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Microsoft just unveiled a new company logo. 

First impressions?

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I kind of liked the MS Office Logo. But the overall look is Simple & efficient. I think that's the main motive of Microsoft! 
Throwing everything into Metro, I see... Don't really like the type, either.
Super ugly. It looks extremely outdated. :-|
so much like Google Plus Pages logo but with different colors
Now it finally goes square... Company logo... bad made wrong! Others are acceptable...
I like it.  Works well with their new UI.
Doesn't look very new.  They should hire marketing people and graphic artists.
Is that a new logo? I wouldn't have noticed the difference.
This logo makes so much more sense when you're thinking of Windows.
too symmetrical.  too boring. colors are too flat.  and can be confused with Google's.  my two cents.
The video leaves one big question...what the hell is the yellow for...Honestly, I don't think it was enough of a change. They clearly want to tie in the windows mobile and window 8 "block" look, but what happens if those platforms fail, looks like you might need to redo it again...
i concur. Message to designers of old logo:

Windows that wave? what kind of windows have you been looking at?
A minute of silence for the huge number of neurons died during the arduous creative process...
They made it using Word!
I think it's a win.  Recognizably Microsoft (brand identity retention) but cleaner and more modern. 
Where's the stylish s? The previous font was dark, bold and _speedy. Now it's fair, light and flat. For me, this new logo lost identity.
Ya it's nice but it needs some more energy. It's too structured. Too safe.Could use a bit more punch.
Microsoft Windows needs to be renamed Microsoft Tiles.
Kevin Syers
I bet they pushed Microsoft Paint to it's limits doing that logo
+Tony Merker Yes I was thinking I'm color blind or something. Yellow must be their new failing product
Maybe I'm being stupid but what is yellow for?
I think it looks sweet. And it's about time that aesthetics got prioritized.
It sucks. Really I meant it. Boring, too simple, 2D & Yucks!
Clean. Simple. Recognizable. Not bad. Perhaps a bit on the safe side, but isn't that what Microsoft would like to portray? The font looks like Myriad, which is the main font that Apple uses in their marketing material. (eg: Resolutionary) Do they have to pay royalties for that?
I like it. It keeps in line with their brand, and it fits with their current design philosophy. I think they are over playing the PR somewhat though - it's not so different that they need to go round shouting about it.
Its got 4 distinct colours...but as apple have used 4 colours on their iphone/ipod etc (black, white, silver and grey) is this another law suit coming on our to copying the idea of using 4 colours rather than any other number?
What is the deal with this new brand trend of flat, pastel blocks?
Far from exciting. I think they played it too safe. The logo basically fades into the background...
Where have I seen that color combination across multiple logos for products from a single company?  Hum...  Oh Yeah, Google.  

Lets see the main Google logos have this color scheme, as do the logos for Shopper, Drive, Play, Chrome, Chrome Webstore, iGoogle, Maps, Picasa, Offers, Wallet, Street VIew, Google TV, Google Apps Lookup, Google TV Remote, Google Politics and Elections, Google ventures, Google Science Fair, Google Developers, Google Creative Sandbox, Google Travel, Nexus, Big Tent, Research at Google, Currents (the old logo), and a bunch f others that I'm sure I'm forgetting.  There are, of course, dozens of other Google products whose logos don't share this color scheme, but  my point is that it is used pervasively within Google's many products and in a way it has come to identify that company.  Microsoft has a neat new Logo and i realize that they've been using this color combination since before Google existed.  However, Google has really made this color scheme instantly recognizable with it and its products, and I doubt that is an association Microsoft was going for.
Pass. I do not condone using Word for logo design.
Except that Microsoft has been using this color combo for the past 25 years. Just sayin' ;).

