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It’s been long reported that Google treats its employees well, from offering them free food and fitness classes to laundry service and car washes. But according to a recent report, Google recently rolled out death benefits to employees, including a generous offer to pay the spouse or partner of a deceased staffer half of their salary for a decade.

Why? It's the right thing to do.
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if true, that's actually impressive, and I'm not that impressed by what google does often. 
Makes sense.  I have been impressed with everything google has ever done.  This just fits with their philosophy and work ethic. #supportgoogle  
what a great idea - i wish all employers acted the same way...
Should up respect for the ladies, don't want to give them more incentive..
Doing good and talking about it. And it has a fantastic twist. Life insurance benefits for free - some companies offer that, not just Google. Financially it may be the same - but 'paying half of the salary for a decade..." sounds a lot better than getting free life insurance for a few hundred $ per year.

I think it is not just a great perk but also a great communication we see here. 
Greg Z
now THAT is a caring people oriented company
Peace of mind is the best kind of benefit...
My respect for Google has gone even higher, and it was already high to begin with.
Why is the thought even entertained that this might not be a good thing? What +Google does with their money is their business. 
+Mashable Can you find out for us what Apple offers to its employees as it seems you are only sharing to public what #Google has done good on its employees.

Enlighten us with the details.

Thumbs up to #Google
I bet that's a cost-effective benefit that is good for retention. I imagine Googlers to be mostly young, healthy and well motivated. :)
Eventually the entire world will be employed by google because they will be the world.
* looking for female Google nerd to date with *
I rather want to earn more while alive. However, it's a respectable move.
It's definitely a good thing. I thing it's not the responsibility of Google to take care of that but it's great that they do that.
Or they could give 5x salary up front. Single payment. Like the insurance payment to them will be.

They bag 5 years depreciation this way.
Smart people. Not kind. 
+Ian Jones Brilliant. How can you find a negative when this story is only positive. 5 x salary upfront would probably incur a lot more tax burden on the surviving family member anyway. It's about support rather than a lump of cash.
+Ian Jones , they don't have to offer this benefit, but they do. So, asking them to fork over now is like looking in a gift horse's mouth. Besides, most people can't manage an infusion of cash and would've spent it within a month or two vice planning for long term retirement.
Also, corporations don't make large amount of cash to pay out now. They plan with future revenue in mind.
And, they already pay decent salary with plenty of perks.
+Ian Jones Could you elaborate on the "depreciation" comment? I'd like to understand the math behind it.

Maybe you could also comment on this bit from the full article:

"The surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee will also acquire vested stock benefits, and children will receive $1,000 a month until the age of 19. The timeline can be extended if the child is in school full time."
That reminds me of the Sopranos. Makes you wonder what they're doing to make it worth while.
Google is good. What does Apple do? I haven't heard about Apple donating to charity. Google is always on the news about charity.
Wow... and I thought the free food was cool. 
Great idea, I guess it will increase employee retention too, so both sides win. that sounds like a fair deal.
This kind of thing is fairly common practice in European social democracies - maybe that's where they got the idea. And at least they're not like Wal-Mart, taking out insurance on employees that only benefits the company!
Good on ya Google. Social consciousness and business success can coincide! Take a page AMERICA
Prediction for the next news flash - Google employees suddenly dying under mysterious circumstances. Spouse detained for questioning....
And every second goggle employee dies at work
this policy may endanger the employee ;))
This kind of perk is an indication of how successful they are...the question is...when a competitor rises up to legitimately compete with long will this kind of perk some of the others.  I applaud  #Google  for how the perks they provide their employees.  
I'm not going to mention 'the other company' but this is what a truly great company should be like! Thank you, Google.
From this I can see that Google plans for the future but acts in the now. They don't waste any time living in the past. They want what is best for their company and the people who make it a reality. I applaud Google for this and can only hope that other companies seriously learn from them.
Great Company to work for.. others should follw their lead
I think it's really commendable and shows Google can be a real leading example to other companies. In that spirit I would like to share a link that is asking Google to pay an honest share of UK taxes, something that they currently fail to do. Please sign and share this petition Thanks 
Nice benefits for staffer family. On one hand a spouse should support his/her Google employee significant one for sake of family's wellbeing. But another hand there is some risk to googleler as well as a partner might want his/her death to get those benefits on hand. 
Take care of your people & they will take care of you!! Supervisor 101: Lesson 1.
If an Apple employee dies, their spouse has to pay back half their salary for ten years. :)
Oh wow! This really shows how great Google is! =D
how is that a criticism of Google.  I think this is a positive article.
It's a lot better than allot of the LARGE cooperation s that have work for !!!!!!!!!!!   
fantastic offer and where this differs from similar schemes by other large company's is that this is open to ALL employees not just those at the top.
I know what you mean , I've been threw that before . They were family lined up ,without any experience . 
Googleplex, the new happiest place on Earth.
Walk a higher ground hope is in the air.
Wow i would give my right foot and would give my all to work with a company like that i am leaving to Los Angeles for Christmas so far on Monday
just booked my ticket could only get on Quantas leaving Monday from Heathrow
Now I believe that there is a company that is leading the pack in equality
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