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We're pretty sure this should be an Olympic sport for geeks. -
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dang. searched couple mins on the intaaneetz but coudlnt find the fitting picture. but "you geeks" will know this one:

its a picture, consisting of 1 panel (text is a bit different, but you might remember anyway:P)

"press start, hit Programs, settings, browse to... 
START..... bottom left... START.. ITS THE ROUND BUTTON.

yes..! start..

...i come over"

so next discipline, describe something and you know /give picture :P
I would watch this on the History Channel 
WikiWars > Euro 2012 > 2012 NBA Finals >US Open > WSOP repeats
Reminds me of watching Golf on TV!  That was so funny!!!
That's only the awesomest sport ever.
They should make googling a sport as well. Think of really obscure things to search for and have people compete for the fastest time.
you just have to be smart to show your a boss like that gavin :P
You can get to Hitler from any page on Wikipedia. Try it and post your results.
haha very nice, couldnt turn it off 
hello dost the sad thing is that also tried this game already , about one year ago... i  see a big L on my foread :)
Geek is the new sexy.
Those two boys are going to have more women then John Holmes!
K, maybe not but still funny!
Mispronouncing abbreviations/acronyms is one of the most annoying things to have to listen to.  It promotes stupidity and laziness in that people forget what the abbreviations/acronyms actually stand for and can't easily remember because they are mispronouncing the sound of the individual letters that compose it.
^ I think the actual creation of the abbreviations/acronyms promotes stupidity and laziness.  Well, laziness at least.
It's something that people have been doing in some form or the other for some time now. But this is the first time I've seen a proper, conducted match with rules and everything.
What a great party game (or drinking game).
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