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What can the Google+ team do to fix this?
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Who says it's true? Fix what?
That, my friend, is a bold faced lie. My stream is CONSTANTLY filled.
Make G+ a more community-oriented portal. I just wrote a post about this.
Some people spend a few hours, others have an account and never or seldom connect... the "blue ghosts"
I wonder if that's an average between the really active users and the number of people who set up their accounts and never use it. I spend pretty much all day on here, but I do have friends who set up accounts specifically to see posts from me and which requires me to notify them by other means to log on.
Yeah I read that and I live on here and rarely live on FB so not so sure of the stats.
Cnet just posted about it. I bet people who came up with these reports are kinda another type of attention whores.
Open up to small-medium businesses
Seems very low. I spend about 4 hours a day idle on my stream page. 4 hours a DAY.
I spend much more than 3.3 minutes on it, so does that mean there is someone who spends just seconds a day on Google+?
They should make it more open! Add something that should differ it from Facebook!
I'm surprised it's that high. +ReadWriteWeb had an interesting article on what G+ needs. More brands, quality of interaction, and G+ understanding its unique proposition to users are much needed.
One of the best things about Google+ is its privacy settings. You can be on here all day and random third parties will be lucky if they can track three minutes of it.
I find it much more user friendly and convenient than FB/Twitter Linked in. Over time I believe many others will as well and the community will grow. Certainly, it is mainly full of business types. Not main stream Hollywood as of yet.
+William Leighton Dawson more that most of the people who signed up realised that google are way behind the curve on this and didnt bother coming back, that averaged down the overall time
There are simply too many dead accounts of people that just opened them at the beginning and neglected them.
Basically G+ need to have some killer function which Facebook is impossible to replicate. Obviously hangout is a good feature but not a killer feature.
i spend more than 5 hours for google plus every day.
funny, i'd been online for the last four hours. and the google plus mobile app is probably most people's main access point for google plus. Comscore doesn't measure those figures. a
What is this nonsense ? I spend a lot more time than that daily here.
There is not even a trick by which we can share posts directly on G+ pages like we use different apps like RSSgraffiti on FB pages...just creating pages is not enough but they should allow open interaction with them..
It's not even a year old. Chill out with these stories if....if they're even factual.
OK, my guess is that this is an average based on the numbers of total users, which could be inflated if they include everyone who "automatically" got a G+ account with a new phone hook-up or through Gmail, etc. If you removed everyone who doesn't use G+ AT ALL, and limited it to the real users, the minutes per day would be dramatically higher.
I would guess that the newest users still haven't figured out how the site works (circles, posts, etc.)
Simple time spent online is useless if how that time is spent is not taken into account.
Dan O
Why should Google have to "fix" anything? I think this is merely a goofy misapplication and misunderstanding of statistics.
It takes me 5 minutes just to turn off all the new privacy invasion filters on FB when I log in.
So many of you are power users, which is why +Mashable loves and embraces our community here. However, the 3.3 minutes a day is an average- not just you all alone!

+Gina Reed, we plan on allowing Google users to use their accounts to sign into Follow, but as of yet there is not a robust enough API. Right now, the capabilities Google allows would pale in comparison to our other options.

- +Stephanie Haberman
There's nothing to fix, +Mashable. It's not broken.
It's not the quantity, but the quality that counts.
G+ > FB
Lack of people - perhaps about 20% of my facebook friends are over, though not actively and while a higher percentage of my twitter friends are here and pretty active, the down & dirty 140 characters makes it easier to cruise that timeline. I think it will just take time.
That's what we might be saying because we are on Google+, but actually I know many social media and Internet marketers who have become disenchanted with Google+. This can be for a variety of reasons, but I don't think that we should take the attitude that Google+ doesn't need to be improved. Continual improvement is necessary.
What's the standard deviation? How is the time measured?
I don't think the time spent is an important metric at all.

Users that come back would be much more valid.
+Christina Nowacki excellent point. one of the biggest reasons that I know people aren't spending time there is that their target audience or contact base isn't here, so it makes little sense for them to invest large amounts of time.
Dan O
Show us the numbers!!!!!!
maybe because people who use g + have real lives of those on fb?! What is more important quantity or quality? I left fb because is empty and have nothing to learn there unlike G+ and i don`t waste my precious time anymore! the question is what are your priorities in life!
+Mashable Yes, but that average includes people who never even started using G+, just got accounts automatically one way or another. My guess is that those who check it out in any real way spend much more time.
I guess I spend around 1200 times more time here than the average user then. But that statistic is only interesting if you compare it with the average for FB, twitter and maybe LinkedIn. What's their average user time?
John V
The reason is inertia. More people would come if their friends were spending more time on here instead of FB. But you come here and only a few friends have posted anything in awhile, and on top of that your suggested friends list is FULL of people you've never heard of. Google needs a short-term promotion on the order of a month or two to bring user in. Once they get that ball rolling the domino effect will bring more of their friends.
Only 7 of my real life/Facebook friends & family have G+ profiles and as far as I can tell, none of them post or spend any time here. I spend a lot of time here, but that's mostly because I've started using G+ more as a replacement for Google Reader. And as far as I can tell, none of my friends or family use Google Reader either.
Well, I think it is unfair to blame Google. People keep reading from various media sources that Google+ is the new Facebook, so they start an account to check it out. Maybe put in a small token effort to figure it all out...then leave because their friends aren't all here doing all the same things they did on Facebook.

