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Apple just sent out invitations to an event next Wednesday to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Besides the time and location information, the invite only says “We have something you really need to see. And touch.” The words are superimposed on what is almost certainly an iPad.

It’s all but a done deal now: Apple will unveil the iPad 3 on March 7. The event is due to begin at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. ET)

More Information:
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I hope the event flops and so does the iPad3 but it wont.
The timing of the announcement (when Google was giving their talk at MWC) shows the level of paranoia Apple is (rightly) feeling about the Android competition.
The timing and frequency of Android fanboy rants shows the level of paranoia they are rightly feeling about the impending iPad announcement.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. ;-)
Can someone please explain why people get all worked up about this kind of stuff? Who cares! If people like it they will buy it and if they don't it will fail. We will find out in the coming months.

Ultimately the competition is great.
Expect minor software revisions, and minute hardware tweaks to tie Apple fans over until they have something else to push on your wallet.
Love Apple. Love Android. Love all Tech. Love seeing innovation or Interpretation of design and types of new tech.

Also, no Home button in the picture.
the iPad is probably in landscape mode, so you just can't see the home button
Why does the invitation look so crap?
"We have something you really need to see. And touch"? When did Apple go from an industry leader to the creepy uncle that your parents don't want you to spend alone time with at family gatherings?
How can Apple get rid of their home button, now no one will be able to see that its an iPad and not and Android tablet /sarcasm.
Seriously though, will this mean that any other Tablet can look sufficiently different by just putting their name on the front?
Any support for Flash / Java.?
They want to announce the next 100 companies they will be suing for patent infringements for having a small pocketable rectangular device which has a screen, electronics inside and runs off a battery ... just like an iPhone does
Dav Bob
As a poor UK student I do not and am not likely to have the money for an iPad any time soon. Not that I really want one. I was in an electrical shop earlier today playing about with all the tablets and I love the idea of a tablet and would love to own one but I can't see that the iPad stands out any more than some of the better Android tablets. I don't really understand the whole fanboy attitude, one product is better than another because of who made it? Sounds a bit stupid to me. I use a windows PC but also dual boot with Linux and run Linux most of the time unless I want to play games on Windows. I have a playstation and and xbox because they offer different things, I also have a Wii for the times I want to play Wii games. I have an HTC phone because it was the best value for money at the time. People need to take a long hard look at themselves and evaluate their lives if the most important thing is apple > anything else etc..
I will not buy an I pad. I had a 3gs Iphone and now I have a Nexus 4g LTE droid phone. I do give Apple one thing... they have the best marketing people in the world.
power of the surface technology boom!!!!!!!!!
yeah dav i can see what your saying is true i mainly dont like apple all that much android tabs have something about then that makes you want one i love android
im not realy into one product over another either i just like stuff that does what i should and is sopose to
+Dav Bob I agree with everything you said, only one thing bothers me: you are a poor student, but you own playstation AND xbox AND wii, and a smartphone. Man I wish I was as poor as you :/
+Dav Bob to me Tablets don't fill a need yet. They fill a want sure. But my friends who have the iPad2 are disappointed with what they are able to accomplish on it. Androids probably aren't much better for functionality. If you have money to spare and want a nice light web browsing device or something to fool around on get a tablet. But until the industry improves how they work and what they can do, well its just a luxury.
I don't buy Jobs, post PC era bit, its just a PC era with some light alternatives.
I do think the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 having the S-Pen does something to improve the situation but I doubt the ability of the device to do as much as it could with it yet. Although I have not used it.
I wonder how long, or if, we will see Apple go against what they said and make some sort of stylus. Of course they will change something and spin it to say its not a stylus but an iScribe or iPen.
+Dav Bob - as a 'poor UK student', you sure do have a lot of gaming systems. :)
Seeing is believing.Best of luck friends!
The Brand Equity pays but as long as you are better than others.
+Dav Bob I use Apple because I get more of a bang for my buck. I have never had problems with Mac products; no viruses, no blue screen, no application crashes, etc. They just work. I used to be a PC guy (as was my dad until last year) but once I was forced to use a Mac by an employer, I never wanted to go back.
plzz give me a iphone 4g plz plz plz
We understand that, but in latin american countries the basic problem is PRICE!
Apple are just another corporation that need big babies to continually buy their latest toys while they violate human rights in their factories.
Only in this country do media outlets(web or otherwise) sport a raging hard-on when the latest greatest tech object(one which will be obsolete in 6months) is announced, but roll their eyes or change the channels when actual news(unemployment, health insurance and cancer, racism, sexism) is mentioned. Pssf. I have an iPad 1 and iPad 2, and guess what, people are still dropping from Cancer.
+Hussain Lal the last time i checked, your country was still on 3G, what would you want with an iphone 4G? sigh, the wise old adage 'a fool and his money are soon parted' still rings true today.
Apple rules Java and Flash inadequate for their devices. Hence they don't add support.
+Adam Fullerton - I don't hope they fail, but I'd sure like to see someone do a better job.

