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We were severely creeped out by this video:

How would you have reacted if you were in that elevator?
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I would have called my attorney and started a pain and suffering lawsuit.
I would have reached out to touch her, once I felt her as real, the scare would have been over.
Where is this elevator, I have someone to ....
Imagine if they combined this with "To Catch A Predator"?
I laughed a ton at this video but, truth be told, I would have screamed as loud as all those people did. And s**t myself. 
+Noel Beale In theory, yes, but pratically, you would have craped your pants like everyone else :-) Anyway it's one hell of a phrank.
So Funny... I would have screamed also...
Chao Li
I would prob accidentally flail my arms so hard that I end up hitting that little girl... 
I don't know how I would have reacted (probably not as cool and calm as I would like), but I love it!
Yes +Chao Li  to be honest, I am surprised nobody hit her.. at least with their bag or something.  I feel sorry for the girl personally having to be put through that. No way would I let my kid do it. Very funny though, but pretty wrong!
I just saw this on +Guerrilla Cheese Marketing Very Cool stuff. I really wish that they used it as more a guerrilla marketing stunt for some horror movie or amusement park.
Full kudos to that young actress - I bet she had a whale of a time that day :) Very sneaky stunt involving a fake lift, complete with secret compartment and one-way mirrors. The "receptionist" was evidently enjoying herself too, eavesdropping on the antics in the lift.
Funny stuff. I'm surprised no one tried to swing on the little girl.
Dora C
omg funniest thing ever omg ....luv it
this is wrong. had this been tried somewhere else she might have gotten "exorcized"
I am surprised that there were no puddles on the floor. LOL :-)
They would have to bleep from beginning to end and blur my pants! 
lol... that would be sooo scary i would like never go on an elevator again
So So funny! Surprise no one had a heart attack....LOL
No fear just talk to her lol
They have to be careful with this stuff because someone else might become "violent" and BEAT DOWN this little ghost girl and then it would become a legal issue quick! You never know exactly how someone is going to react!
What if someone had reacted with the fight mechanism instead of the flight?
 i would be fighting and breaking every thing in there
That's exactly my point "Michael Restine"... I would of gotten PISSED and beat this fake ghost down!! LOL
One of two things: beat the girl over the head with my purse or sue for the years of nightmares I'd undoubtedly have following that.
This is not a proper joke!
That was funny as hell. Those ppl din kno wut to do. It wuda scared tha crap outta me to, but not so serious to call an attorney. Really. It was just a joke.
+Praying Mantis, while I was watching that thought if someone actually did that would be horrific, the whole thing is suppose to be a joke, but with some people they actually believe its real in that moment and do something about it...
There's no way.... They better have medical help on immediate standby because I would have probably charged that girl as soon as the lights turned on. Fight or flight would have hurt that child.
Ryan Ng
That is a really nice practical joke.
wait till some crazy motherf**ker gets scared and pull a freaking gun at that ghost.
One more reason to take the stairs. My worst fear when using elevators is a power outage and being stuck. I would have welcomed the ghost.
good thing they didn't prank me.  I would of tried attacking it
wow just a prank so rare but fake........??????
shit who would want to be there
That was the best video I've ever watched lol
Hilarious could not see for the tears of laughter running down my face so glad it was not me !
I would have share the laughter better if subtitles in English were available. That's my suggestion . Thanks
omg that's not funny i would of cried >o<
That's not funny. That's dangerous! This old woman could have had a heart attack.
They better have had all those going in cleared by a doctor.
kalp krizi geçiren olmuşmudur acaba
It is funny until people shit themselves... Then you have to give them some minutes to walk away with what dignity they have left until you can burst in laughter again.
This is a reaal good scar flick' funny and but crazy.
This is totally fake. Any TV producer will tell you that. The liability of getting sued doing this to random people in public would be too high. Add to the fact that you could cause someone to get a heart attack and even die.
poor old lady..i feel bad...they picked the wrong person....they should of picked a baby :]
You like this prank? Take a look at all the taxes and corruption in our goverment, this is a really fucking prank.
im not claustrophobic but i would being in that elevator!
Lissa F
Lmfaooooo @ people comments 
i hope nobody had a heart attack!!!! 
why doesn't anybody use his/her cellphone when the light goes off? that's the first thing i'd do
That is some freaky shit. I would have definately dropped my General Chicken and won Ton soup!
I would've roundhouse kicked her in the face
Seems like an extremely dangerous situation to put a kid in.
This will never happen here in the US. They'll get sued like there's no tomorrow.
Well executed... but I always wonder why are people afraid of "ghosts"...
I saw this video a while ago, even though it cracks me up, it is soooooo mean.
this is bad! I mean its a mental torture in the name of prank... any one weak would have a heart faliure in the elevator itself.
i wish this happened in all elevators
if that was me you woulda had one dead little girl
Alan M
haha! Why wont they attack the little girl!  LOL
Michael T.
I think the elevator prank is one of the best ever!!! Very funny good one guys.
I can't believe how I laughed until I cried at this.  Yes, I felt guilty, but oh my gosh.
Jejje. That. Was sooooooo. Coooooooolllllllll
I know of some people that someone scared them so much and now they can't talk, or they do vary little but it's hard to understand them.
I will engage myself in serious prayers 
ok now that's some scary stuff!!
this was a good prank . . . wonder what I would do when faced with ghosts . . . 
This is funny, until someone gets scared so bad they clock the girl and knock her out..  :/

