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Night owls in the U.S. searching for NASA’s Mars landing video on YouTube immediately after the event, including your humble correspondent, were met with mysterious opposition.

Nope, not Martians, but Scripps Local News Service — which blocked the historic NASA video on spurious grounds for more than an hour.
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Un coup des Martiens ? A plot of the Martians ?
maybe the next generation young people from earth whould live on mars . thirty or fifty years from now . if our goverments of earth. is still around and it whould be nice see it.
Great event to watch live at NASA in sunnyvale!  
I watched it live on XBox delays no commercials it was awesome! 
Can you explain why Nasa takes black & white images?
These are hazard cameras they don't need to be in color, there will be color images but not from these cameras....
B&W allows for higher contrast images that pull out more detail for navigation...
+Don DeCaire Wht not have both? an HD camera for our viewing and one in B&W? perhaps they are hiding something? Nah our government... Nah 
I'm sure there must be at least 1 high res colour cam on the rover (it weighs the same as a car) but for the most part a b&w is better for many uses also uses less bandwidth (1/3 if no compression is used). Its all to with balancing budget, not finacial this is NASA but weight, power, bandwidth, and processing.
And indeed, Curiosity does have  a color HD camera, but these early shots are from cameras available before the rover finishes 'unpacking itself'.
The main antenna and camera have yet to be raised. Expect full color around mid week from what I gathered.
Great... If they do find life form on Mars what are the chances of them telling us?
Speaking of websites with glitchy code - your website's login module isn't working, +Mashable . Tried to log in via FB (no G+ option from a site that's allegedly on the cutting edge?), but the website doesn't complete the process and I just end up at square one again.

Running Chrome on Linux Mint 13, if that helps.
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