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Amazon may be working on a double-sided tablet with an LCD display on one side and a classic Kindle e-ink display on the other.

Do you prefer to read books on an e-ink display over an LCD display?  Will a double-sided tablet be practical?

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On my daily commute (2x30 mins) I'm reading books on my iPad (latest gen.) Works like a charm.
e-ink is still more readable, especially outdoors.  If there's a way they can do this while smartly protecting both screens, I'm in.
... especially if they can automatically transfer the contents of the lcd screen to the e-ink screen (i.e. take a snapshot of my screen and send it to eink screen on the fly)
This would be AMAZING. +Adam Berson  - we were just talking about this. But we never thought of double sided. Brilliant! I would totally buy one. 
e-ink. If I wanted to stare at LCD I would use my laptop to read.
That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
The Nintendo DS concept would be great if implemented on a tablet scale. Dual screens so you can browse two websites independantly, or watch a movie on one screen and play a game on the other.
Even in business, you could have one screen show a presentation while you control said presentation with the other.
~2 cents
the right kind of case would be key in this... but I'd definitely consider it. In fact, it would probably mean the difference between buying a dedicated e-reader and a tablet versus buying one device for me.

Execution is key though. I'm not a fan of the restricted marketplace and functionality of the fire... having my cake and eating it only works if the cake doesn't taste like crap.
one side needs protected but I love the e-ink, need the LCD but can only carry a phone.
That would be amazing. I love LCD, but it somewhat negates reading before bed for me, since the blue light definitely gives me insomnia. I'm not sure how practical it would be of course... 
Interesting. If it's a lot thicker, it would be a deal breaker for me, but I guess we don't know yet.

I would prefer to have two separate devices over a two-sided tablet - a dedicated tablet and an e-reader.  
that sound old fashion like double sided CD/DVD... I hope this is a bad joke
We just discussed the other day that we were surprised someone doesn't somehow figure out how to make a display that is both (obviously none of us thought it was possible).  This would sort of get around that hurdle of not being possible.
Weight and complexity will be an issue.
What is the problem with having a separate device for reading?
A small, high battery life, high contrast E-Ink display is what is perfect for reading.
For a tablet I want power, display brightness and lots of storage with as much battery life as I can get.
I do not want the additional size and weight that comes with an E-Ink display on the back. If I am ok with the size then I want that extra space to be battery, RAM, Storage and or connectors. Not another display.
Interesting concept but I'll have to see how it's implemented. I would think laying it down on a table, the ground, etc would be a problem so I'm sure there's some type of cover for protection.
so you would be touching the screen no matter what side you hold it? that would be strange.. i would prefer a single screen. 
I'm going to guess that there will a case implemented into the tablet so that when you aren't using one side you can have a flap closed or something along those lines. That way the side you aren't using will always be protected.
Be interesting to see the energy saving comparison
Is it me, or is a double-sided tablet over-kill?  After all, you can only look at one side at a time.
+Bob Turner have you ever tried to read an iPad on the beach? How about watch a Youtube on e-ink? What's more overkill, having one that does both, or bringing two devices on vacation?
Nah....keep them'll be interesting to see how it works out though.....
I'd give it a thought. Love reading on e-ink
This is very interesting.  I love e-ink for reading.  I sometimes read for hours at a time.  I also love LCD displays for web browsing and games.  Having both options in one device, if done right, could be perfect.  
I would love color e-ink for reading comic books.  Someday.
The key is matte screens. I don't know if it's possible to use touch screen in matte screens because I just don't know the technology but a matte screens kills glare and still produces a high quality image.
Crap, I can't handle keeping one screen clean! I can't imagine two!
E-Ink all the way for reading - It's the main reason I still tote my Kinde Classic around. Nothing beats that for me (with the exception of real paper, but that's a pain to carry around)

I feel like this would be a really awkward device to use, but I'm intrigued enough to probably give it a shot!
I love the idea. 
I prefer books in e-ink, anyday!
The idea is interesting, but I am concerned how it will work in practice.   What would the battery life be and how would the OS control both screens?
Not a good idea i guess. Those who read a lot use e-ink for books and their smartphones and pads for other stuff. No use of two screens on both sides of e-book except for pdf, but you can still read it on other devices
I've got enough problems keeping ONE screen damage-free. I don't need to double that concern.
How about just making them boot in 2 different modes!
+Franklin Morrison Well e-ink is a very low-energy technology - the only real power consumption is used changing what's displayed on the screen itself, once its settled into a state it can nearly indefinitely be displayed.
I don't think the second screen will play to greatly on battery life. My Kindle Classic's battery can last over 2 months with the wireless radio turned off.
After seeing my fiance's Kindle the E-Ink is awesome. I do wish it was backlit for night reading but it beats typical displays easily. I'm curious about a double sided ebook reader. Could work if the implement it right.
I would feel like I couldn't put it down without scratching a screen.
I'm having both an Android 10" tablet and a Kindle Touch and I'm carrying both with me most of the times, I'm undecided about a device combining both type of screens. I see the benefit of carrying only one device (which I assume would weight less than two separate ones) and I'm not concerned about protecting the screens during transport (I use soft- or hardshell sleeve cases). Also, I've never needed to clean the e-Ink screen of my Kindle Touch after several months of usage, so a least this screen should be not that sensitive to fingerprints like a LCD screen is. But my own experience is that while a six or seven inch e-Ink display is sufficient for reading most books (except textbooks), for tablet usage I really prefer a 10 inch sized screen (I had a 7" tablet for a while). And I doubt that a new dual screen device will come out in 10" size.
Ridiculous!- What happened to face-to-face communications and actual books!
I'm not totally sold on the idea, I'm just envisioning smudge marks on one screen whole you use the other.
I love my e-ink Nook Simple Touch. Much more pleasant experience than reading on a tablet. The buttons on the nook also mean I can turn pages with moving my hands. Bliss!

