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Just a day after Google released the final version of Google Chrome for Android, the company is bringing its popular web browser to iOS.

Google showcased the browser at Google I/O running on the iPhone and iPad. As with the Android version of the browser, users can sync browser tabs and bookmarks with Chrome instances on the desktop and other mobile devices.
Google is brining the Chrome web browser and Google Drive to iOS.
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Who cares. Why use iOS? Nice that @Google is mentioning the other guy though!
That's nice, but where's the Linux distro of Google Drive?
This is awesome! It's going to be browser galore for iOS....not long ago Yahoo released Axis and now Chrome! One if these iOS browsers just needs some flash fix embedded so we can completely forget abt Safari as Flash problems!
+Josh Mckibbin, the Google chrome OS is a Linux OS that Google has designed to work with their online app suites very well; consequently, you can say that these online apps work best with Linux.  It is not the Linux you use, but it is Linux none the less.
Ha!  I completely agree with that statement.

Still, do not expect Google to undercut their version of Linux for some other Linux flavor.
As long as you cannot set what browser you want as standard on ios it is pointless..
+David Gulbrandsen, I don't understand why it is pointless.  You can still use whatever browser you want, so what is the big deal?
When did Apple start allowing other browsers on iOS? I am not talking about "browsers" like Opera Mini that is actually a rather crappy remotely-rendered-images viewer. I mean, ones that have working Canvas element and such? Did I miss the announcement of Apple relaxing their stance?
Wow. Imagine that. iPads can now again pretend to be useful.
This Daniel is confused by Daniel D's comment.
+Daniel M. Ramos  Apple for a long time forbade "alternative browsers" from showing up on AppStore. I am guessing here, but I thank that's the reason "Opera Mobile" is not on iOS, just "Opera Mini" (which is NOT a browser, in my opinion)

I guess people were pounding on Apple and managed to clarify / relax the "no alternative browser" stance. Indeed, if the only limitation now is "No alternative browser as DEFAULT" then this is a big change for iOS market.

I wish I would care more about iOS to go look up actual terms, but, I guess, i stopped caring long time ago.
You said iPads are not useful.  I don't see how that can be said given the widespread adoption of iPad and iOS by the enterprise.
+Daniel M. Ramos We have different definition of "usefulness" In my opinion (long history of iOS device handling), iOS devices are only slightly more useful than a diamond bracelet. (Pretty, minimally (bordering on crippled) functional, mostly designed to siphon money from people).

I compare that to, let's say, Android devices' "usefulness" which is, in my opinion, slightly less useful than a of normal computer. (Empowering, somewhat geeky, commodity pricing).
Well, you have a very narrow view of usefulness.
+Daniel M. Ramos Indeed. Guilty of that. My "usefulness" definition in mobile devices ends somewhere at Android level. iOS starts on the better side of "vanity" range.
I wish I could run chrome on my Nexus one :-(
+Zeev Bubis, seriously!  You can't run chrome on hardware that was google inspired?  What a raw deal!
It's about time - that could really really be a useful feature for knowledge workers, I think. I'd mention that Google will be competing with Atomic Web and the iCab browsers, on those platforms, incidentally...
I don't think it will do anything of the sort. It will let iOS users know they have choices on a platform that is obviously serving them well.
I tried using it on my iPhone and iPad. Wasn't thrilled by it overall. I see promise but to be honest, until Apple opens up a bit more, which is highly unlikely, then 3rd party browsers will probably not replace Safari.
Hopefully this makes Apple make a Android version of iTunes
Will install when I get home. Now just waiting for Google+ on iPad!
I tried it out.  It is pretty cool, but most of those features are supposed to be part of iOS 6, aren't they?  Anyway, it will be interesting to compare them.  BTW, I use Chrome almost exclusively at work.  I like it very much.
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