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Google+ has announced it's rolling out its broadcast video chat feature Hangouts on Air to all users. We want to know: Will you be using Hangouts on Air? What tips do you have for others who might use the feature?

Join us at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT to discuss Hangouts on Air -- in a Hangout on Air! (So meta.)
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The 9 user limit is a pitty when it comes to active users, what would be awesome if there could be more active users and u could unmute them so there might only be 9 active at the same time.

Almost like a webinar, this would be even more awesome #Google+ #Hangouts
I would use it but they still don't seem to work in the mobile app.

It would be great if they did :(
I'd rather see that they rolled out an API so I can use an aggregator like Hootsuite to manage my posting across multiple networks. Until they do, their uphill battle will keep being VERY steep!
I'm excited, I haven't really hungout, but do see the potential. This is going to be big!
Is Hangouts on Air simply that it can be carried over to YouTube or viewed on YouTube as well? I need to do more research, as currently I'm not sure I understand the significant differences, unless that is it.
Buddies and I use Hangout on the Go all the time when out and about. Love its functionality over 3G/HSPA/4G.
I'm using it for distance education courses.
Aaah, there we go, I wasn't sure if they streamed live on YouTube or not. Thank you +Nigel King for the info. =)
This will certainly be very useful for all types of teaching. Thanks, Google.
does anyone know how it works with google page? can I link it to a separate youtube channel or does it only work with my personal YouTube account?
Could be very useful for eLearning
This an excellent idea for those who have been interested in creating live webcasts for independent DIY artists, journalists, etc.
It introduces a great way to interact with those who are watching the cast as well.

Google as heard the cries of those who need it most. 
anyone got the link for the hangout? ;)
that is good news for online marketers that does "Webinars" :D
Does it include hang-out extras so you can also share your screen? +Mashable
On some projects this could work very well. Even if someone drifts off mentally during the meeting, there would be that recording to review and remind.
I will also thinking to use it for teaching. Let's see.
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