Oh, and it's nice but I liked to old butterfly better. Then again I am a girl and girls are kind of partial to butterflies ;).
The font looks a lot like an Apple product name (iPhone, iPod) font...
a google-like icon with a apple-like text, way to go!
Couldn't care less about the logo. Microsoft is becoming more and more irrelevant. A new logo won't change that. Creative ideas and innovative software might. Nice logo though.. I guess.
Irrelevant is too strong. They are a sinking ship though.
It ties very well with the new Windows 8, office 2013, windows phone, etc look. Whilst if taken in isolation it might look plain, it is important that it underpins the rest of MS services, if they want to move on with times.

What becomes obvious after MS new look and Google's drive to beautify their UI is that the only company stuck with outdated, glassy icons is the one that prides itself on cutting design... never thought of a system to be so dated as it came out as Mountain Lion (see messaging app).
"The colors from its previous, “wavy” logo, are the same — red, green, yellow and blue, but the logo is now square....This is an incredibly exciting year for Microsoft ...." "Now ist the perfect"?
Now it is square and perfect? Ridiculous. Baby Lego building blocks. Oh, boy!
Wow....are they trying to lose business???? That is boring and ugly! I thought when I initially saw it we were in 1970....
It looks sharper, having the same logo forever gets boring.
Its a different type of art that I'm guessing most of you don't see.
I get the, the colors = the tiles/windows. I think its clever in that its subtle 
Still the leaders in the world of yawn.

Any one of my nieces could do better. They are all under 4 years old.

Try harder.
It's not shaped in any way, nor does it resemble any kind of fruit.
It still looks like Microsoft to me. It's a change...and it isn't.
Also, people are getting this confused with the Windows logo. The "Microsoft" logo has been boring plain black text. Now they are incorporating the "Windows colors" in with the company's actual logo. They are tiles to represent Windows 8 and simplicity. 
meh, it looks like a box... but isnt the microsoft store in bellvue square mall with this logo, and that store opened like a year or two ago
now that you mention it  +Chris Payne you are quite right, but when i saw saw those colours it reminded me of google ... 
The new look logo feels like the Chrome browser logo. Or is it just me?
Not exciting. Seems like the company is trying to appear multi faceted but I agree with prior comments, "still square."
going back to the 80's this is,
Bassey Effiong It is a fine idea that after a long usage of one thing there must come a change. A fine change for that matter.
Change is constant and it must come thanks to Microsoft 
Only the bottom-left square's color will remain in users's memory.
I think yellow is associated with swiss cheese.  That would be the security part they don't have, hence the missing color....
Now you have to upgrade all your Microsoft programs.
So, What is the yellow square represent? 

