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Because some stories just need to be shared.

Find out about the organization that saved Fiona here:
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Good rescue for a good dog. It's a shame people abandon animals.
They are only asking for this story to be shared on Twitter and Facebook, so... I won't be sharing this here!
i trust this video more than KONY2012
...I saw this with the dog's name being Edie.
Yeah, that might be it. I'm watching this video now.
arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre cut :-)
Why is it that stories like this make me cry? What a wonderful rescue!
Wow you just changed that dogs life forever with one little action, only if everyone could have a heart like yours. :)
She looks a lot like my Schnoodle, that video gave me chills... so glad to see a happy ending!
this looks like a porn site from the image
We had five dogs back home but one died of pneumonia- we tried our best to save her but eventually she couldn't hold on and died :( It's been a few years now I'm far away from home working and this reminded me of my dogs and especially her 'Phoebe'. Hah guess what I almost cried too. Thank you guys for saving her. Bless you :)
almost?? I'm still grabbing kleenex over here.
Thinking of Tacos: Terms & Conditions of Service i.e lol
Batman Tamu: Being A Terrifying Man Talking About Man U!?

What is a Darth Azimuth?
And a self-admirer liking your own posts XD
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Pat B.
Oh... Fiona ... thanks to you for rescuing her...
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