+Jonathan Fang - You mean Uncle Touchy? He rarely leaves his naked puzzle basement...

+Jeff Alberda - My tablet fills a great need: I no longer need a laptop (although I conceed its more desire than necessity). I've got a PC at work, gotomypc on pad and phone, and a zagg keyboard for typing. Less stuff to carry, longer battery life, better source of entertainment when I'm not working.
wait... I have to see it, And touch it O_o what do you mean with that???? hahah
+Dwayne Harris It's not "theirs" per se, but if I found out my provider/employee (depending on how you define their relationship) was guilty of huge human rights violations, I'd distance myself as much as I could from them and fire their ass.
i have found it impossible to get neutral iOS-vs-Android analysis on Google+. it's kinda sad.
Rich S
I always like to see Apple events. In my mind, they're not quite as aggressively innovative as Android, but they're a hell of a lot more polished when they release something. Different toys for different people - my wife loves her ipad2, I love my ICS Touchpad. I hope Apple finally steals widgets for iOS, they really need it.
Could have an invisible home button like those found on DirecTV boxes or Samsung TVs?
at last indian cricket team played to there potential, and showed what are they capable of.
any idea about the pricing of this update model?
Dav Bob
+Nikola Rajković +Joshua Lyon The Playstation is a ps2, the xbox is an original xbox, not 360 and the Wii.... well it is a Wii, they don't cost much. As for the smartphone; I gave up on my housephone and have an HTC desire (original desire also known as a Bravo). Having the smartphone is actually saving me money on landline calls as I got a good deal which gives me unlimited calls to a landline and 900 minutes per month.
Apple wants all our money not consumer wants. Its all about business not consumer satisfaction.
Dav Bob
Also to add that before becoming a student I was on £20k+ but was made redundant. I have been studying for 2 years now and became a student before the whole tablet revolution took off.
No doubt, this will be a powerful and brilliant piece of technology. But, Android and Google are becoming too streamlined, too smooth, and too much of the better deal for me to ever consider Apple at this point in the game. I mean, have you SEEN Google Voice, Docs, Blogger, Gmail, Reader, Calendar, YouTube, Maps/Navigation, News, the Search Monopoly/Engine and Chrome - not to mention Google Plus? All this (and more) on a native tablet device in addition to the ever-evoloving Android Market...and the iPad is what, slightly quicker than my $300 Transformer (now with ICS) and a retina display (which is cool, but not enough to compete with the aforementioned suite!).
That looks like the standard os doc. I haven't used ipad much, I thought it was like the phone with icons in grid.
+Justin Heap I agree with you, Google has a lot of great services. But the funny thing about Google is they want all of these services to be accessible from any device. So... you can access most of that on an iPad. But I do see your point for the most part.
and the iSheep are already lining up...
Would die to go to the event, "to see it and touch it"
But I'm about 10,000 miles away from SF :(
Too bad the date on the image is not the 02/29/12 :-)
Yawn....what another ipad or phone that is the same as the last one with with a T? Apple is no longer innovating. They are just treading water until another company pushes them under.
Wow lots of Apple haters on here!
Alot of people got this message, and there have been sooooo many posts.
+Rosa Rizo Yeah, there are. They don't realize that blindly hating a company is just as stupid and pointless and blindly loving one.
so, ready for the iPad 4?
Great. Now you can have an ipad 2 with a retina display have a 3 where the 2 is on the back, And get ripped off again.
+Michael Durwin who is to say that the image used isnt just an ipad2? the picture is very suggestive as well as the text used. if it IS a new touch then it might be a complete redesign... just like redesign of the nano
Sean S
Maybe the back will be touch sensitive. I think the PS Vita has a touch sensitive back. On the iPad this could be used to scroll through a webpage without having to touch the screen.
Aren't you apple users tired of every year there's a new ipad? I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE my devices and electronics just as much if not more than the next techie, i mean you apple guys can't even enjoy your tab or phone before you have to plunk down another $500 to $800, how much will you APPLE guys let THE ROTTEN APPLE bleed you dry, Lol! !!@ the suckers
Has no one realized the Map Symbol? There were rumours that Apple will launch its own map service. Maybe next week?
+Dwayne Harris labeling people who dislike apple as people who "blindly" do that is just as stupid.
there are many very well informed people who dislike Apple. and it's not like there is any shortage of reason to hate the poisonous fruit!
That is so lame. Come on people, what big difference was there between the iPad 1 and 2. What is the difference now, is it all glass? Who cares?
Yawn. Another overzised iPhone that doesn't make phone calls. And all for only $500. Fanboys unite!
i love how google maps made it onto this really compelling Apple Ad.
+Dwayne Harris +Rosa Rizo agreed, blindly hating a company is as pointless as blindly loving one.

