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Facebook stock has been down as far as 13% today.

Where will it end?
Facebook's first day of trading after its IPO looks to be a bruising one.
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It's new, people are buying and selling quick to make profit and try not to loose money!

And it will fall more. xD
Might be imploding into a black hole -- just glad I didn't go for the IPO...
at the end of the day I am predicting down 20%
If you liked it at $38, you are gonna LOVE it at $33
It'll bounce around a lot over the next few weeks as traders try to make some short term cash. I bet it settles around $19 or so within a few months. It may be a $50B company, but definitely not $100B.
Maybe Facebook should rename it's stock to FacePalm!
+Alan Clegg So you think they'll support some more again today? I'd love to know how many shares they bought back on Friday. The last 30 mins traded about 100M shares and there was a ton of pressure for it to drop.
I for one am very happy to see that the market price has been driven by hard facts rather than sentiment. I thinking the big guys will starts buying near 30 32.
They will continue to copying more Google+:)
This is the risk with "Web 2.0" properties. Never buy in on the IPO on these babies.
the founder of facebook got married thiz weekend wow crazy nigga
So what service Facebook provide more than my daddy's old phone book ?
It was at -13% the lowest I've seen this morning, now it's hovering at about -11.5-12%
If part of the IPO is to correctly valuate the stock before it begins selling, this seems to be working out just fine. Whatsamatter lazy stockbrokers... Can't bubble the stock to make a quick buck? LOL
That's what I like seeing :-) Hope you fail Facebook :-) like the terrible site you are. Want Zuckerberg to fail like the cheater and theft he is.
Yep -- looks like FB is doing a 0-0-0-DESTRUCT-0...
I told my buddies this was going to happen at first! It is a roll of the dice when you start playing in the ocean with the sharks! They all want a chunk of it and there is only so much to attack.
Self destruct sequence activated: 5...4...3...2...1
Facebook is headed for a crash. There's nothing so destructive as turning over your creativity to stockholders and lawyers.
lol! saw that many hands on the plate!
When it reaches 38 again the 'public', to agonized to run now, is gonna dump their stock.
Facebook has the nearly impossible job to live up to all the hype. If they don't, then the stock will suffer. I don't think it will go up unless they do something revolutionary.
stock can't drop below 0. that seems like a logical end point.
It is a hard company to value. I think it is funny when people say, "I would buy Facebook" without giving thought to the PE or anything else.
Es impresionante. Que lindo. Espero tener la suerte de tener una vista similar. Me derrito de solo pensarlo.
It will never stop. This is the beginning of the end. 
+Ron Miller People have been buying stocks without considering P/E ratios for a long time.In fact, I'd be willing to bet that with the exception of Fund Managers and professional stock traders, i.e. regular folks who buy individual stocks (aka idiots), few people take P/E into serious consideration. But I totally agree with you about the valuation.
Sage D
Facebook should join 1999 and go Boom already... 
+Nate Mitchell it can't go below 0, even if it's only worth $1, true. That's why we use %-tages. It lost 10% of it's value in 1 day. It needs to gain 11.9% of its value to equal the IPO-value again.
+Simeon Greene right, because we all know the professional stock traders are truly the pros without equal. Re: Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, and on and on... they all seem to be making great investment decisions and recommendations... oh yeah and the great analysts that predicted Apple would reach $1000/share in the next year. A broken clock is still right twice a day.
The problem with facebook is that when they go "public" and the "public" learns what their business model ACTUALLY entails, in detail, (re: selling your personal information for solicitation purposes) -- people are going to be even LESS interested in using it.

Centralized social media (re: FB, G+, MySpace) with content created by consumers for consumers is a fad. Memes and YouTube are the pinnacle of this communication form.

Eventually the unwashed masses will tire of knowing when their sister received a bikini wax, what grandma ate for lunch, and the photos of their younger brother's drunken friday night escapades.
I didn't even know it was a stock that could be traded. Seriously social networking sites are there to communicate with one another, but to be traded as if they were providing a product or actual service? Yeah, that doesn't sound right.
Too many people investing in IPO, not FB. 
Learned my lesson buying YELP when the IPO came out. It's all initial hype that drives up the price the first day. Barely made it out with an $8 profit.
With any sorting out, nothing justifies 100billion valuation!
Reza KB
The whole "make facebook public company" thing, is just a killer for FB using pain killer
Rumor has it that the owner of google+ has started wearing a hoodie now.
No need! Hoodie will be out of fashion soon! Give it a few days of trading! But gosh I love see wall street bankers being played by a hoodie guy! One+ for geek community!!
Tim Max
Buy order in at $8....
Of course it won't end until maybe Facebook decides to shut down. Like everyone else say, Wall St is trying to make it look like Facebook is failing.
I figure it'll bottom out in the low 20's
Hints of the way of mySpace?
and don't forget! Today is a good day for Nasdaq! What will happen on a bad day?!
to steal a line from Seth Rogen "F*ck Facebook in the face"
Facebook is a sham just like it's "inventor". I feel sorry for people that feel they have to be on Facebook just so other people will think they have something going on.
Just wait until the first and second quarterly reports come in and facebook is expected to produce actual performance numbers. I suspect investors will not be as kind with the stock then.
Lou Lew
I'm not surprised......
Overvalued just like instagram, it should have been free.
Man, it just goes to show how worthless our money is. If Facebook can trade for billions, then bananas ought to be selling for $1,000 a pound. :) Ric
Just a temporary adjustment. Like a spring seeking equilibrium.
Google+ ALL THE WAY....... so if you do have FaceBook shares..... SELL THEM WHILE YOU CAN.
FB is the classic case of a pump and dump IPO.
i dont get it? what does this mean ?
FB is the next Groupon. 1 yr target for FB on is set at $45. I think they have one too many digit there. $3-4 is a good price to buy.
I wonder where the so-called experts like Mashable are now? It's time to finally end this hype, but whom am I telling this when FB recently purchased an app for $1 bn?!
FB stock value problem may be the opposite that most companies have... In FaceBook's case people may be all TOO familiar with the product, it's market and how it works.
I do not see real value in what facebook provides, it's surprising there are people who buy it. Not mentioning thy were a bit greedy with the price.
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