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An Applebee's server was fired this week after she posted a photo of a receipt from a customer who refused to tip, presumably because of religious reasons. The photo shows a receipt for a $34.93 bill, with an 18% gratuity ($6.29) added underneath, which the customer had scribbled over with the phrase "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?"

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Do you think the server deserved to be fired?
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I definitely don't think she should've been fired. Applebee's should be ashamed of themselves. 
Michael Atkinson
uh-oh with that question let the comments wars (& disrespect, religion vs non-religion, put-downs & other lack of social IQ) begin!!
Jim Cyr
i would have posted the pic if it was me. Not a reason to get fired.
No, she should not have gotten fired. The guy that left the note and no tip should get fired.
Really? Where is the love ...
I gave Harry Potter money when I bought the books, that the same thing.
+Applebee's can fire/hire whoever they want. I'll just choose not to eat there anymore because the waitress's action was justified. That pastor can eat it... 
Ivan Yudhi
here's a serious question though...don't get me wrong.. I always tip at least 15%, and at minimum of $2 if the meal costs less than $10..

but, is ok to not give tip at all? after all, tips are supposed to be voluntary right? I understand servers live on these tips.. but if they don't provide good service (or any service at all), would it be still necessary to give tips?
The server should have been fired for posting the reciept on social media, keep the complaining to yourself or jus mention it, posting pics is a BIG No-No
Ridiculous to fire someone for that... Applebee's should get sued for something like this.
Judging by this pic no personal information was divulged...she should not have lost her job
Shame on the Pastor! I waited tables to put myself through school. And shame on Applebee' long as no confidential financial information was disclosed the waitress was justified
zach nope
I don't think so. The woman who left it should not have written her opinion (and stiffed her waitress) if she was concerned someone might read it! 
Maybe she shouldn't post photos where bosses and coworkers can see :p
Frackin' religious nut jobs .... God doesn't get that money, I'm pretty sure he set financially anyway. That dude was an out and out cheapskate turd, hiding behind his alleged loyalty to his religion. Those are the people who give religion a black eye. I'm sure when he meets his god, he'll have some 'splainin' to do ....
in a way they should be fired because every person has their own religion that goes against certain things!!
Ridiculous. What a nice guy he is (not) 
I just hope this pastor doesn't set an example and play the religion role as an excuse to not tip people. The worse part is this pastor is getting exposure and support for the wrong reasons. 
Wow and a paster of a church. I think she should have blotted out the signature first but either way shouldn't have been fired 
Fired? What for? Did the receipt identify the customer concerned? Oh, I see now: colleague of server scribbled signature out but was still legible (can't have done much of a good job then). Mind you, shouldn't he attitudes of people essentially in public office, leading others, be known? Not really a private comment was it, writing on bill? Pastor demanded ALL staff be fired! Talk about right-wing, religious knee-jerk reaction, although regretted comments afterwards.
Whether god gets the money or not is not the issue, the bible says to give a tithe of 10% your worth
Why would i give you money? Well, you know, because he was a good server and you're not a total dick?
If they have a posted tip policy, this is theft. I'd say the restaurant should call the police and take the customer to court.
Who the fuck eats at Applebee's anyway? 
Should not have lost her job. If places like this paid their employees more the n we would not have to tip, but I understand, that will never happen. Would probably also make costs go up for the consumer. 
This so-called "pastor" is a hypocrite.  Stiffing the poor server just shows he's a cheapskate and a jerk, not a man of God.  And no, the server did not deserve to be fired.  If people are really going to be that awful to their fellow human beings, they shouldn't be surprised or up in arms by being called-out on the social media carpet.  None of us are perfect, but this guy is over the top.  I hope the server is able to secure a better job elsewhere.  The firing doesn't help Applebee's PR, either.
Good on her for posting it. Maybe she will get a new job in social media
Servers usually don't get even minimum wage. Tips for service shows you appreciate hard work. Yes I don't agree that the 18% is on the bill. How did this guy not know he wasn't serving God. Next time you get a zero tip, give them a buck and thank them for allowing you to serve them...
I don't eat at Applebee's, but how long have they had a policy of automatically charging 18% for the tip? 
She should never have been fired!  She has a point!
No, freedom of speech. Applebee's is in the wrong.  But, they are a big GOP Right-wing nut job supporter.  So, I'm not at all surprised the restaurant chain crossed the line.  I have been boycotting that place for years b/c of their B.S.
Most servers earn far below minimum wage through their hourly pay and rely on tips to pay bills and rent; food and gas. The non-tipper may have been ignorant of this fact. Regardless on his/her knowledge of server pay, the comment at the bottom show a lack of compassion for you fellow man. What would God think about that?

Should the server have been fired? In this situation, I would have to say, yes. A restaurant owner cannot afford bad publicity. In this instance, who would want to eat where they might be publicly chastised on the Internet?

Sadly, this is an instance of two wrongs don't make a right.

What the server could have/should have done was talk to her boss about the situation. It folly to believe the customer is always right, but it is more so to chastise someone publicly and not thing there might be repercussions. 
+Hyden Zeke I totally agree with you. I tip 15% or, if I want to make my bill FLAT, like say I have a bill of 13.18, I will naturally give a tip of $1.82. It all depends on what I think about first.
Sorry, I should correct my statement - this person of God.
Why not laugh about this? Really do not understand why this girl has been fired. Am I crazy for not seeing the issue? I see no names on it (except for God). Pfff. What a humorless world we are living in! I really like what has been written on the bill and I really like the waitress idea of making a picture of it! Don't like the boss who fired her instead!
Wonder what the guy writes on his IRS return? (btw, if religion is involved and you feel bothered by percentages then just make God get a higher percent so you don't feel bad. Although I do tip according to service!)
Should definitely not have gotten fired. The Pastor also shouldn't have called and threw such a fit but realized it was her own mistake and her own fault. Her now ruined reputation is well deserved.
What's their policy on company documents? Are receipts prohibited from being publicly displayed by employees? 
What's really stupid is restaurants forcing tips on you. As if having a party of 8+ is an inconvenience to you. Last I checked businesses should be happy you took your party to their restaurant. A tip should always be at the discretion of the customer as a reward for good service from a waiter or waitress
Being Christian I find this appalling. Most pastors I know and have come in contact with give far and above 10% and when they are out they tip very well. For this so called "pastor" to not tip at all for religious reasons and then call the restaurant demanding the entire staff to be fired is nothing short of heartless. Someone needs to step down from their pulpit, start giving more, and check where it is where their heart really is. 
so how did 8 people eat for $35 ?
The tip is a commercial transaction, tithing is a spiritual transaction. The (I presume) Christian customer shouldn't confuse the two.

I can see why the Applebee employee was annoyed but she should've spoken to her manager rather than make it public
So do all customers automatically get charged 18% tips, or just the black ones?

I thought that was reserved for parties of 6 or more.

Now lets talk about their flare.
+Chris Aultman aultman people don't go to restaurants to pay salaries. We go to enjoy a good meal. It's the restaurants responsibility to compensate their employees not the customers. 
+Rogelio Alvarez  So, you're saying when you go to a nice restaurant and receive great service, your server shouldn't be tipped for their exemplary work? 
People are losing the sight of the word Gratuity. Surely that should be optional and you give as much or as little depending on the service received. This should never be automatically on my bill and should certainly not be a part of the waiters basic salary, but instead a bonus.

At 18% that's a rip off! Price your food correctly and stop hiding low prices in an additional, compulsory charge.
No, she shouldn't have gotten fired BUT Applebee's didn't give her permission to speak to the media and that's a fireable offense, unfortunately. I'm sure that Applebee's didn't appreciate the unwelcome media attention but I'm glad she exposed the pastor for who he truly is.
I'm curious as to how 8 (or more) people got out of Applebee's for under forty bucks.
+Chris Aultman chris what do you do for a living? Do you get tipped for doing it well? Last I checked doing your job...... was actually part of your job..... doing your job well...... Is also part of your job. I'm not picking up the slack of a hundred million dollar company like Applebee's because they're paying their employees a shitty wage. And if the employee wants more pay, why not find something else? I hate forced tips don't force me to tip you, my business should be good enough. Anything else is extra
+Rogelio Alvarez
Larger parties don't tip worth a d*mn unless they are forced to. That's a fact of life. This is a surcharge added for parties of eight or more, is disclosed on the menu, and is owed, whether the person paying likes it or not.  In the USA, for better or for worse, tipped employees are paid only $2.13 an hour in most places. Applebee's is one of those places.  When you eat at Applebee's, the price on the menu, in some part, reflects that lack of pay. A great many people who work in tipped positions do so because they cannot get other work.
+Dwayne Hearty restaurants have longed scammed customers into tipping them. I'd get fired for telling an account of mine in going to charge them an extra fee for giving me a larger than normal order that required more work out of me. Restaurant business disgusts me.
Applebee's should have not fired that server. Because of this I'm boycotting applebee's. Now careful on your word's to me please cause I'm currently going to perimenopause. Next is menopause. Heh
Most waiters/servers make $2.13 per hour, and this is only to help cover government taxes. As a server, most of my paychecks are $0, or just a few dollars. It is customary and expected that gratuities are part of a server's salary. Typically, 15% for average service, 18% for good service, and 20% or better for great service. This is how a server pays his or her bills. If restaurants paid minimum wages to servers, then the cost of eating out would greatly increase for the customers. In addition, if a waiter made regular salary, then there would not be near the incentive for most servers to give great service.
As for the pastor, read 1 Timothy 5:18.
Firstly, what the hell is Applebee? Secondly, an 18% tip is ridiculous. It should be 10%, 15% at most, and in any case it should be up to the client.
+Rogelio Alvarez No, I don't get tipped for doing well. But then, I'm not a server.
Do you believe that the restaurant will reimburse a server for a bad day or a bad week? Tipping has always been a custom in more restaurants in America. If you don't believe they deserve any compensation from you, that entirely your prerogative. 
That having been said, they're trying to scrape a living together like the rest of us are. Depending on the meal, the service, or the occasion, my tip will vary from 10-20%.
Leaving a tip is also a great way to get better service should you be a repeat customer, much like tipping the bar tender at a club. They appreciate it and, in turn, will take better care of you.
Are you wrong for not leaving a tip? No. Again, that's your prerogative. But waiting tables isn't like any other job out there. Most make less than the national minimum wage limit because it is assumed by the State and Federal government that they receive tips. And they get taxed as if they received minimum wage, whether they made money or not. Knowing this, I'll still tip my hosts and hostesses.
Probably fired because she put the spotlight on the fact that Applebee's charges 18% gratuity. Sure they are s big chain, but they aren't 4-5 star sit and tie restaurants. I think that's the issue. 
FIRED? Never should have happened...PERIOD! Those who think thar the waitress should have been fired for doing what she did, obviously forgot about FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Applebees has no right to take away someone else's right! Secondly, from a Christian viewpoint, this pastor was way out of line. Scripture states that we are to "do all unto God, not unto men." Likewise, it is written, "Whenever you did (or did not do) this to the least of these, you did it to Me (I.e. Christ). And again, "Be not forgetful to take care of strangers, for some have taken care of angels, unaware of who they were." And finally, warns believers that they are "living letters, being read by people" and that some believers "give occasion to unbelievers to blaspheme God, by their actions (or lack there of)".In summery, It is written, "Those who know to do good & do not do it, to them it is sin." 
+Chris Aultman, reliance on tips to remunerate hospitality workers has become so ingrained in the US because through it they and their employers can escape payroll taxes:

