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Today, Google published a case study about Mashable's Google+ presence on their AdSense blog. Cool!

The post and video talk about our exceptionally strong community on Google+. So, from all of us at +Mashable to you- THANK YOU!

We've embedded the video, narrated by our Community Manager +Meghan Peters. You can see the rest of the study here:
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I love this! I'm a G+ fan and a Mashable fan. It's great to see how Mashable interacts with G+ and I'm so glad that you got the recognition for that. As a business owner it's encouraging to hear you say that G+ has been a positive and valued platform for you to reach people. As a user, I hate hearing other G+'ers say that there aren't many people here, engaging. So, thanks for showing that it can be done and works for you.
Only in your top 10 of traffic sources ... That's pretty poor really??
There needs to be better integration between social media widgets and Google plus website because your home page only shows 60K G+'s...
Awesome! I truly believe that Google+ has so much potential for more meaningful engagement. The more I use it, the better experiences and conversations I have.
Meghan, you are fantastic!

<3 from your fans at HootSuite HQ
I really like Mashable's content - I just wish all the stories were brought over here - I don't like having to go to 2 sources...
Good deal - can you guys publish a "how-to" for other businesses to maximize their productivity in G+ the way your company has? Sometimes it's an issue of needing more man-power to be diligent at managing the G+ presence.
That's awesome. You are doing a couple of things right I would have to say :) I agree with what Nick said, a how-to would be cool.
simply awesome... keep going Mashable!
im from south africa and enjoy both G+ and mashable. . . u guys rock my world. great initiave
Awesome. Getting recognition.
Nice presentation for any one interested in social marketing.
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