People looking for something new that ISN'T Facebook will find a lot of things here to keep them engaged. If Google can/should do anything, they should do everything they can to stop the "new Facebook" talk. They should sell it as, yes, a social network, but more customizeable like an interactive blog. Think of it like a news site like Huffington Post...only if you had the abilty to customize what you did or didn't see and could follow, discuss, or even "hang out" with those you share interests with or enjoy hearing from. A way to meet and discuss your interests with a whole group of people, not just the same old friends you only half-hearted interact with on Facebook.

Also, while I like the improvements made to the mobile app over time, I think there should be a way to read my news/sparks (there is space on the home page of the app) and an easier way to filter my stream based on the circles. ALthough I do love the way the mobile app lets me read public posts of people nearby. That is genius. Make sure to keep that.
As a non-FB user who doesn't care about constant status updates or posting "cute" pics that they validate their lives with over on FB, I don't believe it's a mere face saving for G+, +John Madison.

The two also can't really be compared as it is since they needs of regular users on the two are different. I see FB addicts as being attention hogging drama llamas, which behavior I haven't noticed on G+.
+Sabeena LoBello I double totally agree with you. I get what I want on G+ and that is all I want. Fluff only gets in the way.
The pump needs to be primed somehow. I love G+ and have made it my primary social home. But I have maybe 2-3 friends out of ~150 who ever post anything here, and that's not a compelling reason for most people to spend a lot of time here. Especially when there is a constant stream of drivel over on FB. Say what you want, but it seems to attract users. Remember, there are a lot of dumb people out there who like to consume crap: infomercials, magnetic bracelets, miracle diets, American Idol, Taco Bell, and democrat politicians have all made fortunes off that fact.
I've never been part of a hangout. I've tried to get my friends to try it out and they always say "Yeah! That sounds cool! We should do it." But then they never do.
The Google+ Team has done an amazing job. I hope they keep doing what their doing and not pay attention to an article (based on data from a company that has been in many disputes over both their accuracy and collection methods) that's seems to have just been copy and pasted from the WSJ to the tech section of every publication with a website.
what can they do to fix it? Maybe nothing because there's nothing to fix except for sensationalist headlines with badly applied statistics. Seriously, why did you even bother?
Even though an average may not be a perfect measure, it shows that most of the people who have an account simply don't use it. Us Google+ lovers should not dismiss that and hide our heads in the sand, or kill the messengers by saying that they are just google haters paid by Facebook.
I love it here, and definitely spend more than 3 min a month, but to me it would be even better if some of my FB friends were more active here.
Not sure what can be done to change this. Like everybody, I've tried to convince my friends to move away from FB, but they like it too much there.
I would be interested in knowing the average time spent once you discard people who connected less than 3 minutes ...
I bet they don't track non-public posts - or mobile usage, for that matter. If that is true, the numbers are useless - as usual
No, fix WSJ journalism integrity. After the hyping of cookie safari exploit died down, here comes another article from the same author hyping yet again another anti-google news. I bet after this there's another anti-google article already inline for next week.
Well, let's pause and think.
1) How do they know??? I mean who told them so? Who give them the figures? How can they have an average when noone knows exactly how many users there are?
2) Google+ is part of google, which means they have to know when I am logged into my google account but just checking my mail or watching a video on youtube... Who has access to that apart from google and my provider??
3) Google+ has roughly 100 million users (accounts...) so if only 10% uses it regularly (say 15 mns a week), that's a total of 15*4*10,000,000= 600, 000,000 mns a month that is, 6 mn a month per user on average...
That average is skewed by the number of "users" who don't use it...
I must wonder how these statistics are gathered. Seems the methods and numbers are behind a pay wall, of course. I only found one graph available publicly on ComScore that simply stated a similar statistic as fact.

Are they simply counting log-in time? If you visit Google for a web search, you're essentially logged into Google+. How long does a web search last? 5 seconds? These Google users will, of course, bring down Google+ log-in times.

