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Apple developers, start your engines. Mac users, start dreaming.

Are you a developer and downloading the preview? How do you like it?
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I don't use Mac, I don't know how to use it, but if I had to, I would learn quickly.
Interested to see how the notifications will be like on the desktop.
normally i would expect some new and brilliant ideas from the mac empire (even though i do not use mac in any form) you have to admit, that they have had some brilliant ideas... But sorry this version is LAME, i am really disappointed this time!
So if I were good about buying all the things Apple wants me to buy; there might be some reason for interest in the upgrade. However, as I'm not, this merely tempts me to switch to ubuntu.
Interesting, though it seems more like an "update" rather than an upgrade to a new OS. This should be packaged as an OS X Lion update ( 10.7.4 ??).
Since having synchronicity across three device types isn't something I value, and outside of little app tweaks that are ubiquitous only with a .mac account; again I ask, what's the value proposition? For that matter, if Apple is (as is there want) compelling users into an Apple-hardware-only world, one I don't want to be part of, why stick to Mac for desktop? +Chris Lichowicz Mint is good stuff
+Eve A There are screen shots out there of the notifications. Personally I don't like the look. It's not up to Apple standards. I understand they're trying to bring over the iOS features but it just looks out of place.
Blurring the lines between OS X and iOS
When it comes to operating systems, Windows is the one to look at for new and exciting ideas. All these new OS X systems are the equivilent of Windows Service Packs, making Windows seem pretty cheap and advanced in comparison.
I am a developer and not interested in Mountain Lion. Ubuntu is the preferred OS right now and has been for the last 7 years. It's nice to see OSX adapt some of Ubuntus features now.
Let the flame wars begin. +Ryan Winham as a 3 platform user; Windows (Vista, 7, whatever flavor; typing this under WIn7/Chrome, btw) is by far the most expensive platform for me to maintain,both at the OS and application level, thanks to the generalized private-source licensing model that is the Windows cultural norm. And isn't Windows jumping over backwards right now to be as aggressive in the consumer niche as Apple is, i.e., the monolithic Metro platorm? Oh how I wish the FLOSS model wasn't so difficult to port to Windows, compared to Mac or any *nix variant.
+Ryan Winham I think more or less the same than you. Apple has been in tis confort zone for a while. mean time. Windows have been evolving in an interest way. it is not a coincidence that the bests Operating systems used to do Cloud Computing are Linux in first place and Windows.
Nav H.
Never will buy a Apple product. :D
AirPlay! AirPlay! AirPlay! AirPlay! AirPlay! Did I mention... AirPlay! Oh yea and that iCloud thing too. F it... AirPlay! 
I'm not happy- with this update, Apple officially kills new software for my computer.
That is nothing new, Apple enjoys making money, and making it so allot of users have to upgrade there software.
$20 for a secure stable os with more features to connect their entire product live vs $200 for an unsecured os running on a potpourri of hardware it was never designed properly for or... Linux. You pick
So I'll need to buy a $3000 MacBook (featuring processor/memory/hdd that I could get elsewhere for less than $1000) to get all of the synchronization I get in the Google ecosystem for free?
(Andorid/Chrome/Google Music/Google Docs/Google Calendar)
Funny, I bought a $500 MacBook off eBay that does just fine. Gives me all the google stuff plus all the iOS/Mac stuff. I guess creativity and ingenuity combined with resistance and will equals secured computational bliss! Plus if you factor in the massive bills you'll pay in antivirus subscriptions, computer shop bills for nearly yearly crashing problems along with the completely disregard for backwards compatibility forcing you to upgrade ALL of your software then $3000 for a laptop that can last over half a decade and still not be obsolete with a retained resell value that doubles that of any pc is bottom line a smarter investment
But will the new macbooks have a rear-facing camera??
+Alex Boyce - Clearly Windows was too difficult for you to use. My Windows 7 PC has never crashed and neither has my Windows 7 laptop... One can only think you are using typical Apple Fan rhetoric that is copied and pasted from some fanboy forum for such Windows vs OS X occasions, because no one is that incompetent to use a Windows machine, or any machine for that matter! You have to be pretty thick to get a virus, and pretty naive to assume iDevices cannot get them.
Mountain Lion doesn't roll off the tongue as well as Cougar.
Problem with the name Cougar +Edwin Castillo is that it now has a double meaning. Not sure if anywhere else in the world knows what a woman does when she is called a cougar, it could just be a British thing :P
I bet that was a dual core white MacBook with 250 GB HDD? The one that should come equipped with an external hard drive, because the internal HDD is so small you can't transfer your My Documents folder from your 5 year old PC. You didn't buy a MacBook Pro on eBay for $500, unless it was over 5 years old. I'm no MS defender (have both windows and linux machines at my desk now), but Apple is soooooo overrated.