It is an economic, not a cultural reason. Other equally charitable countries don't rely on tips nowhere near as much as the US either because they don't have payroll taxes or because tips are not counted towards the minimum wage. Agreeing with +Petr Feitl, salary is salary, gratuity is a whole different matter; it is for remunerating excess performance, a bonus.
According to what i heard she broke company rules
Tip and gratutities are just that, a gift in exchange for services. if someone does not feel like tipping they have the right not to do so. His reasoning not withstanding, to say he is anything other than a man with an unpopular opinion is at best bigoted and thats if you happen to share his religous beliefs. As a christian and as a man i tip based on the service i recieve not based on the percived hardship of my server. Also if applebees and other restaurants want to automatically add gratuity, they should instead increase the cost of the menu items and pay servers min wage. That would be fair to the consumer as well as the server. And before anybody gets stupid i waited tables for years, while raising a family and that was while actively pursuing a future in the pulpit. 
+Paul Tarnow Amen brother, there is no need to call names thought(not directed at you), remember we're told to pray for those who persecute us, also if this "pastor" is so giving to The Lord, he shouldn't mind doing so in public. I put pastor in quotes, because I doubt any child of God would try to take from a hard working person who's simply doing her job.
Phil B
She def needs to sue for pain and suffering
Justifying stinginess in the name of God is one of the lamest excuses I've ever heard. What about love and compassion?
Sue, unless her new hire paperwork said she can't post a receipt. The god thing is irrelevant.
She didn't deserve it, but she's better off. Applebee's is a joke. Who the fuck would eat there?
I wish someone would tip me for flirting professionally.
Reprimanded Yes...Fired No! The handwriting doesn't even look like a man's handwriting. Think his wife wrote that? 
+Phil B There is no pain and suffering. The server knew very well she was doing something wrong by disclosing that receipt. I'd know better than to post that on any social media site for fear of losing my job. How do I know better and she doesn't? 
But with that said, I'm glad the server took that risk and exposed that stupid pastor for what she truly is. 
She shouldn't have gotten fired for it. It didn't give any customer info. I hate the 18% forced tip also
I believe the receipt gave the pastor's entire name and in this day and age, im sure it's very easy to figure out, obviously. 
I always tip big sometimes even when service wasn't that great, but hate it when the gratuity is included for me. 
the pastor SHOULD have been embarrassed by this post - is he that desperate for converts as to result to writing little snide notes like this on restaurant receipts???? I say KUDDOS to the waitress - I am sure she received a lot of flack and fuss from him while serving him as well it is obvious this pastor was full of himself and deserved to have this little note made public - the waitress does not set the tip standard Applebees does - whenever a group of my friends and I sit at a table for more than 4 we are automatically assessed a gratuity for the entire table - one man had to pay 18% on his milkshake! Now that is ridiculous. Hey Pastor - you only give your BOSS 10%???? He's MY SAVIOR and I give no less than 15% each time I worship Him!!!
That person is an idiot, they don't give "God" 10% they give a non tax paying for church of some sort 10% of their income... totally different. God doesn't need the money not does he see dime one of that 10%. Fired? How about commended. 
I didnt know God had a bank account. 
Dear Pastor,
I dropped your food on the floor, picked it up and put it back on your plate.
I told God about it.
Why should I tell you?
Of course she did not deserve to get fired. If he was do proud of his faith and that is what lead him to leave no tip for the fine service he received  then he should have been happy to see it on the internet. I find the whole thing very hypocritical 
Phil B
Pain an suffering from being a waitress and making minimum wage
From interview with pastor involved, seems that she left a cash tip.
  Actual pic included pastor's signature, as well.
She should not have been fired. Not only that but there should be some repercussions for the old lady. Who does she think she is? 
To be fair, God is probably way better off to begin with than an Applebee's server trying to make ends meet.
Applebees auto-charges 18% tip? That is the real outrage. Oh and waitress did post customer's signature, she was rightfully fired.
it just sounds like their your basic everyday cheapskate.
This is what I don't understand, how did the pastor not know she was stiffing a follow server of God. In that case 10% of the tip would have gone back to the collection plate...what some people do in the name of God is just stupid. 
She should not have been fired, Applebees should be embarrassed forceably charging customers a 18% tip. I like to tip for good service but I disagree with not making the tip a free choice for customers. From the UK (we are not known for tipping well)
raw raj
Yes. She should be fired for putting in a Fixed Tip amount.
Tip means gratuity. You only tip if you feel "grateful". Its that simple. You can't force someone to Tip you. Its a compulsory service charge then, NOT a tip.
I have heard in France if you don't tip the waiters will not allow you to enter the restaurant again and will even abuse you when you leave.
I think its obnoxious especially when(I have heard) that the French waiters are not very friendly, its the other way around, the customer has to suck up to them and after being a regular and tipping them a lot they will take pity and maybe give you a smile and such.

I tip generally 10% and 20% for excellent service. Sometimes I have tipped 25% when it was wow with the dish was customized especially for me. But if the service is bad I won't tip.
And if someone has already put in the tip(which I have not seen till date) he is sure going to get a 0 tip unless he/she changes it to service charge.
The point is, she shouldn't have's un professional. Two wrongs don't make a right..he was an ass, and she should have left it at that. I would have fired her ass too, don't post shit from my business to facebook, just stupid.

All you young kids better learn, not everything needs to be posted on social networks..smarten up.

Case and point, I'm a network admin for a local school district. Some students thought is would be cool to make a twitter account @nameofschoolbooty and post pics of girls butts in yoga pants. Guess what, they are looking at suspension, and if the girls parents choose, sexual harassment charges. Like I said, not everything needs to be posted..smarten up.
O this religion bs is crazy, quit using god as a scapegoat. Sick of it. It's evolution and science anyway. That pastor needs slapped by the hand of wait for it....... A scientist
Maybe the service was like it is at applebees i have visited, horrible...... lets keep religion out of customer service issues, shame on both parties.
.... And this is why I don't go to church...
No they should not be fired. They do not show the person's name. This was just a jerk customer and I doubt they give God anything!
I'm a Christian and I tithe, but I have no problem with giving a tip, even if it's a bigger percent than what would tithe. I simply see it as part of my meal payment and a way of showing my thanks and appreciation to the waiter for their service... though I think the amount someone gives on a tip should be voluntary... 
xi khan
18% tip?
Don't the staff get paid by their employers.
Tips are given from generosity and gratitude of the customer. Why should a tip be added on a bill?
Whilst I feel it was wrong for the server to have posted the actual picture of the receipt, it hardly seems a reason for termination since there is no way to identify the customer in question. 
By the way, 18% is too much (I think) anyway ... Who says 18% is the "right" percentage for a tip? ... Are customers aware that THAT is the "usual" percentage for tips at Applebees?
As usual, most haven't read past the first paragraph before posting. And while we live in this so-called social world, does everything have to posted for public judgement? And when you violate the rules shouldn't you pay the penalty? Or does everything have to have an exception now. Do your research. And can someone define what a tip is? 
There's no one in the right here. If Applebee's wants more money, don't tack it on the bill and pretend we pay it out of gratitude for good service. The customer is an idiot for displaying selfish & inconsiserate behavior and doing it in the name of God, who asks just the opposite of His followers. The waiter could have bad-mouthed the customer & tell the story all he wanted without posting evidence that is clearly of a private nature. Applebee's has to cover their butt, but clearly, no one here is taking the high road.
Using religion as an excuse to be cheap and treat other humans badly...typical.
xi khan
What does God need money for?
American tip system is a joke
You get bad service and have to pay huge tips because appatently the server's salary is to small
Just give them a real wage