How pissed off mad businesses are after just upgrading to Windows 7?
Tileing is the now old way, it's easy its fast it's tiled 
I appreciate simplicity, but I can't help but wonder, "Someone was paid to come up with that? And, it sold to a standing ovation at a corporate meeting?"
Simplification is key! As far as I am concern this is fantastic!
Its a simple logo. But why? If you're going to change something about  your company, make it your products. A new logo isn't going to help you beat Apple. You've earned your name... now keep going.
simple clear colorful similar to old. like the old one more
really basic, just use a silhouette of a fruit of some kind...
Boring, but now I see why the Microsoft Hardware page I visited last night had a red banner. I looked at the URL three times to make sure I was in the right place.
Just matching up with the tiles in windows 8.
I like privious one....what say guys....
More tile influence ...makes me want to stay on win7 or go full time on Linux!
Looks like the Chrome logo, only square.
+PJ Thomas Microsoft never want to beat Apple, because maybe they can't. They just trying to do what they have to do, "still exists". Both of them makes world better, Apple need Windows, either do Windows.
Nice to see Microsoft has reversed their policy on hiring the mentally and artistically challenged.
MS did it due to windows 8
but trust me guys this sales pitch ain't gonna work
Windows 98      Good OS
Windows ME    Shit  OS
Windows XP     Good OS
Windows Vista  Shit OS
Windows 7        Good OS
Windows 8        Guess what!!! :)
Microsoft, you are no longer the future. Disappear already!
Ho hum... The name is big enough that they don't need a logo.
Wow 4 squares.  Just sell your assets and go home.
very minimalist and modern, i'm indifferent, does their logo really matter that much?  i guess this shows how hellbent they are on this new tile/"metro" theme they are trying to force feed us come winter
Yup, simple with clean colors and design. I approve 
It's a very refreshing, very pleasant change. Glad to see this.
That logo looks like it's from way back, maybe 1991. I'm not saying it is, but it does look that old-fashioned.
Digging the new Microsoft logo but I still hate the Windows logo, I just wish that they will change their minds and add the Microsoft logo on the surface button.
+Derek Davies I think that's a good thing. Microsoft is a little old-fashioned as well, so using something fresh, but a little dated gives it a bit of a retro feel. I mean, really, Google's looks like it's from 1995 WordArt, too, yet we're okay with it.
I really hope they didn't have an entire department come up with that.
lol, next logo - 4 circles in a square...? Just giving an idea) Looks simple, so it's a good logo. :)
look like a window
(i accidently hit post to early
Way to increase the boring from 10 to 12.
Kinda sixties, isn't it? I can imagine them coming up with that 40 years ago.
Hope you didn't pay too much for that!
Think it would be cool if one of the little squares flipped up to reveal some info like the live tiles on the WP7
Ou Ija
looks like its from '82
Square and symmetrical. Right angles and bold pure colors. Looks like a window, which is appropriate as that is Microsoft's marquee brand. Overall conveys simplicity, cohesiveness, stability, efficiency.
Welcome to 1990.  New logo?  ::thumbs down:: ,  -1, DIS-like.
+Daniel Rijo not really.  Since Windows, they've always used those colors in those orders.  Looks like they're a little more pastel or softer than before, but those are the basic colors they've always used.
y a w n . . . . . 
excuse me, did you say something? 
i think i fell asleep . . . .
I wonder how much the new logo cost,  the amount of time it took to arrive at the final short list, and testing on focus groups.  MS could have saved a bunch of time and money by watching toddlers play with blocks at a day-care.
What if they drop the windows product.. then what will those squares represent :O
i love how this is news, not the fact of childhood dropout rate in education in america alone has gone up 15percent
Whatever the price, it cost too much. Most companies say they want to "think outside the box." Microsoft would prefer to remain thinking inside four of them. I'd love to see Draper throw them out of the office.
+Mark Negie the money isn't spent to find a good design, it is spent to prevent a manager's head gets cut off. The process has to have enough iterations and re-evaluations so that no one remembers who actually is responsible for the final choice. A good agency is not the one with the best designers but the one that is able to handle big corp politics and still reach a result.
@BrendanStoddard- does your reference to "childhood dropout rate" mean Microsoft has caused children to stop being children and now become adults?  Just askin'
Love the new logo. Consistent with Windows 8 metro design!
The Windows 8 logo - the four blue panels in perspective - that should be Microsoft's logo. This four new color logo should be the Windows 8 logo
This is Microsoft's biggest innovation under Ballmer.  Amazing.
@Roshan i think you forgot Windows 2000, which throws off your chart there.  Better luck next time, and to be honest Windows Vista wasn't bad.  I never saw it as being bad since it always worked for me and never had any issues, all you guys do is repeat what others say.  Windows 8 has awesome interaction with the user, it'll work.
+Marc Roelofs Yeah, I'm all to well acquainted with the laying down of a smoke screen to hide the headwaters of a decision.  God Bless Corporate America.
+Gartheepan Rasaratnam TV has traditionally called an idiot box and a lot of times computer has been called the same. If Windows goes off the cliff, well, you could call Microsoft 'an idiot with 4 boxes'. :P 
The Simon game came out with the 4 color square design first, then Microsoft borrowed it, then Google from Microsoft.
that sounds like star trek apple then just about every pad developer.
So what? I hope they are not going to charge us for the new logo.
I like it. It's simple and minimalist yet still recognizable. Not that the old one wasn't, but some company logos do it wrong by making them too complex. If you see a logo, then days later close your eyes and can't picture it in your head, it's too complicated in my opinion.

