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The new Gmail is finally officially here for everyone.

How do you feel about it?
Last year, Gmail warned us that the change was coming. Early this year, the warnings became more frequent and pointed. The "new look" of Gmail, unasked-for by the public and shorter on usability than
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Been using the 'New Look' for a while so no big deal. It is what it is. Onward.
The new interface pretty much sucks!!!
Who knew? The lasttime I saw the old version was about a month ago when my boss was complaining about not using Gmail because he didn't like its layout. I asked him to let me look at his account and 5 minutes later he was fawning over the new look.
I really don't like it, aesthetically it is nice, but the icons are not intuitive to me. I don't see the folder and think archive, the only one I get is the trash can. I much prefer words to icons, no confusion. Even if I "learn it" I still have to hover to make sure it is the action I want. But I also can never figure out which of the elevator buttons is open <> of which is close >< until I really think about it.
I have been using the new look for a while now. It was a little strange at first but I found that if I set the display to Compact it felt a bit better.
I have been loving it! I wish they would would move chat over to the right, like they did in G+ though...
+shelley pierce - interesting. I'm the exact opposite and find the new interface far cleaner and more intuitive than the old one (especially on ICS). There was a bit of a learning curve in order to unlearn the old interface, but once used to it, I can't imagine going back to the old one.
Icons can be replaced with text in options menu.
just wish the next email would appear when i delete the previous one
This is old news :) The new look is great! It only took a few days of getting used to but it's much better.
Ability to easily drop down list of recipients (and keep it dropped down) is gone. Hard to differentiate responses in huge threads... expanding the recipients field is way, way worse -- also, inconsistent -- i can't even find a way to do it half the time -- seems buggy... Just problems everywhere i look...

A lot more work to do before forcing it down peoples' throats...

Huge thumbs down!!
i know maybe they could integrate it into the empty white space in Google+
+Michael Brogdon You still can. Go to "Settings" then click on "Labs" tab and look for chat on right side. I have mine set like that and love it.
using google it more :P
I've had it for a while and I like it :D
Had it before it was cool - I'm just such a hipster!
+Rob Gilmore Thanks!!! Exactly what I was looking for, didn't even think to look in the labs section.
// Just for curiosity: my reaction I've written to Gmail G+ Page:

Sorry, but the new design is a huge step back and I am very annoyed you've eliminated the ability to switch back to original look. To be totaly honest, I really wonder that the new design passed the usability testing. If it was even tested, of course..

I mean, what the hell were you thinking? Everything is dull and grey, there is no contrast and color between sections and controls. And at deafult, it is wasting space like there is no tomorrow. Huge buttons and wide lines, it's like iPad app, not a browser layout. And it's like an e-mail from afterlife; grey, lifeless, empty..

And don't get me started on "Themes", because they are basically useless. Seriously, what's the point of having everything in "green" or "blue", when there is still no contrast (only shades of color are a bit different). What's the point of "flowers" or "wood" or "whatever", that just put some distracting picture on background. Proper theme should change everything - sizes, fonts, spacing and so on.

I've been watching discussions and informations about the "new look" for many months and even people from Google often mentioned frequent complaints like "spacing" and "contrast" - but in fact, nothing happened and even the "final version" (which was forced upon us) is totaly the same as the optional beta from last months.

As far as I can tell, the only way to achieve at least some usability is to use maximum "compact" spacing and "high contrast" theme. But quite frankly, is still sucks compared to original. The only positive thing is, that all our messages are not sqeezed to a tiny unusable column like stream and comments here on Google+. I really don't understand your recent obsession with huge empty and useless spaces..
I switched when the new look was first available. Wouldn't want the old look even if it was still available.
old look = sucky
new usability = much mo betta

Whomever wrote that article is high:

"More of what I see on the screen now is padding..."

Hey, dipshit. change your preferences and that goes away. You're welcome.
It's very google-ish (?), I mean it's definitely not hotmail-ish...I mean...don't really know what I mean now
You can still opt for the stripped-down version, ostensibly for "slow connections", but handy for older and non-standard browsers.
I was an "early adopter". It took a little adjustment, and the biggest one was finding Compact View. At this point, life goes on as usual. I'm all in favor of a consistent look and feel across all Google products.
I still find it more difficult to search and sort than it should I the only one missing the sort arrows for "from" "subject" etc.
new look sucks.
reverted back to basic html unable to withstand the new look.
Never liked the new look, reminds me of Fisher Price design. I can at least use the "Minimalist for Gmail" extension to remove a lot of stuff I don't need or want to see. The High Contrast theme with compact density at least gets my usable area full of relevant information.

And to all who say "Well the internet changes, nothing you can do about it anyway, so deal with it!" I say: if you dislike something and say nothing, you need to grow yourself a backbone and protest. And am I the only one who noticed they misspelled "cozy"?
I wouldn't mind the new system if it provided a Classic theme for those of us who don't care for it. That's what they did when they did a massive update before. If the new system is technically incapable of supporting a Classic theme, then they really screwed up.

I also want custom themes back. The old system let you make your own theme. Why doesn't the new one?
Ashok N
Have got used to the new UI since it has been sometime now. I think it is cleaner.

One improvement could be to make the "Delete" icon more prominent than the "Archive" icon and the "Report Spam" icons. I guess "Delete" would be used much more than the other two icons.
I like to keep the beta tag just for old time sake :)
The Gmail philosophy has been not to delete messages from day one. There didn't used to be a delete button (you had to use a menu). Nor a way to empty the trash all at once.
Set it to great
Thank you, Isaac. Wish I had your post when trying to explain this to someone.
Much better, looks fresher and easier to navigate around
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