You're not giving it to "God". You're being ripped off. 
Someone commented that wether god got the money or not was not the point, the bible says to tithe 10% of your worth. Well, not to put TOO fine a point on it, that assumes and presumes quite a bit, primarily that I, or anyone else, subscribe to that particular belief system. Which, you can probably tell where this is going, I do not. The unmitigated audacity, the appalling arrogance to foist one's religious beliefs off on someone in this setting, unsolicited, is just plain rude. If this cretin can't afford to eat out and cough up the prerequisite gratuity, he should stay the hell home, fix his own damn dinner, and then clean up after himself ! The gall of this guy really winds my clock .... And shame on Applebee's for their ancillary behavior, the customer is NOT always right ....
My pastor always says to tip well. The whole thing is stupid. You're supposed to give 10% of your income to God. Tipping is 15-20% of the check. You can't compare the two. Not a smart comment by the pastor. 
I agree that what the customer did was ridiculous - but that's the job you have. The restaurant needs to protect its image and ensure that customer information is not posted online - hell yes she should be fired. I have customers screaming at me all day - I don't take a video and post it - not appropriate.
No. The customer was a jerk.
Nope she shouldn't have been fired. My Mother taught me if I didn't want anything publicized or shared in ways I didn't like, I shouldn't say it, share it, whatever! It's his responsibility for putting it out there!!!! he should be embarassed for NOT tipping!! I am a God lover and BIG TIPPER--he's a cheap moron.
She got fired because the signature was showing. This photo chopped it out. 
+Arseny Mikhailov Nobody HAS to pay a tip.  It's called human decency.  I always tip 20%, unless the service is absolutely awful, in which case they probably shouldn't be working there in the first place.
xi khan
+Arseny Mikhailov , It's greedy employers that devise these schemes to take extra from their customers.
I bet only a very small percentage will reach the staff. If the employers can't afford to pay their staff what they deserve, the business should close down. Instead, the owner usually drops by in an expensive car and lives in an expensive house, paid by slaving the employees and taking their hard earned tips.
I charge 18% cause I if gotta pay god 10% AND deal wit da devil in this life then I'm pretty sure that 18% isn't so unbelievable. Plus, I'm guessing the devil gonna ain't be to pleased wit me if he finds out that I paid god 10% and him only 8%. To be honest, I could really use a 20% just to try and keep in the good grace's of both so stop being so fricken ungiving ya' selfish money lovein' perfect saved one...christian..or whatever 
No, this would appear to be Applebee's policy if it was added to the bill. Was she fired fit not collecting the amount?
The person who exposed the restaurant by publishing the bill photo should be fired. I would never employ them. I understand this is not the person that served so Mashable question is void.
Who gives a shit if the customer was a jerk or not? They are the customer. They didn't try to defame the employee publicly, but the employee did try to defame the customer. Also, from reading, it wasn't the actual waitress, but another employee who had nothing to do directly with that customer.
Question: why he didn't leave a 10% then or even any amount he'd like?..don't think it a religion issue...he's just an angry person.. happened to be a pastor :)
Poor waitress
18% is more than mitt Romney pays in taxes. She shouldn't have posted the receipt. A. It didn't get her a tip. B. You don't get any tips in the unemployment line except verbal ones
mike m
They shouldn't have fired her. Fire the Jackass who mandated 18% on a 34 bill.
I hope the asshole had a flat tire on the way home.
raw raj
+Ryan Matsudaira Gratuity cannot be forced!!
I have seen posts of such "young girls" who are working to make money for college. They post stuff like...."Once I get to college I am done serving this f*tards"
and stuff like that. Their attitude is hopeless and their inferiority complex reflects in the service.
Do you think that such a girl who posts this on the internet would have offering polite service?
Its the case in most fastfood joints with young girls especially making a living from being a waitress since there are rarely managers around unlike gourmet restaurants.

I remember some Mcdonals waiter calling her customer names and saying something like I am just waiting to get into college so that i can stop serving these @#$@@

Tipping has to be optional you like the service you tip otherwise you don't. If apple is expecting the waters to live off tips its their fault.
They should be blamed as a lot of people are not going to pay a tip if it is listed as a TIP (it should be listed as a service charge and then given to waters) especially if the service was horrible.
More power to the waitress. The company owes her an apology.
No god is worth 10%
No I dont think so. It is never good when people, religious people especially mix God and money... that pastor is just cheap. Now that lady has to find another job because someone was offended someone showed their hypocrisy.
I don't think anyone handled this situation correctly. The customer was an ass, the waitress should have handled it in a professional manner and Applebee's should not have fired her for it. A lot of fail to go around on this one. 
I don't want a restaurant telling me how much to tip. I base the tip on the service I recieve
18% at Applebee's ... tacked on a $30 bill?  There's another reason not to think about going there.
Yes, People need to learn what not to post
A tip is a customers way of thanks for good sevice. Dont abuse the thanks. If you dont get à tip look at yourself as to why, and god does not exist anyway.
and the person should not have write it in the first place
God doesn't exist so where is that 10% going, sounds like she is laundering money if you ask me. 
The reason the server was fired was because the pastor was embarrassed and wanted repercussions. This says more about the pastor than Applebee's or the server.
When did tips become mandatory in life ?
I really hate when I see this in restaurants and if I do I don't go back. Tips is something that's earned and should be optional. I would the same cross it off and give nothing . I have to pay for my food + %18 Service + %13 ON Tax outrageous !
there is NO relationship between god & money ...
Does God accept MasterCard? Why does He need money?
I not only want to see the pic of the sheister,I want to see his name, address,cc number, and the church he gets 10% from the parishioners then exploit it all over the media. The people would go to another church for sure and maybe find the waitress there worshipping God.
He is a low life and so is apple sleeze.

I loled. I was just at applebees.
big deal no tip. youll get one next customer.
First, the server was not stiffed by any stretch of the word. 18% is a pretty decent tip as it is and everybody at that table was obligated to tip her by virtue of that gratuity, why is anyone complaining about that? She made good money on that table regardless.

Second, the note is ludicrous and I can guess that if the tipper hadn't been forced to pay 18%, he/she probably wouldn't have tipped at all. H/she also probably doesn't understand that wait staff almost universally make considerably less than minimum wage which is just sheer ignorance on their part. If that is true, I would venture a guess and say they led a privileged life and never had to wait tables or serve shitheads like themselves.

Third, the sever probably posted the photo out of shock and offense at the note and last time I checked, that's not a crime. Applebee's was wrong and this makes me glad I eat at Chili's instead. Plus Applebee's has shitty food and drinks anyway. 
Fired, no. And the customer deserves an award. As for "they live on the tips", take the British attitude. Tips are for good service, not for living on. If it's not enough for living on, demand more pay. By tipping regardless of service you're just encouraging corporates to pay minimum and governments to not have a reason to increase the minimum.
I just hate (I mean really hate) the autotip on my receipt. Let me tip as to the quality of service. I always tip even if the service sucks, we all have bad days. Just my 2 cents. 
This news story seems to be almost everywhere, yahoo and facebook too.  There also seems to be a certain level of misunderstanding.  

As I understand it - the issue is the way the pastor treated the waitress and that they wrote on the restaurant's receipt (the pastor shouldn't have done that - unless and except where allowed).  

The waitress pinned up the receipt, took a photo of it then posted that photo online.  An argument could be made that the waitress was photographing restaurant property and putting that online without permission.

The pastor was embarrassed and demanded the waitress be fired and Applebee's did so.

The pastor ultimately was the author of their own misfortune even given the bad choice of the waitress.  

Applebee's could've simply given the waitress a verbal or written warning and made sure that she understood why she was being punished.

Some people say a lot of bad things about Walmart, but from personal experience, I can say Walmart is often a better employer than Applebee's because they have a practice of "respect for the individual" (even if it is imperfectly followed) plus they have a system of written and verbal warnings, coachings etc.   Applebee's doesn't appear to have anything but a rule book for staff.
The pay in USA is so poor and staff should not need tips. 
+Mark Rushing thank you! That's exactly what I said. They speak (post) on habit, with little education or thought. 
The pastor was only remorseful about the incident after she was caught. Organized religion goes hand in hand with hypocrisy. 
Shame shame on a pastor who thinks already giving 10% to God is ok. A pastor should give 100% to God and pay 100% of there bill!!!
These "Christians" are terrible. He calls himself a "Pastor", yet can't follow in Jesus' footsteps. What an ass clown.
I dnt think this person should of got fired. They do this at most restaurants if their is parties or group of ppl dinning together. It's usually written on the menu. Companies provide this for their employes as a way of protection and stability. Servers get taxed based on their sales. The government takes almost half of their paycheck with the assumption that they r making tips. 
Employers should pay their staff properly instead of depending on tips.
The person should tip or eat at McDonalds. ..people are trying to pay bills & not be harassed about religion. 
Automatic gratuity is added in a lot of states. Not paying a gratuity that is automatically added is a criminal offense.
This is not new. It has been around for years.
This woman is going to get a job almost immediately. Some company is going to hire her because they feel she was unjustly terminated.
Bottom line Applebee's, you screwed the pooch on this one. You should have stood behind the waitress and list a few customers. Now you have lost thousands for life. Me included.
Missing crucial information. Did the service suck? Why was gratuity automatically added? Normally parties of 6+ isn't it?
All that aside she should not be fired unless she posted a pic of this cheap bastard. 
How can you defame a company like Applebees? Meh food with meh service from people making less than meh pay? When I think of fine dining or want to go out to a chain restaurant, Applebees isn't on the list.
There was 8 people in the group. standard tax percent for a group over 6 is 18% which would have only come out to be $5.40. Waiters and waitresses only make $4.00 an hour on depend on tips just to make under $10,000 a year, which is 50% less than what america defines as poverty. There was absolutely no reason not to tip at all, I mean your not even going to put a dollar on the table. thats just pitiful. Im conflicted because the waitress had no right to share personal information about a guest. but this pastor deserves to be hung out for her insensitivity to someone just trying to make a living.
I don't think so either. And the person who paid the bill shouldn't eat out at a sit down restaurant if the service = no bastard. 
I'm not sure how the 10% gets to god, or is it just lost in management fees like other scams...and does god declare it ?  Tips are for service, except in the USA.  
forcing customers to pay a tip is not ok , p-lus a space for additional tip????? tips are to be earned not entitled, you want a tip " work harder on your customer service, and people might be willing to give you something extra for which you are ALREADY PAID FOR  per hour!!!!
I'm sure the waitress had to break the bill down with several paying. The pastor's portion of the bill was probably $35.00. Creating even more work for the waitress 
Don't mess around at work, do your job and keep in mind you're not at the playground. Albeit a bit harsh, the waitress has learnt a valuable lesson.
Just awful all the way around! 
Failed math scholarship.  10% of your income and 18% of your dinner bill aren't the same.  The waitress would be more than happy with 10% of the pastor's income in lieu of 18% of the dinner tab.
raw raj
I think its Applebees fault(after reading other articles), their policy of adding a fixed tip to the bill to make up for low wages they pay is what started this.
Its not religious the pastor was just being cocky because there was a "forced" tip and maybe the service was bad. 
If it was listed as a service charge then this would not have happened.
Here in my country tipping is non-existent. Restaurants add a service charge so that waiters get paid more if there is a rush and welcome more business and customers with a smile.
The major reason for doing this is that waiter if they get a fixed pay will not be motivated to give service if there is not tipping or extra income.
Everybody I know would go uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh!! if they see a fixed tip. But if its a service charge we just pay it.

