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We want to know your favorite #whitespace meme.

And... go.
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Barry Whitespace is pretty clever
Any way we can rent our Google+ #whitespace for ads and make some change?
#googlechat fits perfectly into the #whitespace
+Fábio Pereira all that does is stretch the boxes. It really didn't reduce the vertical height of each topic. How do longer rectangles make you feel better? I like the whitespace.
I think it should be used for "the other social network" :)
Us Australians haven't received the extra whitespace yet and although I don't actually want it, I'm feeling left out...
after reading this thread, forget the the #whitespace , +Google+ needs a url shortener.
+Thomas Venugopal exactly, but it needs to be applied to all Google+ links like how it's done in Twitter. Is it just me, or is this thread a mess?
Hi #whitespace , meet #adwords you two should get along just fine.
someone please make a First World Problem meme out of this =D
Yep... ads would seem the most likely thing knowing Google.
adwords would be the most sadly thing knowing Google.. hopefully we'll have a good surprise?
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