And it is not copying Google colors. That 4 color pattern was around before Google and before Microsoft.
Simon Says....double Zzzzzzzzz
Two steps back....
"Little boxes on my desktop,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
Little boxes on my desktop,
Little boxes all the same.
There's a green one and a pink one 
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same."

"Think inside the box"
Seriously? dear god it is ugly and plain... guess they didn't like "thinking outside of the box".
Beautiful simplicity.
It's always amusing when someone spends millions on nothing. Just another example of how damaged the brain gets on the sad grinding journey to being on the board of directors.
Lucky they didn't put rounded corners on those square color tiles.
This would be huge news if that terrible company was still even relivant.
That is like IBM changing it's logo. :)
If the company was relevant, the changed logo would be important, but as Microsoft will collapse after the release of Windows 8(which looks extraordinarily shitty), most people will be still using Windows 7 or will switch to Linux/Mac.
+Jonathan Riftin and others, or don't you mean Google's colors are a little like Windows' ? Windows was the first to do the whole red blue green and yellow/orange color swatch logo, it just took them this long to make it into a square from the original black bordered flag shape.
I don't know. It's not a huge change, slightly more hipster but it is in essence still four blocks (of the same colours as before). 

And if you think about it, Windows. That would be how I drew windows a 4 year old (without the colours)
I think it's ok
keep it simple
Between the logo and the screen formerly known as Metro, I think someone at Microsoft might be a fan of Piet Mondrian. Just a guess.
They have to improve their products, later their logo.
I like it. You can graphically do more things with it easier than before.
Tries to be simple and efficient, fails in that Microsoft products are not simple or efficient.
seriously - who cares? It's still MS rubbish! Love my MAC!
Static. Toy box colors that don't work well together. my guess? They hire blind designers.
+Marc Roelofs Fair enough.. but that symbol doesn't remind me of Tiles. Most ppl would agree that it would represent a window. Symbolism fail to be honest.
We all must evolve. The new logo doesn't change the way I think about Microsoft. 
Make the goddam software work - worry about the Logo later....I know - open and close all the windows AND doors and if it still dont start - then call the AA rescue......Yo Bill - I am a great fan
it's pretty plan looking, but I like it.
Hard to believe that anyone at Microsoft has any imagination--my grandson could improve on that logo and he's only seven.
more like google. too pre-school, non-professional
It looks good but they could have done better
Yeah, so digging that "Boxy Lady" look from the '70's.
Looks nothing like bsod. Thats always the first thing i think of when someone says microsoft. Not sure why theyd do a 70s throwback look either. Hope they didnt actually pay someone to do that.
I don't really like it.  It has continuity with the previous logo, but it feels boring.  I think they could have done something better.
So the Windows logo is now THE Microsoft logo?
Looks a lot more crisp and cleaner. Mordern. I can dig it.
1st Impression:  Don't care, never give any thought to any company's logo
2nd Impression:  Nope.... still don't care.
LookS alright.would have expect ed. A little more efforts
Yet they still suck at making decent operating systems
Microsoft unveils new logo.
Reveals it's still Microsoft.
Well it looks almost like avg antivirus logo except Microsoft flip flopped the colors to me....
That was Microsoft's problem all along! A new logo! Now I love them again.
I think they figure that being a square it is harder to flush down the toilet.
Who cares what their logo looks like, they still produce crap software that should have no business bearing a price tag.
Marc G
Looks like a square Google Sync Folder Logo....Copy
Minimalistic. I approve. But I still like Google and Apple better.
Boring and bland, just like Windows 8 themes.  Hopefully they provide a way to fix the boring matte pastel window colours. 
Did they have to pay a fee to H&R Block for the green square?

