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“We have heard that 40% of Iran’s web traffic bypasses government filters,” says Sullivan. “We estimate there are as many as 14 million Facebook users inside of Iran despite the fact that Facebook is one of five million or so sites blocked for use by Iranian Internet Service Providers.”

- Greg Sullivan, the US State Department’s senior advisor for strategic communications on Iran.
President Obama said an "Electronic Curtain" has fallen over Iran, but the State Department has found ways to connect with Iranians online.
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good, nobody likes censorship for the sake of it
Well I'm glad to hear that Facebook is at least working for some Iranians. I really don't know how I would put up with government censorship like that!?
>> the US State Department’s
That's it. You can skip reading this since 90% of their statements are a lie or at least propagandistic BS. And when it comes to "not free" countries this number is close to 100%/
It's a good thing at least for that 14,000,000!
who is going to liberate us from the MPAA/RIAA filters?
+Anatoly Nechaev the best part is the systems these governments use to oppress people on the internet are MADE IN AMERICA!! LMAFO!!
surprisingly, I follow a lot of Iranians on Twitter. I must say that this censorship is not working well. :D
+Burnett's Staffing, Inc. ISPs can't do anything. Revolutionary guards (being the biggest oppressing force in Iran by all means, and I mean ALL means) owns country's only telecom company. Imagine that; a military body that controls the entire country's telecommunication.
+Jason Stevens Actually they've bought the technology from Europe; Siemens is the biggest. Thanks to U.S government though for helping anti-censorship agencies to fight it.
people are still getting messages out, like my friend who went back for his family who has kept somewhat regular contact with people in the states...
+Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron I don't know if you are confusing the regime that brutally rules Iran (Islamic Republic) with Iran herself or just suffering from the media brainwashing syndrome. It's hard to argue in both cases: In case of former, I can't really ask you to think about the differences between Fuck US and Fuck Bush (although a maniac, you can still criticize him without spending rest of your life in prison accompanied with hard labor). Not the same thing. In case of later, well, there is nothing I could say except maybe get educated.
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