Interesting expressions nonetheless!
Should have made the baby doll creepy looking. We went thru the Hell-a-vator @ a Halloween haunted house. The Grudge chick showed up in it, just like this girl, but she was holding a severed head. Thought my kid was gonna have a heart attack. Was so funny! 
Probably the scariest prank ever...
By the way, the little girl must had a sore throat after a day of "hard work"...
I always seem to see everything on Reddit before G+...
a would have drop kicked her then hit her wit the peeples elbow.....
man i would be so scared if that happened to me id screem like a baby like the blonds did lol
I carry a torch with me at all times in my waistpouch. Something the ghost would not have reckoned with
Soiled my pants and then hopefully come back swinging.
Hillarious, I would have been completely freaked out.
i would also try to scare the ghost
i hoped they had paramedics standing by...i would have litterally died right there in that elavator..hahaha
That freaked me out just looking at it.
I would have turned the elevator brown with all of the poo that would have been coming from my bum.
This is not the least bit funny. You could traumatize a person with a negative outcome.
I am going to pee my pants from laughter. 
this is not scary it is just actually weird!!!
This is part funny and part FREAKY!
People could get scared to death. Most of them were aged! 
ce n'est pas rigolo mais plutot effrayant pour des gens d'un certain age
same reaction probably that is a good Prank tho
lol i was laghing my ass of i would of reated by puching the ghost
I'm not sure what I'd do in that situation, but this prank was PRICELESS!
This was funny! I would have been scream and kicking get me out if there. The whole world would have heard me. 
what a "sweeeeeeet" girl y ppl fearing her?><":":}{!@#$5
Great prank !! I would of just closed my eye's and thought in my head " this aint real, this cant be real " over and over !!
awesome, except when someone has a heart attack. then the law suits won't be so funny.
i would start laughin then i would slap her lol
no God, coz there is no ghost.
I might beat the ghost.
This is one of those situations where they had better have had extra pants available for those people. Bwahahahaha.
We are you did Do on the soon were day Anthony Doran 
I wish I knew how to speak Spanish  so I could know what she's saying
Too dangerous prank, somebody could have died of a heart attack. Very funny though..

The video is cool but it is not that much scary. It is my personal point of view.
I would freak out too. Too clean and shinny :) like my brand new caphalon frying pan:)
Need a janitor with mop, and a paramedic with defibrillator, standing by.
Very disturbed people to do that to people, funny all the same.
I would have been scare at first, but i know i could have kicked that little girl's ass.
Yi Liu
i would die if i was there
So funny...  think I would faint if it were real tho'
oh,what a strange,if i was there i should pee myself!!!
do you agree?
It seems fake and almost like it could be a viral ad for Bass Elevadores.
If i were there, that little girl would have gotten punched in the face.
..."survived" a similar prank back in the days, I was so scared I almost killed the dude who pulled it. I did not recognize him, and Fear got me stuck in a "fight or flight" mode, so I almost broke his trachea, and it took 4 or 5 people to pull me away...
I would probably try to kick her! :/
lmfao...Washin machine urgently required..
I feel pity for the girls. They look so frightened.
i loved this when I spotted it over on FB :)
Dylan larcey! That's not Spanish! Is Portuguese! And that's so funny but dangerous! 
Mar Cel
I would of lost it!!
Ben Max
I wonder how many heart attacks this joke caused.
Mar Cel
Yeah, it definitely looks like they're about to have heart attacks!
Ha ...lucky she didn't punch the girl !
I wonder how many people they had to edit out for punching this little girl.
i would have kicked that little girl in the face! haha
lol i was in tears laughing watching this
now all please say that if you were there what will you do?
I hope the screened the victims for
A strong heart - so they don't die.
A peaceful character - so they don't lash out at the girl.

