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Super-thin, the tablet is just 9.3mm thin for the Windows RT version and 13.5mm for the Pro version. Both have two full size USB ports — something you won’t find on the vast majority of the tablet competition. You’ll also find a Micro SD port on the side of the RT version and a microSDXC port of the Pro version for adding data to the device or reading files (like pictures from your digital camera) on the fly.

Surface has a 10.6-inch 16:9 widescreen HD Display screen. Designed to be mobile yet sturdy, the screen is made of Gorilla Glass -– an ultra-strong glass – to prevent scratches and breaks if it takes a tumble.

A built-in kickstand on the rear of the tablet holds it up while you’re typing or viewing videos.

A Touch Cover for the device protects the screen, and much like Apple’s Smart Cover does with the iPad, it connects to Surface via magnets on the device’s side. Unlike Apple’s cover, however, the inside of the 3mm cover doubles as a fully functional keyboard with a built-in trackpad when opened up. A stylus also comes with the Pro version, and attaches to the side of the tablet for easy storage.
The star of Microsoft’s mystery Monday unveiling has been revealed: Surface, a Windows tablet. "It was always clear that what our software could do would require us to push hardware, sometimes w
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i would totally take one of these over the Androids
I don't like this Microsoft Tablet..... love my Android Tablet 
My problem with some of these tablets (and I am not picking on MSFT here, its a general comment) ... they are trying to be something to everyone. If I want a laptop experience, then I buy a laptop. If I want a tablet experience then I buy something ultra-lightweight and portable. This looks like a clunky tablet and yet its not a laptop. 
No thank you....  I'll take my ASUS Transformer with its real tactile keyboard.  When I don't need or want to carry that, I'm very comfortable typing onscreen with the +SwiftKey app.
Isn't this a fairly close to a Eee Pad Transformer running Windows?
This is smart, smart, smart.  Several unanswered questions (GPS?, Bluetooth?, battery life?, price?, availability?), but this is everything I wanted in an iPad competitor with an OPEN PLATFORM!  I see this a lot like the Google Nexus platform.  Hardware manufacturers who want to compete with Microsoft will have to build better hardware at a lower price point.  This is as it should be.  Again, SMART, SMART, SMART.

Also, please don't forget that Microsoft has shown up late to every market it has dominated.
The fact that they are showing it running Lightroom and Photoshop has me slightly interested.
I can see situations where I'd like to be able to use a tablet over a laptop ( it's less stuff to carry ) but I'd like a tablet designed for producers of digital stuff rather than a tablet designed for consumers.
Yea but will it potty train my toddler? Yeah...smarties...
Owen VI
Hmm... will be interesting to see how this performs... don't think it will make me switch away from my iPad, but could be a better alternative than Android tablets if priced competitively. I kind of like the keyboard/trackpad in the cover idea...
I think this will have to be for Windows "die hards" on the level of Apple "fan-boys" if they're pricing the pro like an Ultrabook "or comparable".  It looks really nice but I think that Microsoft has waited long enough that they are in the territory where a company is forced to compete on price...and if that's true then it sounds like this may not go well for MS.
This thing will be a serious competitor in the tablet market. If I can have everything I like to do on my PC on this I'll get my hands on it ASAP!
+Kit Malone it runs Windows software, which is an open platform.  Not open source, but open access.
Looks great. Tablet is almost always a consumption device. But may be they found a use case for consumption and input. Wonder if they are aiming this at normal consumers or corporate users like their previous tablets.
I'll keep my thrive and get one of these for work. Windows 8? Office integration is a must for it to compete. That would take the tablet from a toy to production.
I am getting excited; but I will wait until I can get a 14" 256GB / 8GB tablet with a really good stylus. Until then, I will rock my laptop and my Playbook. 
I'm not sure why I'm not interested. I wasn't even curious to click on the article. :-?
Hardware vs. Software: That is the issue