Another day, another fruit based non-story.
Lol!!! I guess you've never developed on a unix based os. It makes the failures of windows very apparent. More hilarious is that the os that has been in existence since the 70s is still capable of running circles around a windows system in every way. Oh and how do you like win 7? Because its not going to be compatible with windows 8. And that's a joke. An HTML 5 and web based architecture for an os. If you thought you were alluding the Trojans and worms before guess what!! You just installed the target. But in reality you can't blame Microsoft completely. After all windows would be fine if it wasn't for the unsecured way they handle java. But oracle can only handle so much. And I mean as long as android phones randomly page through your address book and call random contacts or send rogue messages at random, they will have their hands full. What? Haven't had that happen yet? Give it time. 
Tiny bit paranoid there +Alex Boyce iOS has had its fair share of major security flaws, and don't get me started on that OS X update that could delete your entire HDD. What we're learning about Windows and OS X is that they're both rubbish and Linux is far superior in every conceivable way.
+Ryan Winham Well, Apple does have a record of going after college aged young men (edit: as seen below) at the (Genius) Cougar is not entirely inappropriate...
Hi I am an apple fanboy and My friends are all impressed by my iMac with the B&W Zeppelin Air speaker , that's what I want and nothing else could have achieve that :) ummm and my iPad & iPhone are simple gorgeous & slick <3 
I sold my pc with gtx580 to my friends , honestly chicks just don't give a shit of how powerful my pc is ....-_-
Wooooooh but an iMac ? U know ;)
+Ryan Winham I'm a linux fan myself. No doubt. And iOS does have quirks as any new technology does. But there are no greater vulnerabilities than Linux + java with an insecure security framework with a lack of ACL implementation. That's what android is. A modified linux kernel with java handling the ui and very little protecting the core. No os and no software is perfect but in the choice of structure and security as well as power, iOS beats droid hands down. Key point for the power argument, I can run a multitrack recording software on my iPhone or iPad. You cant do that with a droid. The galaxy tab not included because it is a tablet and they did give that enough guts. But even with the razr, no phone can touch the core power of apple. In the though, it's all legal. Apple holds all the major patents. Biggest one in debate is software on a platform. Meaning the os x software on top of unix. Just like androids java on top of Linux. That could be the killer for google. Crazy times we live in indeed. 
+Alex Boyce All other arguments aside (since I'm not a security expert), but I'm pretty sure a Galaxy Nexus or even a Razr can handle any software an iPhone can, especially when you're talking about process-intensive applications like multitrack processing.
The abilities of those phones are great, no doubt. And I believe the nexus is far better than the razr. They've been in the droid biz longer. The underlying issue stands to remain that java is the principle language powering android. They do offer an ndk for c++ but it's still an adaptation into java. Objective C has a better connectivity to C++ with better memory management. If it were possible to run a native C++ app without the compiled conversion to the android system straight from the linux platform android runs on without rooting the phone, then yes, these devices could and would compete. But it's not all hardware. Google never foresaw the vast applications a phone could take on. They had a great idea. But they need to catch up to themselves with their core os. Then android phones might not be obsolete do quickly. There's so much more variance in the android phone market. How can you set a distinct technological goal when you're too busy meeting the needs of a thousand variant devices and a number of different developers modifying your core to meet their own needs. Where's the standards? Isn't that the underlying issue we're dealing with in web programming? Hell, even with auto nightly updates it's still going to take until 2015 to phase out ie 7 and longer fit ie 8. Think about that model when we're throwing around modified os's on a plethora of architectures. It's an absolute development nightmare. 
Too bad Google never implemented a -1 button. I'd be all over it right now...
:) maybe if you ask nice. Thanks for the great debate. This was fun. 
Try ubuntu or buy an hacintosh ill never buy an original mac.
Couldn't care any less if apple come up with an update or upgrade..I wonder why people go to apple store and beg to be robbed in front of cash counter??
Totally willing to spend a little more for something that actually works like it says it will. Just replaced my Dell at work for the third time due to Windows Slow Creep. During the same period my iMac and MacBook at home are still going strong. 
The OS releases are moving too quickly for our other software to keep up. It's a nightmare in our workplace for every new computer we add.
perhaps that's why MS hit a new share record
been happy with each new version of OSX so looking forward to this one
The last good os apple released was snow leopard. Lion was garbage and this one will be too. I'm sorry but cloud computing has been out for years. Through Google. And apple is just now touching it..... and they're apparently the greatest innovators for this.....
Knowing apple they'll still try to sue Google for "taking their idea"
I like the name Mountain Lion (e.g. Cougar) ha ha ha!
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and iz it hollographic material?
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