Are they simply counting time spent at You can interact with Google+ from ANY Google website or through Chrome extensions and never have to really visit the site except to make and read new posts.

Are they including mobile engagement? That's a whole other ball game.

We'd like to know details, instead of just a whole lot of he said, she said so it must be true. I really expect better from Mashable.
Comscore should stop releasing misleading reports because they also screwed up in Japan claiming that Facebook was used more than Mixi even though it was neither unique users nor unique visits.

For a while G+ might not be mainstream but people should remember the early days of twitter WHEN STUDIES (in 2009) REPORTED THAT 60% OF NEW USERS QUIT TWITTER WITHIN A MONTH. Twitter is now as active, if not more, than fb.

last thing: if the avg time spent on g+ decreased how come Mashable gets 87 comments in an hour, let them check the comments tehy got in Decembers for an avg. post.
They need to show people how much easier it is to use Google+ so they have a reason to even try using it. Try uploading a video to Facebook... then Google+ and you will see a major difference.
Only 94 comments a paragraph in length in under an hour? Total ghost town.
+Jannik Lindquist I just get irritated with the half-ass job done sometimes. I have seen misapplied statistics and false comparisons done by comScore before, and the media just sucked it in like Biblical Truth. Some sites just should NOT be compared if you can't apply identical rational.
I spent exactly 0 minutes on Facebook in the last 2 years. Compared to that, 3+ minutes of my time on G+ is a + for Google.
+Robert Quick Excellent point. So many people use Facebook for authentication and commenting on third party sites. Are they counting that as login time as well? I typically use Twitter for authentication when Google isn't available. Am I helping Twitter out?
6 Hours on G+ a day - 360 minutes - x 30 days = 10,800 minutes a month. I'm really not going to take this stat to heart.
Through January and February, I've slowly transitioned from spending time on FB to spending more time here. It was probably about 50/50 by the end of January, now I spend very little time on FB.
I understand Google's desire to have more users.
but, from my prospective, if my G+ becomes as crowded as my FB page was before I pulled out with fake friends and annoying games and ads ..
I'll have to bail out of G+ too.
I agree with quality other quantity. I'd rather read some interesting things from people I don't really know than having a former high school girl friend stalking me 30 years later and pooping on every single post I make.
I prefer google regardless of statistics. Real people are out in the real world doing real things. Fake people are are on Facebook (fake book) doing fake things and talking about real people. Give me quality over quantity any day because 3 eggshells don't compare to 1 egg when you're hungry. - The King 
I'm probably on Facebook 3 minutes a day, and on G+ for a lot of the rest.
Nothing. It's a meaningless statistic, coming from a biased source. (Rupert Murdoch has an ongoing feud with Google, and News Corp. policy appears to be anti-Google coverage.)

FB and Google+ are both advertising-supported, and the question is what the advertisers think. They place ads to sell products, and their concern will be where to place ads that will sell. The time the user spends on the site is only one factor in that equation, and may not be the most important.