So much could have gone wrong, that said, nice to see health and safety taking a back seat, it would never be authorised in most of the world.

That was just a little too match. I would probably die but before that would ddefinitely shit my self couple times in a raw. LoL.
Oh blimey, I would have been like, "oh nice doll that you're holding there... toys r us?" Then when she screams, I would have been like, "oh maybe not.."
Ryan Ng
Its not creepy
Nobody gets the heart attack there :)
It's more funny than scary...for the viewer at least. 
yeaa :D
hahah...lucky no one got a heart attack
This would never make it in the USA. all the crybaby law suit happy people we have here. You aren't hurting, just money hungry. 
i woulda peed my pants then started punching her i would be freaking out
Omg- just exactly the laugh i needed :)
that's funny but the people in the elevator probably crapped their pants hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
Ida punched that girl in the face. I would have been mortified when I found out it was a prank, but I would have swung.
The receptionist should have appeared in a bikini : )
lucky i wasnt in that elevator i may have been done for assault lol not sure how i would react lol
excellent stuff tho :)
I would've lost my freaking mind.!!!!
If this was in america i bet you someone would  have hit that little girl haha
Lmao scary, but good prank.
You mean the US. And they would have shot her : )
Ahh this is hilarious. If I were in that elevator I'd shit my pants. twice.
I guess they edited out the parts where people hit the ghost with their purses...
these people should be sued... that's f*cking scary, they could kill someone with a weaker heart dammit
I'd probably have a heart attack. And then ask "How the F did you get in here? You scared the daylights out of me!" Because I don't believe in ghosts.
omg i wouldve curled up on the floor and start screaming.
Dumb idea you can give someone a serious heart attack and when they sue you for billions it won`t be so funny anymore.
Her scream is awesome, nice touch. The interesting thing would have been to see how others reacted. Not just the screamers.
That little girl would get hurt the second she yelled at me. I would feel really bad for hurting her but when you do stupid stuff expect the worst.
i would love to be the girl scaring everyone hahaha, but i would laugh...
I would be in jail right now cause I would have beat the "ghost" to death 
that's messed up.... but funny!
that very cruel in so many ways but also extreamly funny.
As I watch the clip, I'm so scared. I cannot control my self.  I'm always bringing a flashlight. She can't hide from me and get back to her hiding though. I'll follow her and rape her.
funny, veeeeeeery funny..ha ha haaa
omgosh. they would have a serious mess to clean up if i were in there
I'm surprised the little girl didn't get hit. 
Played pranks on her, she nought 2 know! But I ll reach out for d door anyway....
I'm conflicted, because on one hand that's hilarious and on the other hand if I had been in that elevator, I would have screamed like a little girl.
Still now, after many years, I don't understand how abuse somebody or watch an accident could be funny. I guess that's why we have so many bullies.
I woulda probably punched her out of natural reaction then felt bad for her.
Damn this wuz sooooo funny
Wtt is crap u can't think of any thing else to use ur fkd up mind 4 wow *stupid
I always wonder when I see videos like this, what happens when the person freaks out and attacks the people pulling the prank out of a knee-jerk defensive reaction?
Sadistic little girl :)
Though someone could've been brave enough and punch her or something.
i would of picked her up and throw her out the window 
I knew what wasw going to happen, but the tapes still scared me. Now I don't think I can take an elevator any more. Thanks Guys O yes, the music was enchanting too
Do u in da butt? X2
ha ha u guys crack me up i also think it was mean
you would of cryed like a little bitch.
I'm surprised nobody hit her while being surprised like that. It whouldve 
I'd tell her sorry after words

Ziad Ziad
what if some people have heart problem  haaa !!!! 
Very funny....I like its....^0^
Wow after reading all the comments I don't want to watch the video cause I think it will be scary. Is it?
Daniel, Man-up and just watch it. It is not scary to watch, but put yourself in their position and think how you would react!
this proves that amecicans aren't the only ones with a sence of humor
I have seen this video and it was very funny.I really enjoyed watching it, I know that I probably would have been a little spooked myself on this elevator ride.
I woulda swung on her then felt bad cause it was a child
Very funny video.However scary for the person who has been fooled by the prankster.
verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy                  scarrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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