But I have my eyes open, and I am not an Apple fan. For me, it's a fundamental, philosophical difference. Dwayne, you touched on it earlier - Google is trying to open things up. Apple, on the other hand, their main goal is to lock you in.

Example: notice the icon to the left in that picture. Google Maps, on an iPad. Any guesses when we will see Apple software ported to other operating systems? Think we'll see FaceTime on an Android device any time soon? Not a chance. They'd rather make their "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have..." commercials.

I could list a dozen more examples.
When there's so many gullible idiots out there willing to fork out their hard earned clams for a slightly modified revision of last year's technology, why not? Who can blame Apple, their customer base are just asking for it.
Funny, I saw somehting the other day that said "now is the time to sell your IPAD 2.
+Daniel M. Ramos you don't understand its not about competition or innovation with Apple. There business practices are anti competitive. And this only hurts all consumers in the long run. Apple fans or not. Apple doesnt innovate they just know how to patent existing technology and make it as easy as possible for non techy people. That's great but the problem is they patent things that should NOT be patented ever and trying to stop other companies from using it even though they did not invient the technology. Perfect example being slide to unlock, this first appeared on a Windows Mobile device in 2005 I believe but they stole it, patented it, and is trying to block others from using it. Ohh and there are other such cases. They are bad for innovation.
Ya know, even though all their hardware and software are typically locked from further customization, I can't deny that Apple makes quality products/software. The PROBLEM in Apple lies in their price gouging. If everyone else can afford to sell higher technological performing products at a lesser price, why are they selling their technologically inferior products for sometimes even double the price? EVERY company is greedy in their own way, but i feel that in an economy like this one, they are the crowned kings in greed. That is my MAJOR reasons for not patronizing ANY of their products/software.
iFad3... it's just like 2 but with a slightly better camera. Your old model is now obsolete and you will no longer be cool among the Apple elite if you don't own the 3. Buy it! And next year we'll upgrade the iFad4 with 1 gig of RAM and you'll have to buy that again, too.
so glad to see how many people out there have opened their eyes to reality, and aren't blinded by Apple's crap. Kudos, people.
You guys do know that it's not a requirement to have the latest device right?
Couldn't agree more Bryan, couldn't agree more... I feel it's like some sort of "cult" if I may allow myself to say. Once you're in, it's hard to get out!
Apple has been quite a bit more wary of innovating, which is always why they succeeded. Despite the fact that they're lying, scheming, assholes (like quite a few other corporations), I've always respected them for their seemingly unbreakable will to create new things and drive the computer industry forward. however, even if you don't like the innovations Microsoft made on Windows 8, you have to admit that there's quite a bit more innovations than there was on Mountain Lion. I'm somewhat disappointed. Despite the fact that I've never like Apple, I've always thought that Microsoft and Google needed some competition and now even that's slipping. The last thing Apple is still the best at is making the best looking computers, but even that's going to be a struggle with some of the new ultrabooks. Apple had better get their act together fast, or they're history. And they would do well to stop being such assholes while they're at it.
+Alexa Antonaras lol. Okay, now I can't stop imagining Tim Cook walking up to a Foxconn worker and shooting her in the head with a Beretta because she missed a screw.
macbook with touch screen ??
And all the iSheep salivate over more crApple.
Could their big announcement be haptic feedback? That would be really lame.
Apple is Boss they do what they have to do to make there money be on top and succeed. They are at there peek but they are going to fall and some one else will take over but for now they are BOSS
Surprisingly few Apple zealots on here...oh wait, they don't like choice and are happy with an inferior product - they must be on Facebook.