Reminds me when the BBC logo was changed from tilted blocks to upright ones with the B's and C in the blocks.
Real 'Innovative' there +Microsoft ...that's sarcasm by the way. I'd reconsider your choice of staff for future logo projects a little more carefully next time...just sad.
What a lot of rubbish. The person who came up with that should be hung, drawn and quartered
Just plain ugly! Sort of like most of their software! Ha, ha.
it works, kiss for sure is the way to do a logo.
Looks better then their previous without being that big of a change.

A nice update and cleaner and more modern look while yet keeping in line with the previous "identity"
I think I have designed this logo in the past, while teaching novice how to use "illustrator". Guess I was sitting on M$ Gold and didn't cash in. 
I like it! Anyone else feeling like Microsofts getting ready to "take it back"?
boo Jay
Makes Apple's look like crap, which it is, but people buy it anyway.
It took me a minute to remember what the previous logo looked like. At first, I thought it was to same because I really didn't notice much difference. Looks less fun.
Wonder how many millions this cost to research and develop
Much better! The online community's 'consensus' that windows 8 sucks is wrong. I am using it right now and loving it. 
Microsoft really dated themselves with this one...
Simply horrible!! The 90's called and said they want their style back! C'mon Microfopt really!? Have you learned anything from the patent trolls of Cupertino? Eye candy sells!
Did a boy child with a lolly in his mouth design this stuff?
They used MS paint to make it and it took about a minute to do.
Seriously, this is nothing to buzz about.
everybody is cutting costs, even the giants.
I think the old windows 95 logo had more going on than that.  Now it's just a simple window pane.
Google uses the 4 color square design? That video looked like Microsoft was trying to be like Google, honestly. 
Kal El
they look like tiles.. oh wait... i see what they did there...
Too basic, like the new Windows 8 Metro interface.
Pretty crappy Microsoft welcome to the 80's
Just squares? I think those ghraphic designers spent years thinking about this world-changing idea... If things continue to un-evolve, soon we all gonna have to hail kings again, then live in caves and finally we all are going to be back to the water
thats new?
they just made it flat
I guess curve wasn't just doing anything for them ... so they went flat #LMAO  
Not a particularly drastic change...
+David Purse It is a huge change when you only take into consideration previous logo and this one and don't think about all other brand logo's Microsoft's been using for their products. In this regard, this is a revolutionary rather than evolutionary change. The new and the old logo don't share one single thing except for the exact sequence of the letters. Everything else is completely different.
Boring... Not abstract at all. It's just simple and boring 
I just waisted 33 seconds of my life and Data in the process!!!
It's in line with the way logos look on the web now, or for the past few years. Though I prefer the flag curve on the "window" part 
In theory, its great because it goes along with their whole 'metro' theme, which I personally love.
In practice, on the other hand, its boring, emotionless, and completely generic.

A good test for a modern logo for a computer company is to put it into monochrome. If its recognizable, its good. This would not be.
+Robert Koritnik Maybe you were being sarcastic, hard to tell, but it's not a massive change.  Four squares of colour, just slightly rearranged each time.
it's boxey, there not moving forward, get out of the Box Man!
I think it does a good job of conveying Microsoft's recent move to over simplification.  I'm surprised they didn't make it ALL CAPS.
I fail to understand the Office logo.  If I saw just the logo (w/o the text), I would have no clue what it was for.
did they ask little kids draw a window and then made it into there logo
25 years and the best they could come up with is paint color swatches?
I fail to see the difference with the old look... But I think that's the point.
I like it. Clean and simple. Hope win8 uses the same concept
I love how artists and graphic designers get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to use the rectangle and text tools in Illustrator.
Looks like Google. But I do like it.
My first 100 impressions are "who cares?"

Turns out, it's only a logo that doesn't have any impact on the whether their products are worth a bleep.

