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The popular open-source operating system #Ubuntu is coming to smartphones. Canonical, Ubuntu's commercial sponsor, announced its new smartphone interface Tuesday.

This isn't Ubuntu's first foray into devices outside of the desktop. Over the last few years, Canonical has spent time investing in Ubuntu for TV sets and building out its cloud infrastructure.

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Ubuntu for phones joins Sailfish and Samsung's Bada as operating systems looking to take on the giant that is Android. What do you make of the Ubuntu announcement?
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At first glance, it kind of just feels like a mash-up of Windows Phone 8, Android, and WebOS. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing... But not till 2014?
Total waste of Canonical's time.
Since Android framework and the Linux it is built on are already open source, what is the gain here?   

If anything, they should have started from Android and added value.
Tbh I love it, I've been waiting for this to happen. Imo Windows have failed to bring the desktop feel to phones so I'm excited to see what Ubuntu can do. I'm sure gonna download and put it on my G-Nexus as soon as it is available :)
Seems like Ubuntu might be next on Google's 'Tech companies to be acquired' list for 2013-2014. ;-)

Anyway, the OS does have potential lets see if this can really live up to the hype or not that's completely another question all together.
The fact that your phone can be used as a full desktop is one of the huge advantage over all the other mobile os.
+Mathieux Bergeron _"your phone can be used as a full desktop is one of the huge advantage over all the other mobile os"_   - Not really.  Motorola Android phones have provided this for the last 2 years with Webtop.
Al M.
Looks like Meego. 
I know that. There's a reason for a wink smiley ;-) at the the end of the sentence. +Allen Kwok 
Looks fun! I'm not sure if i can make the switch from android to the ubuntu ecosystem as yet though.
Tizen is good from the carrier's perspective since they can put all the bloatwares that we as consumers hate.

The video presentations of this brand new OS left me perplexed. It is inconceivable from a MKTG point of view that so many videos show it in all his slowness in transitions, in multitasking (even if it is already mentioned that everything will work on the right time, etc..). In addition, I think that Ubuntu Mobile has already lost one of its "competitive advantages" that this OS had on pc side: the infinite amount of applications available from the repository. Android has already been carried out greatly on that point.

In conclusion I believe that it will be a decent OS only for those obsolete devices where it is not possible to install new applications or updates because they are no longer supported.

Im really excited with this news! 
Jarek W
Very good news finally fully operational Linux on all devices ! android just have Linux kernel but the rest is just Google's Java. Now it's time for Linux get manufacturers to support Linux with hardware and Linux will finally take over any other operating systems !!!. Games for Linux, good graphic programs etc. Go go Linux !
Interesting but I wish they could make this available for older Android phones with unlocked bootloaders.   I would love to, for instance, install this on my old HTC Incredible.
From an aesthetic standpoint this is far better than I would have expected. It's a lot nicer looking than Android. I'm not sure about some of the design decisions from a usability standpoint though (some aspects strike me as superfluous), I'd have to try it.
this is really good alternate in mobile phone market but I like self linux but apple and android are good systems either... I don't think that much people buy an Linux phone
this and Boot Back to Gecko from mozilla  Might give  IOS and Android and Windows Phone good run . now 2013 might year new phone OS  look Black Berry 10 is all new Coming sometime this year and now Ubuntu and Mozilla OS could be Interesting to see 
Meego was best. Firstly, Canonical should change the interfaz of Ubuntu. It sucks!
How will putting a desktop OS distro onto a low power touchscreen device be any more successful than Microsoft's attempt to do the same, by shoehorning a crappy version of Windows onto the Surface tablet?
It won't be any more successful.  This initiative will fail just like the Surface tablet is failing.
There are some really good ideas here but it all seems a bit disjointed. The 'home' screen would get on my tits having to scroll up and down to constantly find my information. Also, if I just wanted to see a list of my running apps, I would have to keep swiping till I get to it or open it from the left pop out menu. But what if the app isn't in that list? You have to open the app list, scroll to find your app then open it again...Annoying! Also, that pop out app list on the 'lock screen' thing would more than likely result in my pocket opening apps left right and centre and nobody needs that!

I really like the way you can access your settings using the notification tool bar and the and the menu on all apps appearing by swiping from the bottom. Overall though, I don't like it and feel that using this for long periods of time would get frustrating. 
If we could put it on an iPhone to replace the ios that would be awesome!
I'm not a fan of the Unity UI, but it looks nice on the phone. I really like Android so I don't see myself moving.
I love Android, but 3 of my 4 computers are running Ubuntu so I'm sure I'll give it a go!
This sounds great.  There are too many half ass OSes coming along anymore, some of which can only do web apps and not really native apps which is a no-no.  I hope that this becomes a great OS for the phone while not doing what Microsoft did with W8.  A phone and a desktop should not have the same interface.  I hope this will be a powerful OS with plenty of developer support.