In Microsoft, the main problem lies in how to best use these two issues. Microsoft always worked except of DOS, all the software processes by though never set aside the other party. Is now a fact which Linux is an emblem of Operating System due to operation of the processes through hardware, instead stressing the huge difference with Windows & Macintosh systems. Is that the issue of companies, both Microsoft and Apple, where Google performed the great innovations to the bring Android descentrilizada structure on the Patent Systems and the Free License Copyright.
When I am at home i use laptop because is bigger. When I am traveling I use the Iphone. I think the tablets are good for everybody who love but I d'ont love
Looks great. Hope it performs a good as it looks.
Windows 8 is really nice. I have been running first developer preview and now beta. All i have to say is wow. I love it
good luck with this one hope it works and does not cost an arm and a leg and a few toes
Finally windows is a competitor in the tablet race! Great job MS, keep up the good work!
I came. Now if I could get Ubuntu in this...
This is gonna be so awesome dual booted!! Yes!!
Not a Microsoft fan however I must admit that is a sweet tab
If I liked the Microsoft OS, this might interest me.
Still not an android, running Ubuntu.
If Microsoft is betting on creating it's own hardware and software, it's better be as good as Apple. If not, it not only loses user adoption it's hardware, but also OEM adoption to Windows8 platform. 
Huh...has potential...I'm not gonna be a hater just cuz I have an iPad. If Microsoft does a decent job with their OS and it's the closest to a laptop that runs MS Office, you'd be hard press not to give it a go. I love my iPad, but let's not fool ain't anywhere near competing with a true laptop. 
Android is already better.   You can project movies using a projector with an android.
Again..  Microsoft is behind Linux Based applications.
Microsoft's hardware partner has also gone all-out on extra touches
Microsoft does not do hardware...  They farm it out.
For the software or the Hardware?
Glad I never went beyond the original Ipad.  This sounds like everything the Ipad should be instead of the hamstrung money pit the Ipad turned out to be.
Is Ctrl-Alt-Del on the keypad or is it a high tech touch screen button?
Cool, I've never seen a tablet lock up before.
Looking forward to seeing this hardware hacked and a nice Linux build on it.
+Kenny Embry Google has also shown up late to many products they are dominating: Search, Chrome, Maps, Gmail, Android. This should get very interesting between them and MS.
Can't wait for this to hit the
Market. Ive seen a tablet running 8 and it is impressive. The GUI is just more fun than apple's and android's. It provides infinitely more info at a glance than the ipad and is the equal of android in that respect.
+Grey Geek Microsoft has fumbled a ton of announcements and products, no doubt, like all tech companies have.  Long Horn was atrocious, the failure to deliver the Courier was stupid, IE 6 was horrendous.  But Apple's Newton, printer line, Lisa, "puck" mouse, Final Cut Pro X, all not great.  Google's Wave, Buzz, Orkut, Android Honeycomb also not great.  These are just the "big three," but you can't point fingers for long without finding examples in every camp.  Demo fails in the presentation?  All tech companies have great demo fails on Youtube.  As for "freezing" the marketplace...Apple seems to have warmed up the tablet market to nice and toasty.  Microsoft is freezing...nobody but itself.  They are a serious underdog in this space. They needed to do something.  This was the right move.  It bridges the gap between laptops and tablets and takes advantage of Microsoft's strength in the desktop space.

You're right, though, the proof will be when these hit shelves, and no, I don't think this is ghostware.  Microsoft is done with the software and these are in production.  I'm guessing there won't be a long delay, and a lot of other things can go wrong (too expensive, poor battery life, etc.).  But you're missing part of the point.

Microsoft is setting the bar for a Windows 8 tablet.  Its hardware manufacturers now have one standard they will have to outdo...and they will.  Hardware manufacturers aren't going to stop making tablets, and if they can't have iOS (and they can't), then they will go with either Android (an excellent but still immature OS) or Windows (very mature and ubiquitous).  