Recently a friend told me that the service charge is not always shared with the waiters and some companies just add it so they can show a lower rate in the menu. So I ask the waiters if its not shared then I tip them 20% otherwise I tip them 10% As the service charge is generally 10%.
18% tip???? Seems a bit steep and surely it should be at the discretion of the diner. She shouldn't of been sacked either. 
+Jaiel Perez your paying for food , decor , & service. If you feel you shouldn't have to tip or dont want to you should get fast food. Servers dont get hourly or salary. They live off tips and have to share them. 
If you read or hear the interview, the waitress says that the 18% gratuity was automatically added, which is what the Pastor scratched out. He ended up tipping her 18%. He gave her 0 for the additional tip.

Not that I agree with the Pastor's method of protest, but she shouldn't have posted the receipt.

To be honest, I'm not actually sure who came up with the 18%gratuity as the norm for a party over 8. As the bill goes up so doors the amount the waitress/waiter gets in tips. That's why it's a percentage. 10% of $10 is $1, but 10% of a $100 is $10. Why does it have be 18%?

That's 1/5 of the bill. Let's be honest, how often have you had service good enough to add on 1/5 of the bill for tips? 
Absolutely, they should be fired. Posting confidential information that you do not own on social media is definite grounds for termination in any business. 
The world's stupidity is reflected in most of these posts... So many 'entitled' people on G+ 
I understand why she got fired. Do I think it was right, no. As far as the person who left the note I they are a tight butt who just wanted an excuse not to leave a tip. They will have to answer to god when the time comes. 
Maybe the reliance on tips in America should be reduced by bars and restaurants being required to pay servers a decent wage. Here in Australia, your wage as a waiter/waitress/bartender is around $19-25 per hour depending on the day of the week, with tips being an added bonus - usually only a couple of bucks here and there - if the service is OUTSTANDING. The argument is that a reliance on tipping brings about better service as the server is dependant on that tip, but that simply isn't the case in my opinion. An American server provides good service to ensure they get a tip; an Australian server provides good service or they'll get their ass fired. Works both ways, but at least in our system you won't find situations like this one with Applebee's. PS. Applebee's food is AWFUL anyway.
I would not have fired that server but that pastor was wrong for saying that God should get a tip and not her.
No reason to get fired. This has nothing to do with religiousness. It has everything to do with being petty and small minded. 
It's obvious that some of these people have never eaten anywhere but McDonald's. Go out anywhere to a restaurant, unless you are in the hills of West Virginia, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you don't give 20% for good service. Try going out in NY, LA, Boston, Chicago etc and getting out of a good eatery for under a hundred bucks + 20-25% gratuity for 2 people. If you can, you shouldn't be going out to eat in the first place, you can't afford it ..... 
Yes she should be... Religion has nothing to do with from a legal stand point, she took a company invoice with a customer's info, without the company or customer's consent and posted it on the internet. That is a breech of the company and public trust and she had no right to share this document... Now before some of yall get your panties wadded up, ask yourself do you want people that you give your credit card to, posting your bills on the internet? Get real. She deserves to be fired.
Last I checked your NAME is not private information. Unless I'm missing something here.
Religious people are generous and friendly!  Just ask them!
the customer should be banned from the restaurant. 15% is minimum. 20% tip is normal. 18% is shameful medium. i've never been a server, but i'd feel like a cheap schmuck if i tipped less than 20%
The customer might have been ticked off by the automatic 18% tip. It should be voluntary to encourage good service. 
I think Applebees and other companies that are including a tip in the cost of the bill are the ones that should be questioned. Im confident the waitress does not see the $6.29 which is why there is an additional tip option. The additional tip is the money she would get. The $6.29 being applied to the bill goes into Applebees pockets. Since when did tipping not become optional. A waitress getting so pissed off to the point she is taking pics of her receipt to post to social websites is not my kind of employee. She deserved to be fired. SERVERS DONT LIVE ON TIPS THEY ARE PAID HOURLY. I am paid hourly at my job and dont get tips why should she? Tipping is optional. If someone can explain why wait staff gets tipped other then "they rely on it to survive" which is BS, I would love to hear it. Do you tip a telemarketer? Do you tip a cashier in a grocery store. Whats the difference? Why do wait staff deserve tips on top of thier hourly rate of pay but a telemarketer, cashier etc... working for an hourly rate of pay doesn't? 
xi khan
+Jacob Tyndale , when eating in a restaurant, a service charge is applied, also vat at 20% is also included in the bill.
But tips... If the staff have looked after your table with a little TLC, then they will be tipped with a little TLC. The money should be for the staff or individual who has made enening out a wonderful occasion. 
I had a trainee hairdresser cut my ex-wife's hair. The young lady was getting paid just £10 a day!
She got a £50 tip from me for the great work she had done. But I made sure her boss knew why i gave her 5 days pay. He was more than happy with his trainee and promised all the tip would be hers.
He already had an 18% tip. It's not like he didn't tip at all. Does it excuse how rude the comment was? Not at all.
This guy gives Christians a bad name. Matthew 22:21. Everything you have is a gift from God, he only ask for 10%. Alot of "Christians" believe that 10% is all that is required to give. If he was a real believer, he should have emptied his wallet for the server. Micah 6:8. Freedom of speech is paramount in the U.S.A. but the question is..... Will anyone listen when you speak? I like Ruby Tuesdays anyways. :D
Shouldn't have been fired. She was already insulted so why lose the job on top of it!
Andy L
This server was stupid if she got fired. The photo does not show any personally identifiable info, including the restaurant, so she must have really blabbed about it. Regardless, if you can't afford to tip you can't afford to go out to eat.
+Dustin Everett Congratulations on being the greediest dick of the day. Of course that money goes to the servers. And yes they do live on tips, because the minimum wage is not sufficient to live on.

Tipping exists primarily because the minimum wage is so piss-poor.

What are you paid hourly? If it is more than the minimum wage, you should shut your whore mouth.
@Mark Francis Jr Pastor? Which Pastor? You mean the lady who thinks she can go against scripture and be a pastor. :)
off topic, too bad the BOH doesn't get tipped nearly as well as the FOH 
No, she shouldn't be fired.  There wasn't any credit information revealed. I saw the picture, there was also no way to identify that this was an Applebee's receipt until the jerk who wrote that came forward and cried over how embarrased she was, called Applebee's to make a huge deal out of it that got this person fired.  What a very UN-Christianly thing to do... To be so very unappreciative, petty, greedy and vengeful after the fact, Definitely someone you want to vest your spirital affairs with.   What would Jesus do?  He wouldn't do any of the above, I can tell you that much. 
I doubt that anyone has the entire details of the case. I've learned the hard way not to make a conviction based on what one person states as fact. If its this cut and dry, then it was wrong.
+Ivo H Tipping is optional unless it says it's not optional somewhere in the restaurant, then it's not optional, because they told you about it beforehand. Duh.
Does he realize his pastor gets 10% "god" cant collect money because hes well #1 god #2 doesnt need money because of #1
You pay for the food...the tip is a blessing for good service...& it is rude and stupid to write in the amount of any tip...from poor to wonderful service on the same bill amount the tip could be some loose change...or a cool $ never know what people might stop being a jerk...and just do your best never know how GOD has already tipped you in life......P.S. in any job you receive a it was DUMB to let one thing send you off and you lose a job over $6.29....we work hard at Burger King with no tips & serve you with a wanted at Applebee,s???
How do we know it was Applebee's and that they were fired?

She did not disclose consumer or corporate information, so no, she should not be fired.