What would be really nice is a color e-ink tablet. I really have no desire to watch movies or play games on a 10" or smaller screen. I've got an HDTV and PC for that.
+Grey Geek That's the only way I see this actually working. When I saw this initially I was like "wow this is retarded," but your case idea actually pulls it together nicely.
I'm sorry, but two screens is FAR too fragile.
Like the idea but I would break it in about 10 minutes
If they made it square it would cut your fingers like a macbook...  Oh
Blatantly just so they can show adverts on the screen facing outwards. I'll have one for free if they want to turn it/me into a mobile billboard.
+Oliver Hamilton ? 

I didn't understand what you meant by "mobile billboard"?

It'll most likely be Android based (if it exists), so it'll display ads on the screen on apps with ads on them, just as Android does... 
I like e-ink.  The battery on my Kindle keyboard last forever and it is so much easier on the eyes than a tablet or PC so I can see the appeal here for a dual sided thing.   Watch video, play games on one side, read books on the other.  If it were priced reasonably, I could see buying one.
it depends on what type of book I'm reading. I like e-ink for fiction and LCD for technical stuff (lots of charts, diagrams etc).
Sounds Breakable... I'll keep my nook
Holy wow, this would be awesome. I'm honestly waiting for the day when users are able to toggle between classic tablet screens and e-Ink reading experience. That'll be incredible!
For standard reading, e-ink wins for me, hands down. As color/animation or other factors enter the equation, it varies. I have to charge my kindle every 6 or 8 weeks.
Great idea! I would buy it.  Maybe that's what Amazon is planning to announce next week? 
no, too much redundancy in one device; users actually will ultimately only use one of the options
I was just telling my wife that I'm not buying another Kindle until it's in color or there is an e-ink tablet on the back of a Fire. I'd stop carrying around my iPad if I could have e-ink packaged along with a usable tablet.
I was thinking about such a tablet last March while sharing about the LG's flexible epaper display in this post:
Another great idea could be a standard lcd tablet with a flexible eink/epaper display in the cover - this way the 2 displays are side-to-side and you could read a book on the epaper, activating videos or animated and interactive related contents on the lcd display. Also the lcd touch screen could work as the Galaxy Notes to take notes. This could be really the best :-)
looks like an iPad ... with those rounded corners ... 
A pity the "Minus One" button doesn't work with this version of Firefox I have...
I'd be afraid I'd get the screen on the other side scratched. They need a screen that can do both a e-ink screen and a regular screen.
If you had a double sided tablet, a fun app would be a WINDOW
I had a Kindle Fire (which I sold) and a Kindle Touch.  I simply LOVE the e-ink display.  It is VERY comfortable for reading books.  I found myself using the Fire to surf the web only.  The problem was the lack of 3G.  Now, I just use my phone.
Maybe I can just glue two ipads together ....
I'd prefer the screens as internal of a folder, so there's no need for protection and maybe there would be more use for having both screens switched on, for using both at the same time (like a larger screen)
Hmm not too sure about this one - smacks at present of trying to shoehorn too much into one device 'just because' ... willing to be proved wrong, nonetheless!
I would really like this. I would like to be able to edit books or highlight and make notes more easily. kindle is great fro books but not so great for study.. IMO.
Is there no way to have one screen do both?
Im sure Apple will sue them for stealing ideas too.
+John Mahler That would be the best, but I imagine it's pretty difficult to do. Even so, this is something I'm interested in. I hate having to switch between devices. Flipping it over would be much simpler, but still not the final solution.
You know what I would like? A tablet that opens and reads like a book - a page on the left and one on the right.
Surely the silver bullet is to create an e-ink effect within a LCD environment?
it would need a cover for each side otherwise when im reading my book out in the middle of the australian bush somewhere and i place it down id scratch the LCD screen on the back pretty shocking
Now that's a good idea Apple can't sew for
Eh, sounds overly exuberant and gimmicky
Maybe the can sue Samsung and get their first billion from it.
be careful, this one look like iPad.
Augmented Reality tool.
Looks a bit like how babies are made to me...
Medha L
Looks like a pair of twins. Seems to be more confusing than being user-friendly.
Cenk Y.
That would kick ass
Is the 'white' background of e-ink actually white, or transparent? Because if it's transparent when 'white', surely you could overlay the two screens - Turn on the backlight, turn e-ink to 'just transparent' when using the LCD, and vice versa? Probably technically impossible or they'd do it, I guess. 
I still prefer reading a proper book over an e-book!
e-ink over LCD. Real paper over e-ink. :-)
That's why they're doing this. So you have a choice, and so you can enjoy a full featured tablet without having to read books on an LCD. I like the idea a lot having owned both, but to be honest, I just prefer a regular tree-killing book.
I prefer to read on e-ink.  It is easier on my eyes, but I'm not sure if I would want a double sided device.  Where am I going to rest my hands?  On one of the screens?
What's that knob doing reading the back of his iPad!
Not sure the application of such device will improve user experience?!
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