Competition gives us better stuff.
A new tablet with high technology in it...that means many more high tech, well paid jobs for asians, and many more low paid jobs for many sales people in the U.S.
All that talk about "creating good jobs for Americans" is a farce.

plenty of android tablets with the same specs and they have the advantages of not being windows based and open to changes and installing new OS 
This is hot if it wasn't for the other phalet coming out soon I'd buy surface.
+Christopher Wagner Google has dominated search, maps and Android, that's for sure.  I really want Android to mature more!  I love it on my phone, but I'm not expecting to see it on a laptop with that level of app comprehensiveness.  Either way, though, Microsoft and Google make the tablet space much more innovative!
All this hype for 2 full size USB slots.this odds no differentiation. It's me too. Except that HP knows hardware, this could be Touchpad all over again.
+Dennis Griess I think you're missing the point.  Windows app catalog on a tablet.  That's huge.
Awesome.... Finally Microsoft got it this time....
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Brought to you by the wonderful TEAM who gave us ZUNE ooooh (hold the applause) and BOB and has been drip feeding us fixes for their software as upgrades... (NO THANKS)
+Amid Yousef ...and the XBox 360, Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, ergonomic keyboards and mice.  Microsoft has had its flops and its massive successes.
Too bad about the operating system!
OMG ! If This will be 4 years ago I.may consider. But now ? Im satysfi user of android phone and tablet. I own chromebook. Running away from Windows. So Microsoft sorry but NO
I really don't get all the buzz, it is a touchscreen laptop with detachable keyboard.. Ok, it can run windows native apps but, I can't imagine that app store, "Buy your Office suite for only $99, file size 500MB"
This looks impressive, i'd like to see what the pricing ends up being
I can only imagine it being cracked when we accidentally sit on it...
+Kenny Embry until one of the 'big three' uses its billions to cripple innovation with lawsuits...
As a PC user from day one (Ok almost Day One) until a YEAR ago... I think I have spent more time FIXING than enjoying these wonderful products.
NO THANKS. I am Finally free on my desktop.
I attended 11 speeches of BILL GATES and used to admire him, until I realized his team THOUGHT THE WORLD that MEDIOCRITY is OK & poor code can be fixed with Version upgrades... NO thanks (Enjoy Your Tablets Fellas)+Dasith Wijesiriwardena & +Kenny Embry 
BTW I would appreciate knowing POSTERS affiliation to creator of product... for the record, I have no affiliation to any manufacturer.
+Jonathan Diaz  How about "buy your Office suite and download it as many times as you need to."  Microsoft is trying to become the digital locker for your software, which is smart.  How many times have you had to dig around trying to find the CD/DVD to reinstall software?  Or wondered if your software was up to date?  Wouldn't it be nice to get a new computer and have all your software install itself?  I'd pay for that.
Not ready to leave my Apple ecosystem just yet but this looks cool.
+jody Read patent lawsuits are pretty absurd, but predictable.  Still, having competitors in this space assures some innovation.
All I can say is, 'Wacom digitizer? Photoshop and Illustrator CS5? Painter 12?' I'm in.
Kenny: MS has been called a lot of things over the years, I don't think they have ever been accused of being open. Never forget the attitude toward standards like Ethernet : "adapt, embrace and suffocate."