But the tip should not be automatic, it's to be earned. What if the service sucked? 
Why on earth would you write that on a check. I had a friend that wrote dissertations if he got bad service. Prob so others would pay. I tithe 10percent and also tip 20 for good service and 15 for not so good. Thou in some places waitresses do at least make min wage in some places I travel all they make basically is tips by the time taxes come out. I do this so I get top staff and it works. I don't know how many times I have been seated early. 
I don't like it when they add the tip to your bill automatically. Only 18% , she would have lost out. I tip 20% everytime. She should not have been fired.

They put those kinds of tips on large groups, 8 or more I believe? So her question is why? Well ma'am, it's because if you read the menus, they say gratuity for large parties. Do you sign a car loan before you look at the APR%? My guess would be Yes, you do.

Read the article. Her party was a group of 8 or more.
Andy L
A tip is a blessing for service? NO. It is payment for that person to come and bring food to your ass! If you think tipping is optional in the US, you can serve your damn self.
+Dustin Everett At least in my state, minimum wage doesn't apply to folks who work (in large part) for tips -- servers among them. So no, her hourly wage isn't necessarily something she can live off of alone. Having a culture of heavy tipping does unduely benefit Applebees by letting them pay their employees less -- but that's not something a single individual can change; stiffing an employee on a tip is still stiffing that employee (or all the employees drawing from the tip pool, depending on how the workplace does it).
The Pastor was wrong simply because she did not tip at all.  In my book, that is theft of service.  Had she paid an equal amount to her tithe she might have had a leg to stand on.  I can understand not tipping for bad service or even tipping less than customary for service that was not up to snuff, but to not tip for no reason other than moral indignation is just plain CHEAP!
34 bucks buys food for a party of 8?? i wanna live in this world!
Its the customers business if he wants to give 10℅ to his imaginary friend .
At the resturant I work at we have a set 18% in parties of 6 or more. Here's the problem, where I work at Wildside BBQ which is right outside of Disney. Now, most of the clientel are from the Europe, most are very nice, however, they don't know the USA tip culture. In Europe, the tip is included in the bill and servers are paid a premium wage. In the USA we make $4.77 an hour with a industry standard 18-20% tip on the bill. In some cases, not all, but some the Europeans don't leave even close to that. So on parties of 6 or more when the bill is usually close to $150-200 we will add the gratuity to the check. Its nothing against the people, but a server with a bill that high can't afford to NOT be tipped for it. It really hurts us as servers when we can't educate the customer and end up with $2-3 on a $60-70 tab.
As far as bringing religion into the picture, that makes my heart hurt being a christain. When I tithe, I give what I can, it may not be 10%, but I still give what I can. I do it because my church helps others. God doesn't get the money, only a fool would think that. The church gets the money to do God's work. To help and to give us a place to worship and fellowship. The pastor, as crude as he/she is, should have given at least 10%, at the minimum, and even that will hurt the server.
I didn't have enough money on hand to tip a waiter once at AppleBees and she gave me a nasty look. ):
With "tipped minimum wage" (hourly pay before tips) averaging out (nationally) at $4.69 it is imperative to tip. It is only fair to provide a tip commensurate with the service received.  18% is quite fair.
Thats a Poor excuse for a Christian she should have never been fired. 
+John Paul Taylor The details of the case are very, very well known. The Pastor in question is a cheat. She has a "congregation" of 15 people, half of which are her family. She takes 10% of their income and gives it to her "church", which is a store front. She then pays this to herself. She then pays the church 10% of what the church pays her, to avoid a little tax. She then pays this 10% back to herself.

It's a huge racket.

She used that 10% that she pays her church to pay herself as an excuse for not paying the non-optional 18% service charge on a large party.

When it was made public, she then called the restaurant and demanded that the entire staff be fired.

When the news got involved, she claimed it was all a lapse of judgement and she was sorry. YES. SORRY SHE WAS CAUGHT BEING A DICK. She would not have changed her mind if she wasn't caught.

She's probably done this same thing before. However, now that it's public she might not do it again.

The server has a multitude of job offers in the area because she was the victim (and yes, posting the signature on the receipt was stupid, and wrong, but not malicious)

The whole thing comes from reddit /r/atheism, where it's common knowledge that certain people use their "faith" to justify being shitty. Most servers will tell you that the worst tips come on a sunday after people have come from church. Probably they feel justified witholding money from a single mother or girl working through college because they gave to their church, paying for their pastor's SUV and airconditioned home.
Clarification:  It was a party of eight or more, each with separate checks, as it turns out.  And, the ticket as posted did include the full name of the customer.  Here's a site that has the whole photo:
What was the pastor proof that he gave God 10%? I think God never asked from each one of us .... And God teaches us to LOVE our neighbors, by requesting to the management of Applebee's to fire that server he only shows that he didn't obey the commandments of God. Not only that, how about the family of the server that depends on her. There is a teaching in the Holy Book ," If you want to be a Great you must be a servant".
+Dustin Everett Do you realize that in the US, that minimum wage is substantially less for waiters and waitresses than it is for other fields?  Perhaps it's different in Canada where you appear to be from, but in the US, the tips waiters and waitresses receive are considered as part of their wages, and therefore they are paid much less hourly.  If a waiter or waitress were to try and survive on their hourly wage alone, they would be homeless by the end of the month.  So waiters and waitresses here in the US do live on tips. 

To the point of the post, I don't agree with Applebee's requiring a mandatory gratuity for large parties.  If Applebee's tried to pin that charge on me, I'd be ripping the manager of that place a new one.  But if the waiter or waitress provides good service, a good tip makes a big difference for them.
I give god 0%. I suppose in that case, I would expect the waitress to tip me instead for being a nice customer, coming often and all.

Seriously speaking though, the mandatory "tipping" system is beyond my understanding. Never did I get it. And now you have "additional tip". Geez, guys. What next - "Adtl Adtl Tip"?
+Dustin Everett your flippin retarded.. do your homework before you talk about something you clearly know nothing about idiot. Servers generally get paid a servers wage, which is less than minimum wage. Sometimes only a couple dollars an hour and the rest of their income is tips they earn. Depending on the rest those tips can are shared with the bar backs and bussers.

Your comment is the equivalent of me saying everyone with the name Dustin Everett bangs their sister because it sounds southern...... Smh....
Phil K
That's just retarded for the restaurant to fire someone over that. Secondly that was idiotic of the customer to do that, religion or no religion. 

Tipping should be optional, and shouldn't be printed on a receipt in my opinion in the first place.
This is what's wrong with America, too many talkers and not enough listeners.
Where does Applebee's auto charge 18% for a $35 bill? That's usually an optional amount, isn't it, except for large parties. 
+Andrew Campbell Dude, Europeans don't tip because our servers are paid enough to live without tips. We pay more for our food up front to not have the question of tipping. If we tip, it's because the service was great.

Also, of course none of that money goes to god. I doubt much of it goes to "God's work", most of it goes to your Pastor's SUV, and free drinks and biscuits at prayer meetings.
Waitress-60; Applebee -0!. Way to go! 
I hate this forced tip business. It should be up to customer to tip or not to tip depending on his delight.
I wood be ashamed to call myself a pastor and face written this
+colbert sanders . So anyone who posts good tips on the web should also get fired? Many people put funny and great tips online as well. And there is no Name or credit card # on reciept, so who gives a shit? Fuck that no tipping bitch. I bet she's black too..and ordered water with some lemons....and SUGAR!!!
She should have just told the truth, that fancy car and big house ain't going to pay for themselves. 
I don't agree with the girl getting fired from her job ... but its just wrong to assume you will be getting a tip ...and that restaurants started to add it to the bill .... TIPS HAVE BEEN A WAY TO SHOW GRATITUDE for a service will done NOT PART OF A BILL 
Tip is to honor the service but a mandatory 18% tip is just like robbery. 
This is why I am Atheist, I care more about my fellow human than I do a God.
Don't get me wrong, the pastor was being stupid and ignorant, but in today's world social media can make or break people. We all know some jobs look up people on google due to being able to find information on almost anyone. People who use social media should be more cautious to not post anything that involves work on their profiles. Was the firing justified yes. Do I agree with it, no but then again im also against people legally holding firearms yet it's illegal to root a personal phone.

I just think people should realize that work and personal should be seperate if you dont want to risk this type of outcome. 
I also think that if the Person who wrote the note had issues you don't take the owed money from the waitress you take it up with management or corporate. Give the Lady her job back. That tip is her wages. 
Is it legal to add the tip automatically to the bills ?
In Denmark it is not common to pay tips instead
the workers gets a decent salery.
Stupid cheap ass... Waitress deserve a good tip
If he is a priest, then he should consider the fact that she lives off of tips, and that his group was at least 20 people, thus making it an 18% tip automatically
Have you ever read down and out in paris and london. If you feel treated poorly or tipped unjustly or treated bad by the staff.
+Bradley Foutz likewise. but also because god isnt real, but it also doesnt mean that people need "god".
For the "God" part, yes: that is something personal, and not something that the customer has anything to do with.

As for the customer not wanting to tip due to religious reasons, the same logic applies: Look buddy, your religion is your personal thing, but outside, when in "Rome", do as the "Romans" do. In the US, serving wages are low, so you tip, irrespective of whether you like the color blue, whether you believe in a deity or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or whether you like to watch football or badminton.

On my own (personal, yes, so feel free to ignore) note: I believe that paying a decent wage so that workers do not need to rely on wages would be the better thing to do.
How does he give god any money and what does god do with the cash? Is he saving up to make another universe?
Who do you tithe your 10 percent to, I mean the church. Judy asking
She deserved to be fired, alright. She demonstrated that she is incapable of processing a credit card securely. I don't want such a person to touch my credit card.

