube...or worse......Google Maps!!!
People are gonna have to bring back their aol accounts
Oh my god.. whatever you do, don't tell these people that the RETRY interval for most failed mail delivery attempts is 2 hours. They'll be suicidal.
It is true we are all pretty dependent on Gmail.
stop worrying about the end of the world? and start living, if everyone would starting caring for one another we would have a better world and we stop fighting over money!
whiners. How much do you pay for gmail..???? remove their account to free email...
I was probably in the john and ready for a shower. No big deal. Gmail is one of the first things I check though. I was part of the 98% then.
that is not the problem, the really problem is was gmail down when we work in a very important proyect...
Really Oscar? You rely on Gmail for your "very important projects"?
So important that a 30 minute outage caused you genuine problems (as opposed to faux outrage)?
Don't think so.
What important project would you be working on that would cause a "catastrophe" if Gmail went down?
It couldn't have been an email since Gmail auto saves emails after a certain amount of time, it couldn't have been you reading a document because you would of had a hard copy of it somewhere. There is absolutely no reason for Gmail going down to be a big problem. -_-
David Fowler, some Google Apps accounts were also affected, which some businesses pay for.
Every google plus user have a google account, gmail is a google account thing, so let me guess, all of you posting comment have a gmail account!
I must be on the lucky list! My gmail was not down!
It's end of the world (2012), Gmail was down 5 min.
Power goes out once or twice a year. When we had Comcast the cable and internet went down once a month. Satellite goes out a couple times a year.

Why do we expect internet servers to work 24/7 without fail? It happens. Its not like this was PlayStation or Rim, which go down for days.
I think we can blame Google, their services are too good. We will expect 100% always.
What do u mean by down? People couldn't access it for a few minutes or is something more serious?
Never noticed that mine was down.
I didn't notice...
back up for who?  I've been down for almost 7 hours now...
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