Sorry, had to get a dig in ;)
Keith B
+maard knotts Just because they release a new one every year doesn't mean I have to buy it. Duh.

+Davy Jones The main difference is the addition of cameras (not great ones, but nevertheless) which enables facetime. I never had the first iPad, likely wont ever have a 3, but when this one actually needs to be replaced, I will likely get whatever version is out at the time.

not because I am a fanboy (and in fact I only recently bought my first apple products) but because it works. It replaces several other devices I used to have to juggle (camera, email, word processor, GPSr, internet to name a few). It is annoying that apple is not as free and open as other platforms, but the gatekeeper works both ways--keeps me from doing some things I could do on my PC, but generally keeps marginal developers from selling me some half-assed BS that barely works, if at all. And I couldn't choose from 50 different processors, which turns out to be pretty nice, because I didn't have to research 50 different processors.
+Camille Shim-Marinos Apple pays attention to design, which cost them money, so you have to pay for it. Why should I buy a Mercedes if a Honda Civic gets me where I want to go? Because it is more pleasurable to drive and ride in. If you're happy in a Metro, more power to you.
Does anyone else feel like we should STOP - and go back to climbing trees and playing tag? We are just shy of having our personal 'Scottie' to beam us to the next room instead of walking there ourselves. We have sliding doors. We have beeping hand held devices. We have immediate video of who we are talking to, and they can see us. We have vehicles that navigate and park themselves. We have entire meals ready in two minutes. We have screens to touch that adjust temperature, lighting, communication, security, and provide answers instantly (because we do not rely on a foundation of solid education put into our capable minds). It's all so CONVENIENT! I dunno. I thought I turned out alright learning math with beads on a string, eating out of a garden, building tree forts out of rubbish, spraining ankles while playing dodgeball, and surviving rainy days with an imagination. It's interesting someone knows how to make Star Trek come to life. Apple - I'm not gonna see or touch... for now... until I have to.
+Alexa Antonaras summed it up best. "apple is killing the free market " how? You might ask. Take a close unbiased look at all of there frivolous patent lawsuits.
+Su Datema Actually, all of those things are just fine, you know, in moderation. Making everything just slightly more convenient should be the goal. We just need to remember to put the toys down from time to time and look around a bit.
New iPod? What? Why in the world does anyone need a new iPod or iTouch? Can't the iPhone do the same thing? My Android phone plays music just fine. Oh wait...I forgot...the iPhone only has mono speakers.
+Keith B ok, you don't like choice and would rather have Apple choose for you. That's your prerogative. The other main premise in your argument however, that Apple is Mercedes and everything else is a Geo Metro, is simply not true. Stop believing what Apple is forcing down your throat and think for yourself.

Oh wait, you just said you don't like doing that. Nevermind, carry on.
I am a difficult one to convince Kenneth. No one knows where the line of moderation is. It's a whirlwind of competition to have the best new fastest latest gadget. Why does it all have to be slightly more convenient? The world got on fine for thousands of years!
I would like to see them debut something that is not an iteration of an already existing product. Bring me a game changer, prove to me that without Steve Jobs Apple will still be able to produce innovative products, not just the latest version of something that came out a few years ago.

That being said, it will have a few hardware tweaks, new software, and of course Siri.
Who on Earth would buy an iPad a few months before Windows 8 tablets are released?
When are they coming out with the iMat, the iRug, and the iFloor?
+Alexa Antonaras as much as I dislike apple I can't use the Foxconn debacle as one of the reasons. Why? Because almost all of our products in any industry is made in China and there is a VERY good chance that the workers there are not treated in a manner that we as US citizens would say is appropriate. No that doesn't make it OK but we I am sure are all guilty of supporting this practice in one way or another.