This is simply not worth discussion. The article is best described as click-bait.
+Marques Campbell That is very true, when my friends ask me to explain my G+ experience, I often mention the value of the content as opposed to the quantity. Not to mention even these mashable posts link me off site so the minutes i spend reading blogs or articles referenced from G+ do not count towards minutes spent on the site proper.
I see the biggest disadvantage for G+ is that it doesn't prove screen name for individual or page name for business. You can’t really tell your friends where you are on G+. A big long number or send link are just not going to cut it.
Can we tweet stuff to Google+? That would be good.
+Andrew Yancey well said.. " The value of the content". I find that for me Facebook is more for teenagers ie children and google is more for adults...(it's the ability to pick and choose areas of interest). It's all about the value of the content. Thanks for the succulent quote. Take care. 
This can't be true. There are too many users registered on Google+. This bogus survey was used to boost Facebook. Facebook is scared because they know that Google+ is about to beat out Facebook as the number one Social Media Site.
It just woks better then the alternatives. That's why i don't need to spend so much time on it...
I call BS on that stat. Facebook is probably counting the entire time you are connected to messenger where if you are using a chat client to google it is counted as a product other then plus.
C Oh
I suspect that +Adella Thompson is right. I too spend many hours a day on G+, too many, so I assume they average the likes of me out with those who set up accounts but don't use them yet.
G+ is still pretty new, it seems a little unfair to compare its numbers with Facebook which has been collecting people for years.
I've used G+ way more, since I joined last July, than I've used Facebook in all the years I've been on that. It's way too soon to judge the overall use of G+
Hmmm, and how much time do they spend on Facebook?
Maybe they didn't include moble usage data... as i use android app. most of time to browse g+.
What? Where did that data come from? I spend my whole work day on G+! ;-)
I believe the average time spent on Facebook per month was something like 7hrs.
+Felix Gao Google+ certainly does provide verified accounts. Se the check next to Mashable? I do agree G+ could use some sort of vanity URL ability, but I guess Google just figures they're search is good enough that you wouldn't need one. statistics say differently ... and they use a larger panel (2 million users) ....
It's a matter of time. How many people were using Chrome two years ago? And now it's one of the most used browsers worlwide.
Keep reporting that "Us" Google+'ers spend 3.3 minutes a month so we don't entice Facebookers to see what's going on here and have them suddenly join. Let those kids play in their own playground. Google+ simply rocks!!!!
It needs to become easier to utilize -- Why haven't they created the partnership with Hootsuite yet, anyway? It's been "in talks" for awhile now...We came straight to Google+ after formulating our SM strategy, it offers much more than other platforms, but needs to come with easier access...especially for businesses.
Those people need to add more folks in their circles, check out topics they are interested in and comment on peoples posts.
Three points have to be considere as really important I think:
1. Mobile usage, as pointed out
2. Out-site usage: The are so many pages including the +1 button or the g+ badge, which means, u can share and plus without using the actual service.
3. To follow up your plusses and (follow-up) comments you can use every google page available, or - if using chrome and g+ extensions - you don't even need to be on a g+ page. Same counts for plussing, theres a neat little +1 button up there, if you got the right extensions in chrome
oh, there's a 4. many people will only start to use the network regularly, when their friends and family use it
I love Google+. But like everybody else is saying, most of my friends are not on here. I think another reason too is because a lot of people access social media from their smartphones. I have an iPhone and the Google+ app SUCKS. The overall general idea of Google+ is awesome, and if I could pick one social networking platform to use to interacts with friends, family, etc., it would be Google+. I hate Twitter beyond belief, I've officially stopped using it. Everybody on here posts way more information for every post, and the users seem to be more intelligent. Google+ isn't even a year old yet, so I think we all have too high hopes for it. The fact that Google+ has 90 million users already is astonishing. I just can't wait until everybody makes the switch from Facebook.
without mobile users the data is basically irrelevant. Why bother writing about it? Makes Mashable somewhat irrelevant too if you buy into it. Your headline is misleading as well. Now that I see what you are willing to do gain readership, I'm uncircling.
Well, i am removing Mashable from my circles. Had enough of their constant "G+ is dead" posts. and other useless crap cluttering my stream.
Open up their API to let anyone use third party apps. That would be awesome.
+Steven Garone is it just from businesses and famous people you follow?
I use G+ like foursquare when I travel and check in and greet people nearby. It's fun when someone actually greets you back. :) But then again, that's just me....
+William Leighton Dawson My timeline is almost empty with zero activity from my friends and I have 126 people here from my country. Some of them don't update in a whole month! So that's why the 3.3 minutes per month, there are many people that just post one update in a whole month. It got momentum but now they are all on Facebook again. Here are more tech and social media people but regular users are on Facebook and spend hours and hours.
I will try to market my new app here on Google + maybe I could get a lot less noise than on Facebook, what do you think?
Rod Miu
This is more due to G+ lag release and the invitation system when it was launched.
The marketing folks need to get creative and devise a compelling reason for users to use G+. People use it like Facebook and are dissatisfied because Facebook already does Facebook--better than G+. So Google, compel us. What can we get in here at G+ that we can't get anywhere else that is so entertaining, thought provoking, or beneficial to our lives or work lives that we must use it? Define your niche then serve it like no one or nothing else can! Right now it is sort of nothing burger.
patience FB didn't eclipse MYSPACE in a few years. Android came from nowhere to everywhere. Give it time, FB is the new MYSPACE, you just don't see it yet. I am bored of FB seriously. I prefer G+ for its simplicity and privacy settings. FB is so damn annoying, having alot of users don't necessary mean ur doing something right. Its because most of their friends are there!!
I don't see this as a problem, if i get distracted and stay for more than 10 minutes at a time, i will probably cancel my account and find something that had what google+ used to have.. the simplicity, no games, no distractions, no annoying girlfriend commercials all over the place.
I am in a process of learning - so am spending alot of time here on google+, must say am loving it. Facebook is crap - this is a real place for knowledge and growth of business
The joys of statistics, they are often utterly meaningless, and just as often generated by idiots :)
To drive usage + more members... Consider offering Google+ exclusive coupons for various products (household items especially). Once word gets out that this network can be another tool to reducing household expenses, you'll see an uptick in frequent, return visits. "Couponing enthusiasts" are very network/community-oriented types of ppl. They'll promote the website continuously, as long as you offer new or more robust saving opportunities for them weekly.
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