I do like competitions, because the consumer is the ultimate winner. So I won't pass judgment until I try the Surface for myself. 
Very nice so far.  Let's see how the prices go.
I don't think the Pro version is a tablet (and perhaps not the RT version either); but an ultra-portable laptop with tablet features and functionality...
The one thing that this will do is push the market further into making better, faster, stronger tablets. This is good for everyone.
This is basically an insanely portable Laptop.  How can anyone on earth believe it's not gonna be a huge hit.  Remember, there are more laptops being sold and in the world than Tablets combined.  This is a tablet a businessman can actually use.  I'm sooo pumped, my wife and I are gonna sell both our ipads for this.
Given that photoshop works much better on a beefy machine with keyboard shortcuts this will probably not hit the mark for professional photoshop use.
Ok, i just checked your profile +Kenny Embry and you seem to be SMART... so what happened? Did you drink the KOOL AID or you Work for them? if neither, SIR I feel for you!
One day you will wake up and remember this conversation... but for now... avoid the KOOL AID... 
I am not directing you to APPLE or Android or Linux but there is REAL life out there!
John P
I love both apple and google services like gmail. Why can't they both just be friends? ;'( Why?
Apple gets the originality of a touchscreen tablet. They also get the consumers.
+Amid Yousef if the iSheep hat fits. And no, bolding your text doesn't make your false argument valid. If your Windows needed so much fixing you probably didn't use it right. I have been using Windows for more than 20 years and apart from the occasional hiccup it's worked fine for me. And please don't tell me Mac's don't crash. My MacBook stopped responding just a few hours ago and had to restart it. Instead of running your mouth about a product that hasn't even been released yet maybe objectively asses it and realize it offers a lot more than what other Tablets are offering at the moment. Your Bill Gates hatred only makes you less credible. Can you even imagine how people would be react if Apple said MacOS can also be run on the iPad? You will site here tell us how innovative it is. lol I will try any technology from any company. I don't blindly hate tech companies like you. Good day to you.
i also like apple laptop and mobile for using ???
My guess is that the ARM version comes out at $450 and sells less than 250,000 in its opening weekend.
+Kenny Embry excellent post, but I think Microsoft is running a race from the back and will have to come up with something new if it wants to compete. I can't see it really tapping into a significant chunk of Google's or apple's market share.
Sid J
Looks great and I like the "surf-board". Is it detachable?
I think it's great, the cover/keyboard with trackpad without compromising on that svelte body.

It's beautiful and offers so much if it lives up to its word and prices to match, this could certainly be a big contender.

The question is, is Microsoft too late to the party, would you trade up for it & is the app market strong enough.

I hope it lives up, competition brings out the best and its about time Microsoft threw its hat into the ring
Microsoft deserves some props for this - a sentence I didn't think I'd say anytime soon.
atoms in mobile phones now too, I think the pro will crush any other tablet processor wise
As long as they can run DX11 I'm in.
whoa, seems pretty cool. My iPad is pretty jealous of that keyboard right now.
... I saw it demoed at CES and in my opinion... Top Notch...
The ivy bridge devices running windows 8 pro are going to be great. I'm really looking forward to being able to visit sites like hulu without needing an app, or specific permission from the site to use their site on my internet-connected tablet, or require me to have a monthly subscription to use this away from my desk or a laptop. Hopefully the windows RT devices are going to be the same.
OK......So what processor is in it, what memory what ram??
Frankly I wish they would keep the form factor of the dell mini 9 put in a touch screen a i7 processor and 500 g of memory with 8 g of ram.....Ill buy that!!
its microsoft, DRM, designed obsolescence, terrible bugs in new releases... no thanks
So far, it has the "real" smart cover..
Bottom line for me. I will buy one if they can compete on price. Which for me means £500 tops. 
If the specs are good, buy it and hope someone figures out how to install ICS on it, haha.
+Matt Harris Why replace a full desktop OS with a tablet OS limited in its ability to fully interact with the web ( is a prime example)? If anything, find a way to put full-blown Linux on there, not ICS.
I love my Asus Transformer TF300. Installed Splashtop app and can run all of my Windows 7 computers in native format right on my tablet over wifi. Can also set up other computers ie. my mother's Asus laptop in order to provide tech support virtually anywhere by using my personal hotspot via my phone. Can't get much ether than that. 
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+Senthilkumar Rajendran I looked at the Prime recently before purchasing the TF300. Sorry to be a downer but the TF300 actually is the winner here. No offense, but The Prime, while it was the winner for a while, has actually been surpassed in speed and agility in the TF300. Still a good choice but just can't see paying $100 more for a now outdated Transformer with sluggish performance. 
Yes. Great hardware but what about price. If it will be price competitively with ultrabooks it will not be competitive with the iPad or other android tablets
And there it is, one more thing I can't afford.  Darn you technology.
+Kenny Embry sure that would be awesome, but that's like an utopia. We are talking about Microsoft. I really don't think that's gonna happen, I hope it does, don't get me wrong but every time I see a microsoft product it only encourages me to try a product from another company, when I saw windows 8 for desktops, my first thought was "try Linux".
HDMI or other video port, with video-mirroring capability? I'd like to think so. Even crappy Android devices have that.
The Pro version sounds interesting but I can bet you it's going to be so overpriced that only companies will be able to afford it...the other version is doomed to share the same fate as the Zune.
I have every confidence this will be a technological and marketing triumph, even eclipsing the success of the Zune MP3 player.  