Who here wants to pay 100% more for there products? I didn't think so. Blame American consumerism for that.
+Kenneth Knox seriously the iphone only does mono? No way.. That would be uhhh pathetic.. That can't be true.
who the hell would buy an ipad when theyre just going to leave out something you really want on it so they can put it on the ipad 4 and charge you more money later. apples motto is leave them wanting more.
I can't wait to which Android functionality they've integrated this year.
Amazing how a thread about a Apple announcement only attracts Apple haters. If you believe your prefered other brand is superior, why not just enjoy that? Why constantly defend your choice and attack the alternative?
I'm more interested in a new iPhone. I never really caught onto the whole tablet craze.
sooo they are announcing stuff that is weakier then the competition but i bet it will outsell the competition just cause of the apple logo
I think people don't understand what closed versus open means to real people. It means nothing. Savvy users and IT experts can grasp the concept and its implications but the common consumers cant or simply dont care. The common user sees that even in this supposed 'closed' environment they have zillions of apps, they can browse virtually all of the web, they can playback all their existing content as well as access allmost all media ever produced in a content store.

Now try explaining to a non-technical person how that is a closed system. Even if you can argue it is, it is not perceived that way.

They're just two philosophies. Closed, where hardware, software and services are controlled and can be optimally integrated into a seamless, simple experience. Or closed, which offers more choice in hardware, software and services yet is often less integrated. One is not better than the other, it's just a preference.
One philosophy is greedy and controlling, the other is not. One is better than the other.

It's long since time to expose Apple for what they really are. And "constantly defend your choice and attack the alternative" is pretty much the Apple mantra.
When Apple treats their workers in the world better, I will take a look at their products.
I agree that Apple is controlling their ecosystem, both to control the total experience and to control the customer itself, and ultimately, profit. The goal of any company, especially publicly traded ones. This strategy as an upside does lead to some amazing products. I'm sure you don't agree with that but many do.

You cannot say as a fact though whether it is better or not, its just an opinion or preference, and both sides are valid. Like I said, the typical consumer will not perceive either ecosystem as closed since their choices within that controlled ecosystem are overwhelming. It may be too limiting for you, but the facts show it is fine for a mass audience.
+Nancy Marquez Once again, this alone is not a valid argument for avoiding Apple products. The same companies that produce most of the Apple hardware produce hardware for the majority of electronics companies such as Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.
+Nancy Marquez Amen to that.

Not to mention that Android based products have all but caught up and surpassed Apple now. I foresee some serious competition between the two and I'll go with Android before I go with Apple for your reason and for other reasons. With all due respect for Apple products (I used to love doing desktop editing on the G4 in high school).
"Controlling" doesn't have to be a bad word. In many cases it is. However control can also lead to better products. You ever use something that was too open and badly integrated? There's different approaches here and it's not as simple as open = good, closed = bad.
If Crapple actually made products of value, I might have been excited about this. The price paid for what you get is horrible when it comes to Crapple products. Most of their products (especially their computers) don't even compare in the hardware category. The same goes for their mobile devices. The specs on an Android tablet usually far exceed the iPad. I'm tired of stupid people that buy Crapple products because of the eye candy or because everyone else has an iPhone so that must be the best. The iPhone 4s isn't even in the same league with the newest Android phones that are available. It can't even come close to the performance of the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note. And now HTC has the new One X with a quad core CPU that leaves the iPhone in the dust. And just like previous years, Crapple will bring out their new iPad and then other mobile companies like Samsung will bring out their new tablets that smoke the iPad 3 in the performance category. Performance is all that really matters anyway. Plus Android is a far better mobile OS than iOS will ever be.
Apple makes some nice products, I can agree to that.