For now though I stick with Android
The screens look like a hybrid Android/Windows Phone OS
Ubuntu competing with Android all sounds like a parent trying to beat his own kids for me. 
I use Ubuntu at work and home.  It has gone backwards since Unity IMHO.  The current version is sloooow on my home laptop.  Do I want a similar experience on my phone? NO.  Only geeks would take this up.  I'd rather see the effort put into getting the bugs out of Android.
Ivan P
Why do they call Ubuntu the spy ware Os? 
From what I viewed on the Ubuntu site, it does everything that Android does now. I see no special magic happening as there is only a couple of useful options I would port over, such as the swipe gesture to return to a previously opened/used app, which also allows that action from the lockscreen, swiping to reopen an app that has been sent to the background seems like a useful option to have.
+Li Guo Zhu Look, this new os for smartphones is awesomely time-efficient and perfectly safe ! go to the site and watch their video and ull see
Hey +Mashable, Ubuntu isn't an OS.  It is a distribution of GNU/Linux that likes to send your search history to amazon while distracting you with that shiny thing they call Unity.
I'm just excited about some competition.. hopefully Apple won't try to sue you off the tarmac before takeoff.. jerks.
Just FYI, the Motorola webtop is Ubuntu as well, just a trimmed down version.
funny thing is, you guys are commenting on what they have shown, which is the most stable version by far, but this OS has been testing and is still currently being tested right now, and i for one have enjoyed using this over android
There's always room for something new, no matter it wins the market or not. Yes, big fishes like Apple, if they make a little change in the homescreen, that'll boost a lot of sells. Because they are already established. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'll (Android or iOS) be holding the positions forever.

What Ubuntu Phone OS is, is completely different that the other big players. Even though I'm skeptical about their marketing strategy and doubtful whether they'll succeed or not, the concept that they're working with is what it should be with technologies. Users can't learn Windows 7 at office, and XP at home, and later Ubuntu at a friend's home, and Windows 8 when the office adopts it. And in the mobile, they just can't also learn iOS, Android, FirefoxOS and more. Even if they're learning, the two just don't match. Yes, Android and iOS -- they've understood that one OS should be everywhere -- so we get the same OS in a tablet and smartphone. Why not in Desktops then ?

I think Ubuntu is trying to do that in a much prettier way. And the Dash -- yes, it has its own algorithmic problems and time lags, but as they continue developing it -- it is truly a big step in the future of intuitive computing.

I would like to see 'em succeed with it.
That looks like Windows 8 Mobile's UI... But rounded rectangles and Ubuntu Sans fonts. 
Mobile devices are one place Ubuntu may be able to make a dent. The Desktop has never gained mainstream ground, but if it gets the basic popular Skype, LINE, chat, etc type apps. It could be a real 3rd player. 
I'm a huge Android fan but I have to admit this platform does look pretty interesting there's quite a few videos on YouTube to check out what I'm hoping is a rooted Android phone running Ubuntu
Three Questions: Can it be installed and run efficiently on older phones (also can it be installed and used on any phones) and can I get android back if it sucks?
The interface is awsome....i hope android dev team can learn too from canonical's team. Open Source must united to become strong and bigger
<sigh>  Yet another mobile phone platform?  And what will Ubuntu bring to the smartphone table that isn't already there?
This won't make a dent in the US/Euro markets. But it could work in China. & Africa. 
Interesting, but does the world really need yet another Linux based mobile operating system? Time (and marketing) will tell.
I wanna have the experience of it. .
I'm so happy I held on to my Galaxy Nexus. I just don't want to wait a "few weeks" for this...
It better be fast and smooth, or I'm not touching it.
so it pulls it self back together after you smash it coool
So now we can expect 100+ distro versions for mobile phones. 
I don't know who is going to trust me, but I was thinking of an +Android launcher app like this few months back. (except the welcome screen)
Randy H
South better than the crap OS that is android. Can't wait !
I really don't think Ubuntu is goin to live up to all this hype but we'll see! 
It's much harder to call Ubuntu open than to call Android open... Yet Ubuntu seems to think they're holier than all! I love the idea and design but won't use it till the community hacks away what is Canonical and gets some open and free where it should be! Same as with the Ubuntu for android...
Nice software, I think it's good.
competition is steep but another free open source OS won't hurt anybody ;)
I think it is one more platform I have to learn to deploy my apps to... I hope the SDK isn't far from developing for Ubuntu itself. 
+Ahmad Asraf Hashim pick one... =p
google is your friend bro... =p

+Peter van der Linden except for the fact that webtop is pretty limited on features and hardware it is compatible with, and the fact that the webtop hardware itself costs just about as much as a phone does (with contract)... the fact that this will be able to switch over to a FULL desktop mode with LIMITED additional hardware COST will be a great boon to its development.