The rest of the story is completely irrelevant. If she'd redacted the signature, she wouldn't have been fired.
Joey D
Who gives a fuck if she posted it!! Hell NO she shouldn't have been fired. 
So glad we dont have this forced tips in uk. I ll tip what i want if i think service was excellent. Putting an 18% tip on the bill would make me leave no tip they cant force u to pay it can they? Not a tip if they can its a service charge
I would of course pay the correct tips if I go to US or other countries where tips are expected.
I probably would have to ask sometimes how much is expected to pay and I will sometimes forgets to tip because I am not used to it.
Get fired for anything these days lol
Yes +James McCock and what does race have to do with it? You racist piece of tripe... I guess your ignorance is doubly exposed because the customer's name was shown on the original post. Further, people think they can do what they want online and there is no recourse... In real life I bet you don't have the balls to say such crap to a real black person... Now go back to your porn watching, you... Take care
While I believe that waiters and waitresses should get tips, I don't agree that these tips should be automatically added to the bill. It is at the discretion of the customer, based on the service rendered. 15% tip is standard here, but my family will give nothing if we got bad service, or more than 15% if we received excellent service. Also, we always hand the tip personally to the waiter or waitress, rather than leaving it on the table, as we've seen some unscrupulous people steal tips off tables before.
Becouse i try to give you. A lot more then a meger 18%```and you know this. Its called deep feeling for another human being
Not eating at Applebees again. I prefer Fridays.
No, I do not believe that the server should have been fired if anything the patron should have been barred from the establishment. Tips are the biggest part of a servers income! I had read about this and have not heard that there were any complaints about the service, only that the customer felt that they were justified in not tipping because they claim to be a Pastor and donate to the church. (No Excuse) Their complaining about this issue becoming public seems to be what got the server fired, when in-fact they should have been apologizing to the server for their actions.
I'm a Christian. I just heard about this yesterday. Regardless of what you believe (and please don't try to preach to me because I don't preach to you), as a Christian I like to represent the loving God I follow. This pissed me off. If I were there I would have threw him against a wall. I know that sounds harsh, but that's hurtful to people and he's doing it in the name of "God". That's not the God I follow. And I don't pay God 10%. I'm free from that. I do believe though in giving to the waitress/server of my table. I give as much as I can. As for her getting fired? Applebees should be sued. My heart breaks for her. "Christians" (I use that loosely) like this man make me sick.

+Neil Weightman You just posed the ultimate question for all the religious people. :) Thank you for that. :) I've tried to explain the concept of "giving money to God" a million times. You just made it easy for me. :)
For whatever reason the pastor didn't tip is her perogitive, but once she noted her religion as the only(not quality of actual service) justification for her action, then understandably the server was confused and frustrated. Restaurants have a responsibility to their employees first. Just because your a customer, doesn't mean you're a valueable one. 
The customer was wrong to use religion as a way to get out of tipping the server. the waitress should not get firmer.
The pastor just should've not tipped anything if she didn't want to tip. She shouldn't have written that sentence.
Most companies have a social networking clause. It's to protect the customers and other employees form harassment. This seems like abuse of the clause. None was hurt by this. A picture of the customer would be a different story.
Then it's easy +Larry O'Dell-- don't go into restaurants that require a gratuity for large parties. This is policy, printed on the menu? Don't like it? No problem, you can go to some other restaurant without that policy... Which eliminates about 90% of the restaurants in America. 
 I spent quite a few years in the food service industry. Most places don't pay minimum wage based on tipping making a portion of the staffs income, and will automatically assume you will make money from tipping to the point that some places will even pull federal income tax on "assumed" income(for me, at the time it was 15%)
 I don't think this server should've been fired, but I sure do think it shows the character of that pastor, not only for that comment, but even calling "the restaurant and demanded the entire staff be fired".
 Servers run their butts off and have to deal with both the great, fun customers; but also the party of 8 that only spends $36. That is a tremendous amount of work dealing with large parties like that, and even IF she did a bad job serving this group; sure didn't deserve a comment like that
 There are also a lot of places that will automatically add the gratuity into the final amount owed, without the option to not pay it
If he didn't want to tip, should have stayed home.... Also in don't think the girls did it.. Computers do it automatically 
She got fired because some female is an asshole? Leave a damn tip and give her her job back
Bill Vincent. Don't believe everything you read on here. To start with the pastor is a woman, and service might not have been worth 18%. I believe the tip amount should be up to the patron to reflect the level of service
I'm not a religious person but I don't see how it's Gods fault this person wrote what they did at the bottom of the receipt. Both the person who wrote it and the person who posted the pic did a stupid thing, and ironically they both probably thought they were doing the right thing.
Holy shit +Bill Vincent -- you are one of those people who actually pay money for this frozen, microwaved, deep fried garbage? I knew people existed who eat here, just never saw anyone admit it before.
Asshole makes a "statement" and it goes public. I don't see the problem. Congratulations pastor! Your cheapness not only stiffed your waitress, it cost her a job. Still think you did the holy thing? 
I agree with Josh, I use to work at Apple Bees and Cracker Barrel. The worst tippers in the world were the Christian zealots. They were always  trying to push their religion in your face by giving you a dollar and leaving their literature (tracts). Pissed me off. I am sure that is exactly what Jesus would do, and just to clear things up, I am a Christian, but try not to act like this. 
+Adam Armstrong I will tell you what. I am going to charge an additional 18% for your gas because your gas station attendant is making minimum wage. Plus I would ask that you to give them an additional tip becauae hes only making minimum wage. I assume this is ok with you. The telemarketers making minimum wage are still waiting for their tips from you. Your a moron. Have a bowl of smarten up and try again.
God don't need money, the waitress does. 
Unbelievable citizens that don't understand what it truly means to be a server for inconsiderable customers that don't appreciate the excellent service they are receiving
A minimum wage is still required for servers.  When servers report their tips if they do not make minimum wage it is up to the company to compensate them.  Unless you are complete crap as a server this never happens though.  Even if you never claim your cash tips the credit card tips alone make you more than the minimum.  Also for the people saying that the identity of the person wasn't show, it was.  The signature wasn't removed.  Two more things Applebees sucks to work at so that "pastor" did the girl a favor also you can expect to get little or no tips working on a Sunday with the church crowd.
... dang I still feel like the next time I go to Applebee's (tonight), I will be pressured into leaving at least 18% or my bill will be made an example in this Internet.
Another great example of how Christians do NOT actually understand what Christianity is all about. This pastor should be stoned to death.  
No you give a church 10% I'm going to guess whatever deity you worship likely doesn't require cash. 
Pfft, tip is voluntary.

Now, you give me a good service in a restaurant, I'll give you good tip. Crappy service, expect nothing!

Also, 18% tip? What nonsense is this???
Where is the leadership of this pastor?
Kias H
Tipping is out of control. People should be paid a wage and customers can tip IF they feel the service was amazing. It shouldn't be expected that customers tip. It should be expected that employers pay proper wages.
+Martin Møller Skarbiniks Pedersen Most restaurant workers in USA get very low wages and depend on tips to make a decent salary. Many restaurants add an 18% tip for large groups sitting as a single table. I'm not sure why, and the practice is often criticized by consumers (who feel the tip should be at their discretion), but is the case nonetheless. Most Americans tip between 10% and 20% of their food bill. For outstanding service, I tip more than 20%.
She got fired for sharing a photo of the receipt... under normal circumstances, sharing photos of receipts is bad, and should result in termination.

This, however, is an example of her using a mild form of civil disobedience to express her freedom of speech.  This should be protected.

Unfortunately, her employer was not the US gov't, and as far as I know, the US gov't has not punished her in any way...

So is it legal for her to be fired over this?  Probably (although, I am not a lawyer).

Is it right for her to be fired over this?  Absolutely not.

Personally, I believe that first amendment rights should extend throughout all of our lives, both public and private... but I'm not a politician, either.
i give a100% to my god.. seriously this guy is not really an obedient devotee..
She showed the reciept on a social networking site therefor breaching the terms of purchase so yes she should of been fired and it could of been worse of the customer decided to press charges!
If it were for just one person I might agree but what was crossed out above was the 18% automatic tip Applebee's adds to parties of six or more. If the service sucked just say so but don't blame your cheapness on God. I'm glad that so-called pastor isn't mine! 
The customer isn't always right...
I disagree with what the customer put on there. The customer needs to realize that the server only makes around 2.00 an hour too. I don't think the server should have been fired.
Not at all. I give 20% tip and I tyith 10% and I don't believe in God
Please, everybody, bear in mind that the hourly wage for a server is $2.13!  It is not the $7.25 (as tiny as that is) of a non-tipped job. 
Preacher say do to others what you would have done to you. I guess no one should put 10%  in his church basket. point being character of a cheap person.  and the server should not have posted that on the internet its just stupid business and the character of a spiteful person.In real life 2 negatives equals no positive   
+Dwight Trimble Dwight, this is the essence of the "Prosperity Gospel."  You give until it hurts, and the recipient prospers, while you are broke.  You buy their books and CDs and tapes, too.  Your checks bounce because there isn't enough money to cover them.  Your bills get unpaid.  Meanwhile, the recipients fly around in private jets, buy air conditioned dog coops, and buy the brand newest of everything, while you drive around in a dented old rust-bucket.
I believe both parties are wrong for their actions. I don't believe the pastor should've made the remark in the first place, nor should she put her money at such an important level in her life. If she's out to eat, she should be able to spare $7 bucks without thinking twice.
And the waitress really shouldn't have taken a pic and posted it anywhere. Kind of a "How ridic is this!?" thing... but from my understanding, the pastor is the only one to blame here because the waitress is lost. Pastor should've left her a nice note and a nice tip to possibly reflect Christ like we're supposed to be doing. ... I hope somehow the waitress finds God out of the whole deal... because He is so much better than the image this pastor portrayed here...
I was told in some places you can pay a lower minimum wage rate if the tips compensate for the rest of minimum wage rate.You think that's bullocks?
Oh gosh, why do Christians have to be assholes? That's is far from what they are supposed to believe and display. 
Of course she shouldn't be fired!  She didn't reveal who he was did she?  If I'd been the waiter, I'd have posted it just for the humour!  But I agree w/ the comments about servers deserving a tip...unless they've just been atrocious.
OK, let's talk to a supposed tipping cheapskate...  Me.  I will use myself as an example.  I go to work.  If I work for 8 hrs, I get 8 hrs pay.  If I feel like leaving early, I don't get my full day.  My pay is based on the clock.  Servers are paid on a similar concept when it comes to me.  When they come over and say, "HI! I'm X, and I promise to take care of you tonight..." They just clocked in and are on my time now.  (I understand the concept of sharing and their other duties.)  They start at $0.00.  Depending on how good of a job they do, they go up major increments.  If they do something terrible, I give them a pink slip at the end of their work day with me.  One of the worst things you can do is forget about me.  