But I can say for fact that a system which offers its customers as much choice as possible, as much freedom as possible, is far better than a system that tries to control its customers (and their friends, family and acquaintances, too) as much as possible.
In certain circumstances, I agree that a closed system can be better for the consumer. But as a general philosophy, it is not a good thing. Locking people in as much as possible is Apple's general philosophy.
I'm actually now waiting for the iPad 4 and OS X Space Lion.
+Nancy Marquez then you need to stop buying anything. Almost everything is made in China and almost non of the other facilities workers are treated as well as Foxconn workers are. Hate apple for other reasons not for that one. No its not okay but it is reality in china.
IPAD3 ? there are too many versions, I dont want to feel like I have to buy every single one to get updated. Hope its different to ipad2? lols
+Evan Stitt Nope, you still can't say that for a fact. Its still just an opinion. A valid one at that, but not a fact. You selectively ignore the upside of closed systems and the downside of open systems to arrive at your "fact". I understand that in your belief the pros of open systems outweighs anything else, but that does not make it a universal truth.

There's many other products you probably use daily that are entirely closed, to which nobody complains. And as for "as much choice as possible" always being the best thing, that doesn't have to be true for every product or target audience at all.

As a personal example. I work in IT and when I was younger I used to love playing with Linux. Far more open than Windows, more things to tweak, less restrictions, the most open option available. In your reasoning the superior option.

Now that I'm older I stopped caring and just want things to work. I want to be productive and hate tinkering with plumbing. I switched to a more closed system and am more efficient now. By your logic that's impossible, since maximum freedom and choice is always the best thing.
i just got one yesterday! it's my mom's, i still haven't messed around with it! wth?
+Justin Rosselet I agree, tablets honestly won't be worth buying until they can match the speed and power of laptops.
All I want is something that works. Fuck all this Apple fanboy BS. Give me a brick phone Motorola startac.
+Ferdy Christant I'm a software engineer, posting this from Linux Mint 12.

You're right though, it is still an opinion rather than a universal fact. I just happen to be right ;)

If people prefer to be controlled and manipulated by a bunch of greedy dicks, I suppose that is their prerogative.
+Evan Stitt I'm also a SE, and I use all options, Linux on the server, W7 on the desktop and iOS on the iPad. I find each to excel in those categories. I'm not loyal to any option and encourage competition to push the bar higher.

Anyways, off to bed now. Cheers
Why hasn't any of these companies filed some anti competitive charges against apple yet? Every lawsuit they bring up is to seek that android products are removed from shelves. They never ask for licensing fees, always product removal.

This is the company you choose to buy products from? You might as well just say to your android using friend or family member that you don't want them to have any choice but apple and to go eff themselves.... Yeah pretty much..
Anyone starting to think that George Lucas might have a hand in apples continuous redevelopment of their same product?
If CyanogenMod can get CM9 on this, I might actually buy one :)
1. Listen. If you people dont care, then why comment at all?
2. No home button!
No home button! All gesture based finally!!
Android is better hands down!!
YAY! Another pointless pad for trend followers! Have at, you pack of minions!
woopity doo - i have stove with 4 heating elements but my neighbours have a stove with 6. I should throw mine away so I can keep up with them.
Asus eetransformer has quad core...........
Same old shiz in a new packaging....booooring!
then again people will wait in line for days to buy the same device with a not so different name... I really wonder what would it feel to be a prisoner of your own decision... Go Apple Users!!
"We have something you need to see. And touch." They even say (without actually saying it) There's nothing really new, we just want your money, and you idiots will give it to us.
+J. Arthur Lee because iPad was first doesn't mean it's best, not sure what stylus you are talking about either.
IPad is for children and the elderly. Android is what the grown ups use. :)
There not the first pad with quad core Asus prime has quad core that's android
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... is what any sensible person would do.
+J. Arthur Lee you have no idea what you are talking about, you should just be quiet. Android has been (and still is) ahead of iOS with several innovations. Notifications, widgets, voice recognition just to name a few.
man, g+ "whats hot" is like nerds united. i <3
Anyone know if they will stream it online, or if we'll just have to settle for live feeds?
Another over hyped over priced tablet. I doubt I'll be impressed.
Wake up China! You're on! Get those workers up and on their feet! America wants new toys to numb our pain...
+J. Arthur Lee apple didn't invent anything for android to knock off. ios and osx is based on free bsd (use your favorite search engine to check that fact). Tablets are not new (Ipad was not there first), smartphone wasn't invented by Apple, ultrabooks were not invented by Apple.

Could you name a single product or OS that Apple has done that has not already been done? BTW android was founded before the iphone, you can Google that too.

