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Tonight, the Empire State Building will be lit up with election results:  #Election2012  
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cool! I didn't know the US had the election's results on the same day.
And where is the 'Green' light? Drowned?
Two party system... OOOoOooooOOhhhhHH!
And what does empire state get out if this........? 
Very creative.
I like how the Empire State guys really do some nice stuff on special dates. Wish there were more of this around here in my city haha
Romney deserved the win.
He remains a better leader
....apparently more people thought not
+Samuel Ahumuza it is easy to be considered a good leader when you wield no actual power, responsibility, or accountability.
Congrats, President Barack Obama for re elect Pres.of the United State of America.....
Paul Bryson until one is a given a chance to demonstrate what he got, you will hardly gauge their potential.
God bless America and the rest of the world
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