I don't feel people have given the surface enough of a chance yet... I feel Windows 8 is one of the best Microsoft operating systems since XP, because of how light-weight it is on the hardware you install it on.  It will take people a while to get used to the new start menu (metro), but eventually... especially with touch interfaces becoming more popular... it will catch on.  Also, because of how light weight it is on the hardware, it means that you can install it on lower power systems (Windows RT) and it will function.  However, I do think the price point is way off... Windows RT should have been priced to be competitive with android tablets, or at the very least be a midpoint between android tablets and iPads.  

Back to the subject of Ubuntu on Android... It does look like they've put considerable time and effort into making the Ubuntu interface considerably different than all of its competitors.  Only time will tell if it is actually a better operating system for the main categories of rating a computing device (performance and usability).  In the end, I think it might come down to the one feature I really don't want to give up in my smartphone... the full sliding querty keyboard is very important to me... ^_^
It is a great interface, but as others have mentioned it does not seem to have any amazing features that would attract Android and IPhone users. Likely stick as an operating system for developers and such and not get much more traction. 
gr8 work..!!
hope one day you will overtake Andi..!! ;)
I think the edge concept is interesting but wouldn't it make the phone really hard to use for everyday users?

Its like the whole windows 8 without the start button, its like a GUI without the graphic
+Peter van der Linden The problem is that Android's foundation isn't so fantastic. It's built on top of a Java VM, which makes everything slower and choppier (kudos to Google for improving it majorly in JB, though). Ubuntu is going to be using the foundation of desktop Linux, which is a lot more stable.

I think there's a place for Ubuntu in the mobile space. Whether it's going to be a prominent position; I don't know. I don't really care, either. I'm probably going to be trying it out myself. If I don't like it, I'll head back to Android. No biggy. But seeing as I don't rely on apps (give me Google Drive, Google Talk and a browser), I have nothing to lose.
Android's are not the best in the world but they are good
+Ruben Bakker I'd call Ubuntu everything but not stable. :) Also Android is design with battery life in mind and using Java makes separating apps (for security reasons) very easy. How will Ubuntu deal with those problems?
gchhyhju              jh
I had used Meego on my friend's N9.I think that's really not bad.
I'm looking forward to the combination of Android with Ubuntu, which means I gain a desktop operating system option while not losing any of my favourite Android phone apps and features.
Wont some apple exe sue ubuntu Id be careful!
Oh the questions: how customisable will it be? Can we install different desktops? Can we have different desktops / window managers when the phone is plugged in and when it's plugged out? Like a streamlined version of Unity on the go, a XFCE when plugged in? Can we install Libre? Eclipse?

Surely the smartphone won't replace the PC in the next one or two years, but I like the direction we are heading!
Only time will tell, but the idea is just awesome!
Only question is how will app developer eco-system will respond to this...
Can't wait! Finally a phone that isn't a bunch of stupid icons. And immersive app experiences will be great. Loving Unity
Yes! Take that Android!
Just make it happen! Imagine this phone being able to communicate with your Ubuntu PC. Looks like it's installed on a Samsung Google Nexus. When can I install it on mine and when will my carrier (Verizon) allow it? 
By 2013 there will be iOS, android, jolla sailfish, blackberry 10, wp8, bada, tizen and now Ubuntu mobile. The mobile industry is not the car industry and all these os's can't release phones and remain profitable. For the future I see android holding first (only Samsung making money), iOS will be 2nd f due to its massive app collection, bb10 and wp8 fighting for 3rd, witch I have a feeling blackberry will win. 4th will be a battle of the remaining OS's witch I feel will be wp8(microsofts been in the mobile industry for 10 years and have never made a mark on it), tizen, sailfish, bada, Ubuntu and Firefox OS.
I think now is the time, Hardware & Software should be separated  so we will be having choice on device with our favorite OS.
If battery life is any better I'm all game
And what will consumers gain from having this?
Looks nice:) Let's see what will come out of the whole undertaking;)
I wish this was dual boot feature
I agree about dual boot but after thinking about it, you'd probably need a larger HD and most phones top out at about 64gb of storage.  I'm still excited for it.  Most importantly, I can throw it on my old Samsung Android to test since the low-end requirements are manageable.
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