Most don't do terrible but some shouldn't ever be in the food service industry, working with the public.  I've had a VERY hard time proving my tipping concepts to my wife and it's taken MANY years for her to understand it.  For the first time ever, she gave 0% as a tip and this was at some "swanky" hipster shop that we found by accident, over the summer.  I was amazed and proud that she was using my concepts of tipping to gauge this specific scenario.  (She is a overzealous tipper, btw...)

I've worked food service and understand where the staff and individuals would do things like this.  I also look at food service as a job, not a career.  If you don't like the pay or how you get treated by those involved, better yourself and you will avoid situations like this later in life.  It's not that hard.
Moving forward, how was the actual service by the staff running the group of 20?  If they sucked, I'd give $0.00.  I wouldn't hide behind God and prove to everyone that I'm some sort of false prophet.  That in itself is unacceptable.  Shame on that "pastor" for being such a coward, cheapskate and all around dickscrape.

(Yeah, this completely thought out and ended with a sweet word like "dickscrape"... Twice!)
My guess is she just didn't deserve an 18% tip. I top based on quality of service. If the service was bad, the tip is bad or non-existent. 
No they did not! Hopefully they were given good service but having 2 children that have worked as servers they do not deserved to work with no pay! 
Their food is garbage.  Gives me another reason to never go there. 
She did not revel any personal details. She should not have been fired and the lame manager failed to do his job and explain the charge to the lame pastor. I will now ban Applebee's from my rotation of restaurants for the next 2 yrs and advise everyone to stop patronizing them as well. And as for Pastor cheapskate. GOD DOES NOT PAY RENT PAY UP OR STAY HOME AND SUGGEST HIS FLOCK TO FLOCK ELSEWHERE. I am sure most of them have either worked for tips or have relatives that have. 
Render unto Caesar ETC 
For a bill under $35 the party could not have been large enough to warrant an automatic/demanded tip.

Applebee's was wrong for adding the tip and for firing the young lady. But she was wrong for posting it on the net.

The Pastor was also wrong and being a jerk.

When I get a added on tip like this one I ask to speak to the Manager and ask why for two people they added the tip. I tell the Manager that I always tip 20% of the total, so they are screwing the server on this one.
I always leave a 25% tip because I can but that doesn't mean every other customer has to. The tip should be at the customers discretion and not forced upon by the establishment. Customers could choose NOT to go to your restaurant all together and that would mean even less money overall. 
That's crap. She shouldn't have been fired. That pastor should be ashamed of himself/herself for treating someone who works for LESS than minimum wage like that. Really.
Its crazy how many people don't accept the consequences of their actions. Was the person who wrote the note wrong? OF COURSE! Does the waitress have the right to post it? Sure does! But Applebee's can fire who ever they want for whatever reason they want. They have the right to fire people just like the patron has the right not to tip and the waitress has the right to complain. 
Also severs are not paid minimum wage. Unless it's a classy place (hint guys Valentines Day) severs are one of the few working class that doesn't not care about minimum wage. They actually do live on your " generosity". Most severs are lucky to get some food from the place they work. Why? Because they may not be able to afford it. Food for thought.... Imagine working and serving people all day. Not sitting but walking around and brown nosing for pennies, all the while here is all this food you can't touch. Most automatic tips don't go to the servers (they go in a big pot and are usually split with lazy coworkers) that's why I tip in cash. That goes to the person giving you service. The better tip the better service next time you come in. You want boss service? Tip like the boss you wish had. If you are the boss, tip like the Boss you are. 8D
The pastor is a MAN OF GOLD for real. Does he bribe God with the 10%.
+Brad Zonka so its the customers responsibility to ensure the wait staff is being paid fairly, not the companies? Hmmm...I have a funny feeling your wheel is still spinning but your hamster died a long time ago. By the time you finish eating your meal, you have paid that waiter/waitress more out of your pocket then the actual company employing them did. And thats not including all the other tables he or she may have been dealing with throughout their shift. Yet im the retard. Did you get dropped on your head as a baby or just flung against the wall you fucking moron.
+Greg Dominguez The party was roughly 20 people. They asked to split the bill up into separate receipts to attempt to avoid the automatic 18% tip on large parties (8 and up I think). It was applied (rightly) anyway.

+Josie Reitzel Osborn  The pastor did not pay either the 18% tip or the additional tip - the amount paid in the transaction was the untipped total. You can tell this from the receipt.
"Why should I tip you 18% when I give god just the tip?"
Unless she violated her contract she shouldn't be fired. But since when a tip became mandatory? I do not agree to that sometimes you are treated badly and yet you have to tip. I'm sorry I'm not responsible for a waiter wages it is up to the employer to pay that person. There tons of people getting paid minimum wage and the do not get tips 
Maybe tipping should be voluntary and people should get paid by their employers. 
No. He is an embarrassment to Christians everywhere.
No one in the situation is anything but ridiculous. Applebee's shouldn't have forced a gratuity, the customer should've taken it up with management rather than take a passive-aggressive swipe at the server, the server shouldn't have posted it. Getting fired sucks, but in America today, that's about the best a worker can hope for. We've been sold to the corporate overlords. 
Last point, most places add 18% for parties over 5. If 5 people ate at the place that shall not be named than that must have been alot of water and bottomless nachos. If that woman is a pastor, she should..... Well think of how she is feeding His sheep..
+Joey Crawford +Thomas Haynes +Charles Duffy how is that the customers responsibility? Isnt it an issue of the company/employee...I should be able to go out and eat and not be charged an additional amount because the company chooses not to pair fairly.
Pastor did not want to pay for a tip, should of just pass the bill to the rest of her dinning guest.
Who eats at Applebees? Their food sucks and their beer is flat. Anyone who gives 10% of their hard earned money is a sucker. That 10% percent goes straight to the pockets of swindlers. How about you give 10% of your money to me. At least I won't lie about what I'm doing with it. Oh, and she should not have been fired. 
Gary B.
No, they should not have fired the server. To the pastor - 2 Corinthians 9:7 KJV- read
Priest is a dick. Company are douches for firing her. 
Tips are for people who earn it not for those who expect it
First of all the pastor was a woman... It should be called a "pastorette" and a lot people in the Bible gave waaaay more than 10 %...also, this is a restaurant not a church, so don't be a jerk wad. I am so not impressed. Maybe the pastorette should be fired instead.
Should all jobs get tips since we are all under paid? I mean the price is the price right do you tip people at department store that help you too? Tip teachers too for helping kids even though its their job??? Quit complaining get a better job 
That is rediculous! The 10% to god I mean. 18% the the waitress is just a little steep.
Why is Applebee's adding an automatic 18% tip to begin with? Was this a table of over 6 patrons? Doubtful with a tab of $35.
I don't think she should have been fired. I also don't think that a tip should be automatically calculated either. It is supposed to be given based on quality of service.
greedy asshole, exploiting God's name to put down hardworking person, who just served him food. disgusting :\
She did display the name of the person and it was the restaurant policy. Other than that  the so called Jesus wanna be is just that. A cheap and rude one that is
The difference between the Titanic and Applebee's is that Applebee's is actively aiming for the iceberg. They should take responsibility, not try to deflect it.
I "tip" is a "gratuity", given as a matter of gratefulness.  There is no law that you have to provide a tip. My tips are relative to the quality of service I receive, usually 10% same as my "tithes and offering. I often eat lite meals and give a minimum tip which often exceeds the 10% and the 18%.  So, therefore, the 10% rule is a "guide".  The fact that the resturant is NOT paying the servers a "fair wage" was not mentioned.  The fact that the 18% was printed on the receipt as part of the bill (not a gratuity and not handwritten) changed the flavor of the issue as it was part of the bill that Applebys was presenting.  I feel that the person had the "legal and moral" right to provide the amount of "gratuity" they they felt comfortable with.  I find Applebys guilty of underpaying their employees and covering up a charge that Applebys printed on their receipt (they collected).  No, I do not feel the person should have been fired nor do I feel the customer was incorrect.  The "religion issue" is as usual wrongfully blown out of the water with copous misunderstanding.  There are people of "religion and people of faith", know which you are discussing when you open your face and engauge your tongue.  Do not drag god into the issue even if you get the straight.  He was there but he was not involved in this boo boo.  The customer had a right to say/write what she did (says the Constitution).  So, sounds like Applebys is at fault and the other person/persons fueled the fire with loose lips by shareing wrongful opinions.  Oh, and for the person/persons that seemingly attacked "religion", there is a difference in a person of "faith and a person of religion".  One beleaves in God and one beleaves in the organization of the church,  entirely different people.   Ok, people of vast knowlege attack, tear my opinion apart, I do not hear you la, la, la, la, la. 
Ridiculous! Reinstate the employee and shame on the pastor for such foolishness!
I realise it's a different culture in the U.S. Does everybody get tips in the state's? I'am an ambulance driver in the U.K. No tips here. Surely the company should pay a living wage rather than expecting their customers to subsidise their employees wages.
Tipping in North America has become an abused broken system. Employers get away with paying their employees below the poverty level, and the customers are expected to just know how good of an employee the server is. I hate tipping, I much prefer systems like in New Zealand, where the employer pays their employee's, and charge me for the food and service. There is no tipping. If a server gets lots of complaints, they get fired. I don't even want to have to think about it. So I rarely eat out. 
That's how she earns a living ass .
Not tipping the wait staff because of the restaurant's policy (which was listed on the menu)?  What a jerk!  And this person is a pastor?
People that write shit like this on the bill are jerks... Those who need an excuse to belittle and step on those that serve them.
I've worked in service industry and tip is voluntary, not expected. But, even at home you give a tip. It might not be monetary value, but it's given. What stopped the pastor from writing "service was bad" if it was, or not including their position?