<rant begins on why there is no hotkey to mute posts, and ends by removing Mashable from my circles>
I like it but its crazy how they probably paid a designer thousands of dollars for 4 squares and a typeface.
I'd love the logo, except that it says "Microsoft" in it.
One can only imagine how much money it cost them to come up with this...
I can't see through the windiws!! Oh that's better Ubuntu cleaned that up for me..
FAIL..what they had was more interesting  this is bland oh well hope someone got rich over the bland to simple change for mega bucks Corp...only thing I like is the easy to read font  but the icon is a big Fail.
Copycat from Google Chrome?
The old warped logo looked much better, this is boring
Apple is suing google for suing Microsoft. because apple was the first to sue for mindless bullshit that won't garnish any new revenue. 
Yellow is for bananas, what's an OS without a little fun added to it.
serious serious lack of creativity, if anything, it's a downgrade
I honestly thought Microsoft couldn't get more boring. Seems I was wrong.
I hate Apple. I hate Microsoft even more, because they're copycats!
And exactly what has changed?
It gives Microsoft an icon.  Yes, they had the "evaporating windows" logo, but that was for Windows.

The branding works... check out the new brand for Windows 8.  Microsoft can do the same for every product... design an icon, then render the product name in the Microsoft-owned typeface.

Myself, I like the "heavy metal" Microsoft logo, and the "comic book" icon for Windows 1.0
I like it. Good job Microsoft.
Meh. Microsoft is just a bunch of parallelograms. New Microsoft logo? Squares. Xbox? Obvious: Box. That's why I choose Sony
Looks like any one of a dozen Windows version logos. There is simply nothing, and nothing original here. It's perfect for a corporate logo, simple, and plain.
+David Purse No I wasn't. Old Microsoft logo only had italicised word Microsoft and that cut "o" in the middle. And the new one has what: different type, added symbol, change typeface, colours and everything. It changed completely. Comparing apple to orange. All they share is round shape. Just like here. All they share is a sequence of letters.
*But*. Don't forget to exclude all other logos Microsoft has already been using that *do look like this new logo*. That is true. But looking purely at corporate's logo, it changed drastically.
From a Window to a Colour 4 square!
Wow, Microsoft. Big change!
+Jordan Gill No. You're comparing Windows and new Microsoft logo. Compare the old Microsoft logo with italic Microsoft that had cut "o" in the middle and the new one. That's what got changed...
How many executives and how many consultants did it take to come up with this? At what cost (which will eventually be passed on)? It's OK but I could have done it in a morning at a fraction of the cost and without the psycho-babble. Any offers?
It's still the same wolf dressed up in different sheep's clothing.
nooo, they also changed the font, i see. The old one looked awesome and professional. New one is meh.
p.s.: i just realised the 4 colours are for the 4 services.
Still Microsoft.... Still crap.
How many $million$ did they pay an agency to develop this new logo?  Just think, this could have been done with 99Deisgns ;-)  I do have to say I'm very glad to see they did NOT go with ME TOO BORING BLUE that the big tech companies have all gone to.
Rounded edges have become ubiquitous and cliché. Square is going to be next, even though it was in in 95. This all based n what a few graphic designers have told me.
1985 called. They want their logo back.
They should have it at an angle
I'm sure they paid too much for it...
They need to figure out where they use the logo with the turned perspective and the flat one we see here. It works. Simple.
Like their new OS, boring & dumbed down. They should change their name to Windows Pane! - pain :)
The old one was better this is to ugly, pointy and has no class.  The old logo was more people oriented organic in feel this one is to plain and flat, two dimensional, with no imagination.  I really dislike this one now that I think of it it is not a good move for the company.
Looks like when u build something super old outta new materials. 
I liked the last one better so far
I like the direction Microsoft is headed. 
What's the yellow square for? Mobile? Nah. 
it actually looks like a window it make more sense then that other crap
Not even original!!! It's the M train sign for a New York City Subway 
My first impression? Looks like something for a Google product.
I do'nt think it is better ;
They can creat much better than this one.
It is so simple.
Very Bold 3-D Spacial. May Help
Why? There was nothing wrong with the first. It makes me think that they are trying to be like Apple with how simplistic it is. Have more confidence in yourself Microsoft there is a reason we use you. We don't like Apple
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