I am actually waiting for this one. I don't own any previous version of iPad so I think it is not that bad to buy one.
I want to see Apple try to get rid of their home button, then all other tablet manufacturers can bring suit for looking like theirs...
I have a laptop, and no need for a tablet, period. Show me one with an Ethernet connection and I'll be mildly interested but place my $$$ elsewhere.
“We have something you really have to see. And touch.” — And in so many little ways it’s clear that Steve Jobs is gone and the douchebags have taken over… Even the hand in this picture is mildly disgusting and looks weathered; Steve Jobs controlled Apple’s image with élan and it is already deteriorating.
i dont have an ipad and all of my friends bring them to SCHOOL!
Hopefully it's a patch for the dreadful Mountain Lion.
It's not so much that Apple products are crap. That's never been my stand. It's more so that Apple the company is a disease to innovation.

No apple products are not superior. That's your opinion the fact is the latest android devices have more capabilities. More processing power, etc.
+J. Arthur Lee if you're going to rant about something you should check your facts a bit first.

1) Android is an OS, iPad is a device, there are not the same thing so one can't be a copy of the other.

2) Quad core Android devices already exists, both Tablets and phones (HTC just introduced a quad core phone this week, and the ASUS Transformer line of quad core tables have been out for a few months now.)

3) The reason you fanbois get pushed around is because you come to the 'fight' unarmed.
i only care about the price of ipad3 in china...
Sounds like some Penn state pee pee touching shit
+Wes Kroesbergen no, the spelling and literacy errors are caused by virtual keyboards with word prediction. They all suck.

Anyhow your comments about literacy, and spelling are not relevant to this debate. You should bring some usable facts to the table instead.

So +J. Arthur Lee enlighten ua on how apple is so superior and innovative, so far you have not mentioned anything Factual.

What patent does apple hold that they actually invented the technology for it, or was the first to use it.

Stealing ideas, refining it and patenting it is not innovative or cutting edge.

Where are your facts? I don't care what university or what celebrity uses an Ipad that's not relevant. What's relevant is what feature or function there is to the Ipad that or any other apple product that makes it "ahead of the curve"?
Most of our government still uses windows. Does that mean windows is superior? In fact windows still has the largest market share of all OS's does that mean it's the best? Lots of financial institutions use Windows does that make it the best? Movie and music editing has been and still is done in many cases using Windows.... Camry is the most popular family sedan in the US... Android is dased on Linux, Linux is on about 90% of all servers, you know those things that make the internet possible. Linux not free bsd. Does that mean it's better? No..

So again what has apple done that has not been done before? Still waiting for that answer?
I've used PC products since the mid 90s because I get a whole lot more bang for my buck. I've had very few problems with PC products, never had a virus, haven't seen a blue screen since Windows 98. The only application crashes I've had was my fault, not the computers. Also, I don't have to spend a fortune for software. Most all I use is free, open source. And . . . I consider myself an honest person!
I can not wait for apples new releases ... Keep it up apple 
Im not really a huge fanatic of Ipads but I have a feeling this iPad is going to be pretty cool if it's something we really need to see and touch.
just heard Ipad 3 coming out March 7th
Lmfao.. Noone told me the circus was in town.. Have a goodnight.
Can't wait to see what they have done to upgrade.
Mark L.
Sounds like somebody is kookoo for coacoa puffs.....
who said Apple doesn't brainwash people? I give you J. Arthur Troll as counter-evidence. At least there was some intelligent discussion on this thread before it turned into Trollsville. Night all.
Once again hardware tweeks to add the hardware that should have been there in the first place and adding software it could just update on the old version. And apple fans will rejoice
Hey thats my birthday. That day. Cool! I can i get one if i go. Lol!
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See and... touch? Apple is making a touch screen devices, that's awesome!! 2004 really is going to be a great year
iPad 3 blows everyone's mind away Stock price jumps 20%
all apple stuff is great but most of the stuff i have from apple have broken :(
You expect common sense from Apple fanbois? ;)
When Apple is more expensive in India,how do you expect this big market to react.our goods are good but 10 times more expensive.What will Apple do with the heap of USD kept as reserves?Accumulation of wealth is not considered good in Indic philosophy.Go out do some thing great for the Earth.Thanks!
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