I was in the military, and still am, but I don't sign correspondence as "Captain". This Pastor is a self righteous and thinks is better than the rest... Got what they deserve in my opinion. 
Being fired from apple bees must be like getting kicked out of a throw up party!
What's so disturbing is that the pastor wanted to have all the staff on hand fired because of the truth. Isn't truth what you preach every Sunday? Pointing fingers at everyone you don't understand and saying they're wrong and then trying to back out of your own legal obligations to pay what's due. That's my thoughts...
K. Weil
Very rude on the pastor's part.
God gets 10% of your weekly salary!! The waitress gets 18% of the total bill!! How about that, Applebee's...
That customer should can hell. Service industry is hard enough without assholes like that. God doesnt serve me dinner!!! Dont expect him to either, save it for the church
Sean S
Sad that he would give 10% to a being that doesn't exist and not want to give it to a fellow human being that possibly need the money to pay the bills. 
I don't think this was the best approach to spread God's word, but she didn't deserve to be fired for this.
Trying to figure out how 10 people went to a chain restaurant for less than $35 USD... by myself, it's easily over $20.
Shame, god says to treat others as you want to be treated (Matthew 7:12 ).  And who says you can only give God 10%!!?
There are plenty of people this way...not just pastors. He just happened to be the one here. Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Atheist and the like do the same. All groups have douche bags.
+David O'Farrell Exactly. Its not the customers problem. Its the problem of the companies and the staff not being paid fairly. Why do I the customer have to pay more because a company chooses to pay less. Im glad to see you did eat your smarten up for breakfast unlike many of the other people on here. Thank you for using your brain today.
Pay the people right for doing their job, so they don't depend on tips. There is something wrong in the whole system.
Man, 18% gratuity is pretty darn high, i mean, i have no problem tipping well if the service is good, but 18% as a starting point is absurd.
The waitress shouldn't have been fired for just that. If servers need to be paid more, then the businesses need to do it. But the expectation to receive tips (especially of 18% or more) is getting a little out of hand. The pastor may have been a little rude about it, but I probably wouldn't have paid the $6 tip either unless it had been exceptional, and I do mean exceptional, service.
Keep in mind that while the minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hr, "Tipped employees" typically make less than half that...
John S
That pastor should be ashamed of themself. "I give god 10%" is their excuse to be cheap? And where does that 10% their giving to god come from...? Hmmm 
The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.

All religion must end!
Anyone who stiffs a server (doesn't leave a tip) is guilty of theft of services, and can be arrested for it. Most companies do NOT back their servers so very few persons are prosecuted for not tipping. If this was a cable company, the pastor would already be in court. I will NOT eat at Applebees ever again because of this. Companies should stand behind their servers.
I usually tip 20%....I have a hard time requesting a bottle of beer from my wife without being asked for a $200 UGG boots in return 
I hate to see this as this is why us Christians get a bad rep. It's to be expected from a corporation to act this way, but not from a Christ follower. I thank the waitress who posted this, and I pray for you to find a better job.
All religion isn't the same. Why must ALL die? Would you say the peace loving Amish and the Muslim extremist are the same?
No way! The customer was a total TOOL!
It's not like the waitress put that number on the receipt  why should the customer be an a$$ about it?
She didn't call out the name, so I say she should sue!
Nope the ass who wrote the note deserves to have t public displayed. Maybe next time he will think about being such a jerk
The only problem is that the pastor is getting ripped off. He'd get a better ROI on the waitress. 
The waitress published the customer's name. While the pastor was obnoxious, the waitress shouldn't have disclosed this information. I don't know if an outright firing was necessary, but Applebees was in their right to take action.
Yeah as a former server, fuck that guy for not tipping. Servers make sub-minimum wage in most states and to not tip them because they get "more than god" is a completely ridiculous cop out.
His god doesn't need money and he is not giving anything, he is just collecting from his flock who buy his crap......he is not even paying taxes on what he collects........
I worked in the service trade for years, and it ain't about the bottom line, it's about the experience. A good server makes a par or sub-par meal better, by making you feel welcome, comfortable, and served to your satisfaction. You get a cup of coffee and a hard roll, served to you, do you leave 50¢? That's absurd.  We're all victims of the fast food industry, and for a civilized experience we need wait staff tipped decently. Otherwise, go to Dunkin' Donuts and pull a "wave by" on the register cup. Work it, and you'll change your tune.
What if more peeps write randomness on receipts, does the jobless rate increase? 
No. The customer was (is) a dick. And it wasn't inappropriate for her to broadcast the receipt. Especially because he was pompous enough to represent that he was a "pastor". Thereby making the entire receipt relevant.
No way. Applebee's was way out of line
More overkill because people can't think for themselves anymore. Everything needs mandate. Common sense has been overruled. Reprimand, yes. Fire, no. Too bad society doesn't hold CEO's and politicians to the same standard.
The server shouldn't have been fired unless he was a really awful server.
What is the exact reason why this person got fired?...because a cheap'o religious coot doesn't believe in paying tips?
What a world we live in.... Oh Internet age how you destroy lives everyday 
Tipping is Unamerican. It is a conspiracy among the employer (who refuses to pay his employee a decent wage), the server (who defrauds the government of taxes), and the customer (who refuses to pay the actual cost of his meal). It should be outlawed, and employers instead held responsible for paying their employees reasonable wages.
+Brian Ward
Yup, and there is a high likelyhood that this same turd made the server nuts while they were there.
Thanks for rehashing the same story over and over.
In Europe, tipping is a foreign (American) concept. Here, servers can work an 8 hour shift during a slow day and take home $20 in tips. Add that to their $2.++ hourly wage x 8 hrs, and you can see why lousy tips (or no tips at all) are so upsetting. Would you work your butt off for 8 hours for a mere $50? 18% of a $15 lunch check is a whopping $2.70! That will go a long way toward paying the rent. Come on, if you can afford to eat out, then tip your server appropriately.
serving is the only job i can think of where you may or may not get paid for your work.  I think it should be mandatory 18% on all checks.  Do your lawyer, accountant, or doctor ask for you to pay them what you think they deserve, NO they get paid.  Why should a server not get paid for doing there job. 
Why does your employer have any business looking at your social media posts? Also what kind of pastor would stiff someone on the tip? He apparently doesn't understand that a large percentage of what waitstaff makes is based on tips. Here in Illinois U.S. The minimum wage is lower if you work a job where you can make tips. Significantly lower. $4.95 per hour if the employee earns tips. The employer is allowed to consider tips to be 40% of their wages. So in effect this "pastor" was stealing money from this persons paycheck.

Way to go you thief. 
That is really sad. Shame on them. 
The pastor has apologized, the server has not. Light hearted joke my arse.
I would have posted it in our group page for the job. Then i can say how i really feel.
Nope but, I don't agree with forced tips
Please take the time to learn the truth that Applebee’s is hiding and does NOT want you to know about all of this. Find us on facebook@ pickingapples2012
Yo "PASTOR" Render unto Caesar & Fork it over. SHAME ON YOU
Dave W
Your server brought you food and took care of you. Your sky fairy called god hasn't done shit for you. That is why she deserves a tip you christian low life.
Hey Dave, God gave you life, and all the food you have ever ingested, you pompous,arrogant fool.
Dave W
+Kevin Kathey God is a fictitious character. You are the fool if you believe otherwise. "God" gave me nothing. My mother and father did. I don't recall any god paying my grocery bill...
Why should your "Server" get 18%? Because GOD PAYS NO TAXES! If you don't want to pay for good service STAY HOME!
Mike L.
Kudos to the customer!  Applebee's and other restaurants should not force patrons to tip.  Do they make up the difference if the tip is $0?  
Mike L.
Where the server acted unprofessionally, posting the receipt, she didn't deserve to be fired.  I would have strongly admonished her for posting a receipt, albeit nothing about the receipt showed the owner.  If anything, I would encourage the church to demote, or replace their pastor.  After all, it was the pastor who failed her professional ethics worse than the server, and failed to follow the warning of Matt 6:5.  Since the server was saving up for college, perhaps the Pastor put a kink in God's plan for this person to do something great for God's people, or to save the planet.  
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