I do, however, regret I never saw the Zune Phone move beyond the prototype phase.

zunePhone ad
One of the worst words in the English dictionary...! 
So they've put 'Tiles' on a 'Surface'..where are the windows i wonder..
This will be perfect for school. Taking notes, and writing homework. Right now i am struggling with OG Transformer.
That Tablet PC will be quite the rival to Apple's Ipad, lets see who wins this new battle. Maybe Apple will respond by launching something too, we shall see.
Has anyone mentioned what connections it will have? 3G? Wi-fi? Unfortunately not many things have been revealed as of yet, not even the price!
Looks nice but heavy and expensive. I would rather buy 7" ICS tablet though. I repel from the odd ways Microsoft handles its ecosystem.
Microsoft can bet high on this #Surface The major advantage they have is with the variety of apps and games they bring to an insanely thin tablet which is actually capable of performing all those a laptop can do ! I just hope that microsoft doesn't disappoint with the battery life !
Expensive... No prices have been set so how would you know
Looks very good! Not sure if it can rival the iPad. But it sure is a good design! 
I don't see why people are siding with Android or Microsoft on this one. In my experience, those two play well together. That's why I would get this over an Apple. Besides, I've been waiting for an ICS tablet for a while and still nothing, and I doubt that when I find one I like, it won't be this nice.
+Scott Barilli It is not currently available, unfortunately. On the website, it is listed as "Coming Soon."
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A n d r e w   W i n t e r s
the one thing that makes this stance out is the detachable keyboard
i wonder why apple didnt offer something like this O.o
There are detachable keyboards available for iPads from third parties. Making it a mandatory purchase with the device isn't really a feature from my perspective. I'd rather have it be an option so I don't have to pay for it if I don't want it.
That sure is pretty! Wonder how many editions Microsoft will need to make it work better than the iPad
RK Seid
make it version 3.1?
This will be superb!
Let's see what Google (Nexus) pulls off
It seems most aren't aware this is the next version of Windows, not a watered down version. Whether you use a desktop or a laptop with Windows currently you will more than welcome this type of device as it's replacement. Docked it's no different than a laptop docked with your full usual experience. Mobile it's the versatility of a tablet with all the power and processes of your PC with much more due to touch input and touch designed OS. I'm not a Microsoft fan boy by any means but am one of millions that work in Windows daily and if this were my next machine to do that daily work with you can bet your ass I'd be excited about it. The handwriting support alone will increase productivity by quite a bit. As far as their app store and the Windows metro side it's not going to impact Android and iOS for quite some time and may never but as a productivity tool that offers all the same things those mobile devices do and my PC it's going to be a big hit. A tablet that does nothing more than my Android phone is of no interest to me. This is a different story folks.
+Andrew Lyons I would hope the magnets that will hold it against the device when not in use as a keyboard will also trigger the keyboard off just as many phones in the right dock trigger certain modes.
Keyboard looks like it would absolutely suck for typing on. I'll keep my chromebook, thanks.
I've heard $200 - $250 for the price point. When will it release? 
If it releases at $200-$250 im definitely getting one 
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